Create cloud apps and microservices with IBM WebSphere

Not so long ago, mobile apps were merely a “hip thing” companies bragged about.  A commodity only iPhone users could enjoy.  Those days are long gone.  Now, mobile apps are a must-have for companies to simply stay in business. With new and innovative mobile apps rapidly solidifying their reputations as must-haves in order for businesses […]

Storage for real-time business

SAP is one of the world’s largest software companies. IBM and SAP have maintained a strong relationship for many years. It’s instructive to glance at the original objective of SAP, which was to “…develop standard application software for real-time business processing.” Note the phrase: “Real-time business processing.” To enable real-time results, you need powerful IT […]

Architecture choice in the data center drives innovation

Imagine a world where IT can’t deliver solutions that solve business challenges because data center innovation is stifled. Not all server architectures are created equal. Some chips and servers haven’t been able to keep up with the innovation required by AI, machine learning, advanced data analytics, augmented and virtual reality technologies (AR/VR) and other data-intensive […]

Second gear application performance management

Part 1 – Agile IT In 2014 Gartner predicted that “75 percent of IT organizations will be bimodal in some way by 2017.” We are in the midst of this two-speed IT approach that organizations are adopting at an increasing rate to stay relevant for their customers. Whereas speed 1 is traditional IT being managed […]

Summer is winding down… Conference season is picking up

For those of us in North America, the end of August marks the final month of summer.  Kids head back to school, cottage and beach house owners prepare to close up for fall, but one thing starts to pick up again — the schedule of industry events and conferences.  And for those of us interested […]

Three driving forces to deliver apps in your hybrid cloud

Not all organizations are the same. Therefore not all IT choices will be the same. IT teams need options to deploy new cloud-native applications and existing enterprise applications and middleware across off-premises clouds and/or on-premises private clouds. Many companies are pushing the envelope to deliver new apps in the cloud, whereas industries such as government […]

Flash accelerates business opportunity

In the 21st century a number of IT innovations are driving the evolution of business — big data and analytical tools to make sense of it, cloud computing, mobile and social systems of engagement, and most recently, the Internet of Things. All of these IT phenomena are accelerating the basic volume, velocity and value of […]

DeepFlash for deeper insights

After you peel away all of the less-crucial layers, enterprise storage becomes relatively simple–it’s all about business use cases, applications and workloads. Storage that helps you maximize the performance of your particular business while doing the best job of meeting your unique application or workload requirements is the right storage for you. DeepFlash 150 deserves […]

Where to find trusted advice for your IBM i

Are you looking for support on your IBM i installation? Or perhaps considering IBM i for the first time? Maybe you’re wondering how to find experts with the practical experience to guide your business toward the next step in its digital transformation. As a senior technical staff member and the leader of several client advisory […]