Seraphic Zephyr en-us Seraphic Zephyr is the personal blog and design portfolio of Preston So, a high school student living in Colorado. Copyright 2005-2007 Preston So. [email protected] manual [email protected] Opera > Netscape? March 10, 2007 - This is a reprint of an article by Patrick Kennedy, written on March 7, 2007. Patrick was a participant in the (re)print last year, and although his blog Great Expectations is becoming increasingly nomadic (hopefully his Opera home will be its sole residence for now), he always manages to strike up a laugh or get me thinking profundities with his articles. Thus the (re)print ends, almost two weeks late and, seemingly, with little fanfare. The Manipulation of Media February 28, 2007 - This is a reprint of an article by Sam Wolken, written on January 22, 2007. Sam's SlyForum, Seraphic Zephyr's sister site, occasionally heralds the new arrivals of articles that cater to emphatic people with interests in politics. In this article, he inspects the effects of "viewer corruption" in the media. Music Pracy: Demon from Heaven or Angel from Hell? February 20, 2007 - This is the first printing of an article by Connor Smith, written on February 13, 2007. Connor is one of the most effective writers I've met in generating considerable controversy among his readers, and although I usually don't agree with most of his viewpoints whatsoever, he is certain to fire up some discussion in the comments with this article. This is the second article in the 2007 (re)print. Disclaimer: Contains some language. The views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the site administrator. How to Rip DVDs with VLC February 10, 2007 - This is a reprint of an article at The Real Caffeine by Brian ----, last modified on January 21, 2007. Brian is one of the more inquisitive bloggers with whom I am acquainted. His article about ripping DVDs using the VLC media player has attained 3,054 diggs as of this writing and it is a fine way to kick off this year's (re)print. I've Got Nothing to Say, Part 2 January 31, 2007 - Continued from last week, the great words of the great minds of the great human race. This should bring an excellent close to January, and it should give you "a plenary sense of satisfaction," as Sam Wolken wrote in the foreword of The Subway Man and Other Writings. I've Got Nothing to Say, Part 1 January 27, 2007 - Lyrics from The Strokes' album First Impressions of Earth include this sentence from the song "Ask Me Anything," repeated seven times: "I've got nothing to say." This entry is to feature those who actually do have things to say. Some of these quotes are debilitating profundities, and some are just plain good. Coming Soon: Sizzle January 15, 2007 - Brian's been working on an RSS-operated content management system specifically for Seraphic Zephyr called "Sizzle." In his own words, "In the very next paragraph, I spoke of the RSS CMS I was building, how I decided to call it Sizzle after Seraphic Zephyr, the site it was made for. (SZ, pronounce it) Also, because I like bacon and bacon sizzles." Off to a Good Start? January 13, 2007 - The first two weeks of the year have already occurred, and I'd like to bring your attentions to several events that have influenced the Web recently. But as you read these, I ask you: Are we off to a good start? Or are we simply going to collapse on our faces and provide the ultimate catalyst for the Web's demise? 2006: I Was Right! December 31, 2006 - 2006 is down and out. 2007 is in. It's time to go back to "2005: Highlights and Predictions" from last year and figure out if my predictions were correct. I went to several of my friends and asked them to compare the actual situation of the Web with the predictions I had made. CSS: Ten Years, Little Change December 21, 2006 - I was surprised to be informed by Brian that the tenth anniversary of Cascading Style Sheets is here. CSS--that versatile styling language ubiquitous in the Web standards community and nonexistent everywhere else. The World Wide Web Consortium is making a big deal out of it, and they have reason to do it, too. Boston and Opera, Sitting in a Tree? December 18, 2006 - My friend Patrick refuses to use Firefox. He's migrated from Netscape to a short period with Internet Explorer 7 to Opera. Patrick used to be an avid fan of Netscape, and now he's an avid fan of Opera. Recently he pointed me to an interesting Slashdot news story. Accessibility in Law: Nothing New November 4, 2006 - What follows is the message I intend to convey in this article: accessibility should be made law worldwide. The nature of the Web these days is daunting to those people who require assistance when they browse from other programs or sources. It is for these disabled people that we need to fix the problems we have created and allow a fully accessible and universal Web, open to everyone, to thrive. Showcase, Shmowcase October 31, 2006 - Back in May, I promised that I would write about the final death of CSS showcases, the hopelessness of which has been steadily increasing ever since CSS Vault was sold. Unfortunately, CSS is now, in the minds of many Web designers, generally ubiquitous, and there is no need to provide motives for using CSS to create beautiful sites like those showcased in many places. Stop the WordPress! October 29, 2006 - Almost immediately after I finished writing "Miscellany" several new links came to light, so I've decided to create an addendum here, consisting of links that did not make it in time for "Miscellany." What do you think of the pun in the title? Miscellany October 28, 2006 - I've reformatted my system, and subsequently, a massive influx of interesting links to intriguing pages containing illuminating information comes to light. Seraphic Zephyr hasn't had one of these babies since March. It's sure to satisfy your palate whatever you crave. Be enlightened! Enjoy!