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1. Alexia

Hi Marcie. Thank you very much for making me a part of your beauty website. Your photograph collection is completed! There are pics that I never seen! Thank you very much Marcie!

From Chile
Ale πŸ™‚

2. Ivana

I LOVE this site…I wouldn’t know what to do with my spare time, if there was no site like this…it’s beautiful, amazing, and just wonderful. You do a great job at it, and it gets better every time you update, and I’m telling you, if this site ever closes down, I’ll be hurt pretty bad, cuz I luv this site sooooooooooooooooo much! Keep up the good work!!

3. Linzy

Marcie( i hope that’s your name :P) I love all of the HOD sites. I have learned sooo much! I just can’t tell you how much i love all of your sites! I come here everyday! I just love it sooo much!

4. Coral

Love your site!! Wonderful job!! Leo is the Man!! Keep up the great work..thank you for sharing your site with us..  :o)


5. Annie

Your URL button shows up as a broken link on sugar magic topsites, You might want to change that.
Also pls add a valid link back to the Topsite .
Take care, Annie


PS: Your site is wonderful by the way

6. Chris

Hey Marcie, your site is looking great! You really put a lot of effort into Simply Leonardo DiCaprio! There’s so much to do! Keep it up! =o)

7. Ashley

I just looked over all of your past layouts. I am so amazed right now. I really don’t think I have EVER met ANYONE with such OUTSTANDING talent! Oh my god! I am in awe. Wow is all I can say.. You are a truly blessed person. I am so incredibly honored to know you.. WOW! ! Leonardo DiCaprio is so lucky to have a fan like yourself! WOW! Amazed, Ashley

8. Soefi

LOVE the site marcie – well done

9. Yesenia

This is my favorite website & I would be truly sad if this is ever shut down. Please keep up the great work.

10. Mellany

Hello Marcie! I’ve been visiting your site for ages, and I’m just telling you right now that I’m happy that your site is still here. We kinna start around the same time when I first made my very first site ever. I’m so glad you’re still around. Your site and ur other subwebs sites are wonderful and the graphics are great. This is just a message. ANd I’ll make you graphics for the anniversary! take care. lots of love…. πŸ™‚

11. Swathi Rao

Marcie, i am overbowled by ur warmth and sweetness. u are soooo sweet. I always thought only celebrities can touch our hearts but not other people and that too webmistress  but u proved me wrong marcie people like u can touch millions of our hearts by ur warmth, caring and sweetness.

with love,
leo’s fan and ur admirer.

12. Shadi

((((( Marcie)))))
great site…great albums…great graphics…great wallpapers…everything is great in your wonderful site! I love love love it!
thankssssss for creating this beautiful site!
keep up the great work & keep lovin leo!
hugzzzzzzzzzzzz -shadi

13. Peanut80

Terrific site ..great graphics !!!

14. Virgomoon

Your site ROCKS!
I can tell you’ve put a lot of time & effort in it.
Just GORGEOUS graphics too.
It’s a really COOL site!
You should be very proud of your work here.
Thanks, marcie!
And keep up the good work!

15. Erica


16. LadySummery

Hi for all, and of course darling Leo. I want say what this I like design of a site. And especially to like that that it it is devoted Leonardo. It is healthy. great site.

17. Kelly


18. Verity

I was just browsing your site and thought I’d leave feedback on how brilliant it is. There is pretty muxh everything you need to know about Leo and Titanic. Thanks for a wonderful site.

19. Erica

love the layouts for each month very creative love it