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Discover the most advanced eCommerce platform: designs optimized for SEO and conversion, hundreds of built-in features and services, Cloud eCommerce infrastructure with over 99.99% uptime, full scalability no matter the size of your business, support from teams of experts ready to help you at any time, complete assistance when migrating from a different solution. If you're interested in a custom project, our dedicated team is ready to step in.

Cloud eCommerce for your online store

Cloud eCommerce can help you build your own online business in a fast and secure manner, without any technical know-how needed. ShopMania Biz is a SaaS solution which allows you to start selling immediately, without having to invest in infrastructure or software development. You receive full flexibility, dynamically allocated resources according to your business requirements and access to the new features that we constantly add, in order to ensure the growth of your online business.

WOW Designs

The first impression matters. This is why we provide and continuously expand our gallery of design themes that have the power to turn visitors into buyers. All our designs are optimized for SEO, are responsive and mobile-friendly, have fast loading times and drive conversion - so that your visitors can shop comfortably from every mobile or desktop device. In addition to this, our team of designers is ready to build a custom design for your store based on your specifications, if you're looking for something different.

Marketing & SEO, so that you can sell more

ShopMania Biz lets you start selling right away. Take advantage of the powerful built-in SEO tools, right from the beginning, while the variety of Marketing and Sales tools can bring you customers almost immediately (integration with social media platforms, multiple channels for distributing your products, email marketing services, built-in customer loyalty program, advanced promotions system and many more).

All the tools and integrations that you can possibly need

The moment you sign up to create your ShopMania Biz shop, you get instant access to an extensive suite of integrations with third-party systems and complementary apps: online payment methods, invoicing and accounting, advanced product catalog management, API integrations, multiple sales channels, statistics and advanced data analysis, effective SEO, sales tools and much more. With the ShopMania Biz all-in-one eCommerce platform, you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

Over 5000 businesses have chosen to grow with our help

By using ShopMania Biz Cloud eCommerce you will no longer have to worry about technical issues. Focus on growing your online business, while we ensure full scalability regardless what the size of your business is, a high-availability infrastructure, data storage using complex security and encryption systems, uptime of over 99.99%, technical support whenever you need it.

Shelly Anderson
Junno Furniture
I got in contact with ShopMania BIZ when we decided to build our first online shop. Over time our business expanded and right now we manage a total of 3 shops, all powered by ShopMania BIZ Cloud eCommerce. Our business also includes a distribution unit, which means we needed a powerful eCommerce solution that is also easy to use by our staff and partners. I remember that we were able to start selling and to also start all our marketing campaigns within 2 or 3 days, which is something that we definitely couldn't achieve with any of the other solutions that we had tried out.
Chris Johnson
Cross-Storm Bikes
We've decided to move our existing shop to ShopMania BIZ, because we wanted a reliable and scalable solution that didn't require constant updating and maintenance efforts from our end. ShopMania BIZ manages to deliver all of this together with a powerful eCommerce engine, so that we can focus on the business. Migrating to ShopMania BIZ also brought along a significant increase of our conversion rate, which came as a great surprise.
Mary Ross
Bababoo Toys
Our business has grown with the help of ShopMania BIZ. To us it was critical, especially in the beginning, to be able to concentrate on our selling strategy, without having to worry about technical issues like hosting or working with development teams. Starting an online store from scratch would have been totally ineffective for us. We greatly value the continuous development and updates that take place on ShopMania BIZ both in terms of features and performance, and of course we totally appreciate the assistance that we get from the client service team.