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Tips to Make the Most of Your Virtual Communication Experience

Going Virtual? Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Virtual Communication Experience Cover

As the global workforce transforms amidst our new virtual reality, Duarte is working hard to help our clients prepare for the future of online work, learning, and communication. While many business professionals have been communicating virtually for years, our teachers, medical workers, and other professionals may find themselves in brand new territory. We’ve coached thousands […] continue reading

Design Presentations Tutorial

5 Popular PowerPoint How-To Questions Answered in One Place

abstract PowerPoint slide image

PowerPoint is one of the most misunderstood Office software products on the market. While a majority of business professionals use the product practically every day, many have a strong aversion to the program. Some organizations have banned it altogether. But PowerPoint is actually a versatile and creative tool when used correctly. PowerPoint’s features enable even non-designers to […] continue reading


How to Crop, Resize, and Compress Photos in PowerPoint

After you’ve identified the photo you want to use, the first thing you’ll need to do is edit the basics of the photo. This likely includes cropping, resizing, and compressing photos in PowerPoint. First thing’s first, find a photo you want to use, and open up PowerPoint… Here are some of the things we’ll teach […] continue reading

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