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Evil Librarian

Review: Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen

by CarrieS | October 30 | Thursday | 0 Comments

Evil Librarian is a fun YA with a charming romantic thread (although I wouldn’t call it a romance novel, strictly speaking).  It’s a great read for Halloween, a holiday which in my mind extends through October and November and runs straight into Christmas, pausing only to filch a couple of… read more »

Destiny's Captive

Review:  Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins

by CarrieS | October 29 | Wednesday | 0 Comments

I have a love/hate relationship with Destiny’s Captive.  It’s a sheep in wolves’ clothing.  It has all the accoutrements of a story with a warrior woman character who takes charge but it’s actually a story about domestication, and it made me kind of depressed. read more »

The Amazon Fire Stick is $20 for Prime Folks Until Tomorrow

by SB Sarah | October 28 | Tuesday | 4 Comments

The Amazon Fire Stick is on sale for $19 preorder for Amazon Prime members until 9am PT tomorrow, 29 October - aka 12pm ET. This is a US-only thing (I'm sorry) but because of a conversation I had with Hubby, I wanted to share this info with you.  The Fire… read more »

Books on Sale: Kit Rocha Books 1 & 2 and Historical Fiction from Germany

by SB Sarah | October 28 | Tuesday | 1 Comments

  Beyond Shame is erotic dystopian romance with a side order of dark intensity. So many people whose opinions I respect have raved about it (and have also told me that this book is not my thing, even though it's good, so I haven't read it). It's free right now,… read more »

Comment Freeze for New Bitches!

by SB Sarah | October 28 | Tuesday | 1 Comments

So! Good news! New Bitches! The new version of the site, which is very pretty and features REALLY GOOD THINGS is coming very soon.  Not the good part: beginning at 1pm Eastern time today, 28 October, commenting will be suspended so that the last pieces of the new site can be… read more »

Sizzling Book Club Pick and Giveaway: A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev

by SB Sarah | October 28 | Tuesday | 7 Comments

I loved this book, I've mentioned it on the podcast several times, I wrote about the cover ages ago on Kirkus, AND Jane and I both liked it (which is so rare an event in and of itself I bought more wine just in case the apocalypse was coming and… read more »

Cover Snark: Some Good Old-Fashioned Woodiwiss

by Amanda | October 27 | Monday | 33 Comments

Elyse is killing it with the Cover Snark offerings lately. She sent us these classic Woodiwiss covers and naturally, the snark could not be contained. Elyse: This was the first romance I ever read and it had this cover. He’s missing the lower half of his body, he’s floating, and… read more »

Podcast Transcript 112: An Interview with Amanda from Smart Bitches

by SB Sarah | October 26 | Sunday | 0 Comments

Here is a text transcript of Podcast 112 - An Interview with Amanda from Smart Bitches. You can listen to the mp3 here, or you can read on!  This podcast transcript was hand crafted with meticulous skill by Garlic Knitter. Many thanks.   [music] Sarah Wendell: Hello and welcome to… read more »

SBTB/DA Bestsellers - 14-21 October 2014

by SB Sarah | October 26 | Sunday | 0 Comments

This week's bestseller list is brought to you by maple syrup, moose, scratch-n-sniff currency, and by the secretive catacombs of our affiliate data.  Nora Roberts: The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy by Nora Roberts A | BN | K Unraveled (A Turner Series Book 3) by Courtney Milan A | BN| K… read more »

The Book of Life

Movie Review: The Book of Life

by SB Sarah | October 25 | Saturday | 6 Comments

Carrie and I both saw The Book of Life his past weekend, and we both had a LOT to say about it, so behold: joint review. Joint Long Ass Review, in fact. Short version: the story is not as strong as the visuals, but this is a wonderfully warm and visually… read more »

First Daughter

Book Review:  First Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn

by CarrieS | October 24 | Friday | 1 Comments

I liked the first book in Susan Kaye Quinn’s Dharian Affairs trilogy so much that I immediately binge read the next two books.  The first book is Third Daughter, and as you may guess the next two are, in this order, Second Daughter and First Daughter.  I felt that the… read more »

112. An Interview with Amanda from Smart Bitches

112. An Interview with Amanda from Smart Bitches

by SB Sarah | October 24 | Friday | 4 Comments

Sarah sits down with Amanda, who reviews at Smart Bitches and was the very capable intern for both SBTB and for the DABWAHA. We talk about what books she brought with her to grad school in Boston, and the likely plot of her newly made-up New Adult Romantic Suspense: Robbed… read more »

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