How do humans win?

Posted by Brian on 17 February 2010

Webstock is here! We've been in heads-down mode for a while, working on sites for councils, Air New Zealand, and American clients too. So now is the time to celebrate the local scene and be proud of Webstock!

This year we are the main sponsor and we're honoured to support the Welly web scene.

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SilverStripe 235th fastest-growing tech company in Asia Pacific

Posted by Lee Middleton on 5 January 2010

Not only has SilverStripe ranked 37th in the Deloitte New Zealand Fast 50, but Deloitte has also recognised our growth within the Asia Pacific region.

SilverStripe has been ranked 235th in the 2009 edition of the Deloitte Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500. This ranking is based on our revenue growth (190% over the 24 month evaluation period), and places us in comparison to other technology companies throughout Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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SilverStripe Partner Network Expands

Posted by Tim Copeland on 2 December 2009

We're very excited to announce that we have several new partners in Europe, Australia, and the USA:

With over a dozen SilverStripe partners around the world, organisations deploying SilverStripe solutions now have even more choice for certified local support of the SilverStripe CMS. 

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SilverStripe makes the Deloitte Fast 50!

Posted by Brian on 30 October 2009

We made the Deloitte Fast 50 list for 2009! This means we are one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in New Zealand. Specifically, we're the 37th fastest-growing company, with 190% revenue growth over the past couple years.

This is a big deal for us because it shows that the things we believe in: open source, excellent web user experience, and a focus on the humans who use web technology, are all qualities that are appreciated by the business community.

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SilverStripe proudly sponsoring Webstock 2010!

Posted by Brian on 12 October 2009

We are very proud to be the Gold sponsor of Webstock 2010! We have massively enjoyed attending all the prior Webstocks and we've gotten a lot out of the sessions, the speakers, and the hallway conversations. It's really surprising how much you can learn from talking to someone whilst waiting in the queue to get a coffee.

And of course, being a Wellington-based company ourselves, we are delighted to support the Webstock crew in furthering Wellington as a globally-recognised centre of excellence for all things web. 

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Tell us about your experiences

Posted by Brian on 28 September 2009

Are you responsible for managing your company or organisation's websites?

In the recent SilverStripe newsletter we announced a survey for website managers.

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SilverStripe Australia Now Open for Business!

Posted by Brian on 3 September 2009

We are very proud to announce the opening of SilverStripe Australia Pty Ltd! We have had many people in Australia tell us that they would love to have a SilverStripe team local to them to help out with their SilverStripe website development efforts. We listened and now SilverStripe has a Melbourne office. 

SilverStripe Australia is headed up by Shane Weddell. Shane is an Aussie who has deep knowledge of the CMS market and technology in Australia. He has well over a decade of project management experience dealing with complex projects. His extensive PM experience coupled with his recent sales leadership roles combine to make him the perfect person to head up SilverStripe Australia. Owen Windsor and Marcus Nyeholt bring heaps of deep site development and system architecture experience to the Melbourne office.

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SilverStripe welcomes San Francisco-based partner, Quinn Interactive

Posted by Brian on 1 September 2009

If you're based in the San Francisco Bay Area, you now have local access to professional SilverStripe services!

Quinn Interactive is a 15-year-old company specialising in website development. Quinn has a talent for both design and CMS implementations, and has worked with organisations like LEGO and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Quinn's skills and experience make them an excellent addition to our SilverStripe Partner Program. We have worked with developers at Quinn to ensure that they have an appropriate level of knowledge in our software. We encourage you to contact them if you want a San Francisco company to build a website or web application on the SilverStripe platform.

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SilverStripe website wins at 2009 New Zealand Internet Industry Awards

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 31 August 2009

We're extremely proud that a website built by SilverStripe was recognised at the inaugural New Zealand Internet Industry Awards this month.

The Ministry of Health website won the Societal Impact award. The website provides young New Zealanders at risk of depression with a source of inspiration, information, and online counseling – and is seen as having saved young lives from suicide.  The website is highly interactive and contains a lot of engaging video content thanks to the involvement of two agencies, Draft FCB and Oktobor. Information about the website is available in our case study of The LowDown.

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Unlock Government data! SilverStripe sponsors the Open Government Data Barcamp

Posted by Brian on 18 August 2009

At the end of August New Zealand's first Open Government Data Barcamp will take place at the National Library in Wellington. The barcamp is an open, participant driven event organised and run by people who have an interest in making government-held data freely available.

As an open source company and one of the sponsors of the event, SilverStripe strongly stands behind the open data philosophy.  We believe that collaboration fosters innovation and that taxpayer-funded data should be available without restrictions over the Internet. While data itself can do a lot of things, it needs to be put into context to be useful for others; having data freely available allows people to create value and develop innovative services and applications.

Government agencies, as part of their work, collect a substantial amount of non-personal data - from geospatial and environmental data to statistics. In most cases public money is spent to research and obtain this data, so it should be accessible for everyone to use.

SilverStripe works with a range of government agencies helping them to make their data available for citizens in a meaningful way, enabling them to collaborate constructively and make use of the data on a personal, regional, and national level.

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