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Rejuvenated Rooms


You voiced your opinion, and we listened! We scanned through all of your suggestions and reviews on booking.com, TripAdvisor, and everywhere else in between. An overwhelming majority of suggestions pertained to the rooms in our hotel, from the soft cloud like beds to, most specifically, the televisions inside of our hotel rooms! We’re happy to slowly […]

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Karaoke, Costumes and Cash


There’s nothing quite as liberating or perhaps completely terrifying, or even both, than cheating on your hair brush by cradling an actual microphone and belting out your favorite songs in public, or in this case to a bar filled with equally as enthusiast singers ready to karaoke! This Halloween, if handing out candy just isn’t […]

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Fun Facts About Columbus Day


Today we observe the day that Christopher Columbus sailed west and discovered the American Continent on October 12, 1492, or as many of us call “home”. But what else do you know about the history of this day, or what it means to you today? Columbus began sailing west from Europe and assumed that he […]

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Pushing Pumpkin Season

Pushing Pumpkin Season

We’ve officially made it to October, the month of skeletons, things that go bump in the night, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins. While Starbucks got a head start in early September with the fan favorite, pumpkin spice latte or “PSL” for all the seasoned veterans, the rest of us in the desert are doing our best to […]

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Take on Las Vegas Like a Local


Whether you’re a rare born and raised Las Vegas native, lived here long enough to claim the title, or visit so often you think you should change your license, you know there are some perks to the tried and true ways when it comes to taking on the city like a local. Here is how […]

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