Top 3 SEO techniques that lower performance

Top 3 SEO Techniques That Can Hurt Usability On Your Site

Most people understand that search engine optimization is one of the best marketing techniques that you can use in order to get qualified traffic to your website. By using certain strategies, you can bring in potential buyers that can help you sell more of your products and services. However, there are several techniques that may actually be detrimental to your website, ones that will actually cause you to lose sales and also diminish your traffic. Here are the top three SEO techniques that can actually hurt the usability of your website, even though they are designed to generate more traffic.

Using Too Many Secondary Keyword Terms

The first overused search engine optimization strategy that many people use is overusing secondary keyword terms. A primary keyword term is the one that you are targeting with the page or post that you are posting. In most cases, you are going to find keywords that are related, and add those to your content. Unfortunately, the use of these keywords may not work very well in regard to the flow of the content. Google and other search engines are becoming more cognizant of whether the content is readable or not. When they see too many related keywords, this will seem unnatural, and this can actually hurt your rankings as well as cause people to back out of your website because everything will be so hard to understand.

Using Too Many Videos

Although videos added to a webpage is a good idea, using more than two of them on one page is never recommended. From a realistic standpoint, people are typically recommending a video for people to view, and perhaps two of them at the most, but never three or more. In the same way, that keyword stuffing is not recommended, video stuffing is also something that can detract from the user’s experience. They may actually spend most of their time watching your videos, and this will cause you to lose sales.

Using Too Many Outbound Links

One of the best strategies that you can use is to add outbound links. Wikipedia is one of the most well-known websites on the Internet. It is well known for the volume of outbound links that is on the website. Many search engine optimization specialists will mimic this when they are designing a website for a client. However, when you put too many links to different websites, they may find themselves leaving your website instead of looking at what you have to offer. This is going to diminish her sales dramatically because they are going to potentially be more interested in the content on the high-ranking websites you are linking to. That’s why you should only use a maximum of three outbound links when you are creating any type of content.

Although the use of secondary keywords, videos, and outbound links are crucial to your success when ranking a webpage, overusing these techniques can be detrimental in regard to sales. Any of these will cause the user to either back out of the website, or leave your website to watch the videos or look at other websites that you are linking to. Look for good Search engine optimization expert. By using these strategies sparingly, you will be able to rank high and also maintain the attention of visitors long enough to potentially make more sales.

Web Design trends for better SEO

Web Design Trends That Affect Your SEO and Search Engine Rankings

Each year, there are web design and SEO trends that come and go.  It is important that you know what these trends are, but it is even more important to know how they can impact your search engine rankings.  There are some trends that will be more likely to benefit your search engine rankings, while others will cause your rankings to fall and you need to be aware of which is which.

The One Page SEO Optimization Website

The one page SEO website is one of the most popular and recurring trends in web design because it is easy to navigate and straightforward for users. However, this is not good for your search engine rankings.  You will be able to focus on a few keywords and rank for them, but the search engines are putting more importance on internal links.

Internal links are something that you will be missing with this website design. Search engines like Google rate the importance of a website by the number of pages that are indexed. The more pages the search engine indexes the better your website will rank. If you are confused about how indexing work contacts Birmingham SEO agency for more explanation. If you only have one-page theme, you will not benefit from this.

Mobile Optimization Of Your Website

A web design trend which has become standard in most designs is mobile optimization. Mobile search engine optimization has been around for years and has been gaining popularity with website owners. This is due to the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices to look at websites and the search engines have a slightly different ranking algorithm for these websites.

When looking at your website design, you need to ensure that it is responsive. This means that the design will adjust to fit the size of the screen it is being displayed on. If you do not have a responsive design the text on your site might become too small to read and your visitor will navigate away from the site.

The search engine algorithm for mobile searches will take responsive designs into account. Websites with a responsive SEO theme will generally rank higher than those without because they offer the users a better experience. The search engines want their users to have a good experience on the websites that they provide to them and a responsive design will help with this.

Minimalist Web Designs

Another web design trend that comes and goes is the minimalist design. This is actually very good for your SEO strategy and you need to consider this. A minimalist website will be easy to navigate and will have fast load speeds. These are all aspects that the search engines look at when they rank websites.

Your users will want to be able to get the information they need quickly and this is something that a minimal design will help with. The faster load speeds of the website are looked at by the search engines because they deem slow loading sites as having a negative impact on user experience. Of course, it is important that you have quality content on your website otherwise, the minimal design will not help you rank.

Get Rid Of The Immediate Opt-In

A web design trend that can easily increase your SEO effect – is getting rid of the immediate opt-in. This is actually very off-putting to many of your visitors because they are only starting to read your content when you ask them for their email address. You need to provide your users with enough time to actually read some of your content because you ask them to sign up to your email list.

If you are going to use an opt-in form which pops up over the content, you need to leave enough time for everyone to read at least half of the content. This will give them an idea of the content that you have to offer and time for them to determine if they should opt into your email list. The immediate opt-in trend should be left in the past because it can cause people to navigate away from your website faster which will impact your search engine rankings.

Have Infinite Scrolling For Your Website

Social media has been using infinite scrolling for years and people have become used to this. Instead of having an end to your page, you should have the option of loading more information. This makes your content easy to navigate and will be something that most people are already familiar with.

It is particularly important to have infinite scrolling for mobile searches.

As many people use mobile devices to search for information, you need to make your website easy to navigate on a small screen.  Ensuring that your users do not have to click small next page button will increase the user experience and help you rank in the search engines.

SEO your website for Voice search

How Will Voice Search Affect SEO Marketing Strategies

More and more people are using voice search daily thanks to the huge advances in voice recognition software in recent years. Siri, Cortana and Google Now have word error rates as low as 9%. Amazon is also making a strong entry into the voice recognition field with Alexa.

So, how should the increase in voice searches affect your SEO marketing strategy? Well, to begin with, you need to start forcing more of your attention on ranking for long tail keywords. This is because people use more words when they talk than when they type. Many fear that if voice search ever overtakes text search, ranking for short tail keywords will become irrelevant.

You should also focus of ranking for questions, as people tend to ask questions when using voice search. Let’s say a person want to know what types of reptiles live in France: if they were using text search they might search for “reptiles France”; however, if they were using voice search, they might search for “What types of reptiles live in France?”. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to start ranking for questions on SERPs is to include several FAQ pages on your website.

Voice search is becoming more popular by the day, so it’s time to make sure your website is optimized for voice search queries. Booking a consultation with an SEO industry expert is arguably the best way to learn how to get your website ready for the future and to ensure that it continues to rank highly on SERPs. Hiring a professional SEO agency is not as costly as you might first imagine and doing so can reap huge rewards for your website going forward. After all, organic traffic from search results is invaluable to most online businesses.