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South East Asia has some of the most amazing spots for an unwinding moment, whether it’s during the sunlight or moonlight. There is a myriad of rooftop bars and restaurants to visit during your visit in the Asian landscape. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, you would most likely end up in a stylish bar in KL. You get to sip on delicious mixed drinks in the local scene such as at the wine bar. Being an explorer and food aficionado, expect heaps of restaurant in KL that offer a huge variety of cuisines to choose from. Simply having the scrumptious slab of steak to fulfill your craving for Western food in KL is something that is likely to happen especially if you are a traveling from overseas.

Nonetheless, it is uncommon to find a place that features three things: awesome food, flavourful drinks and stunning views. If you plan on discovering an amazing spot that offers the both worlds, look no further. Here are 4 top spots we strongly recommend for those touring Kuala Lumpur.

Marble 8

If you are a steak enthusiast, this marvelous steakhouse is smack right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Nestled at Binjai 8, this premise features dry-aged steaks with gorgeous marbling that you can ever imagine. Their steaks are personally selected by their founder, Modest Marini. From the compact menu, an interesting list of succulent steaks are available, from steak on stone, tenderloin on the bone and many more. Besides that, you can make your way to M8, a stylish lounge bar KL that is integrated with the steakhouse. Grab a glass of neat Grey Goose or Absolut Vodka from the bartender to accompany you while taking pleasure in the exceptional scenery of the city from M8’s romantic outdoor garden.

Elysium Bar

Elysium bar is one of it’s kind. Standing tall with a soaring 32nd floor view taking in both views of the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. If you wish to get the perfect sunset scenery to accompany you, you can opt to sit outside of the balcony of the sunset bar. At Elysium, their mixology bar KL has an interesting list of cocktail mixes, combining some of your wine and spirits favourites. Ladies, do try out their fine cocktails like Hibiscus Sour or the Lychee Martini that are simply perfect to savour on a ladies’ night. When you feel hungry, they have a good selection of finger foods that won’t hurt to munch on after a couple of drinks.

Mai Bar

Mai Bar is definitely one of its kind, where the rooftop bar has a Tiki theme that serves guests incredible concoctions of unique tropical cocktails. Following the Tiki theme of the bar, cocktails are made with a twist, while being served in Tiki-themed mugs. If you plan on bringing in summer vibes on your birthday celebration or any type of events in KL, do consider paying a visit to Mai Bar. Remember to book upfront to save a good spot for you and your peers.

The Malt & Leaf

This handsome looking hub is definitely a sleek haven for those who indulge in cigar and malt whisky. Malt & Leaf features an elegant cigar lounge and bar that serves the premier collection of quality malts. From sociable gatherings to a more relaxed spot for indulging quality whisky, the classic whisky bar KL is packed with full range of premium liquor, wine, and high-class cigars accompanied with a dining menu to satiate your palate. The venue exudes an air of cosiness and it will certainly bring your sensation to the next level with the starry scenery from the top.

Want to enjoy further with more recommendations? Check out Eat Drink My for more suggestions on where to eat and drink in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s most well-known city, is an important stop in anybody’s itinerary of Southeast Asia. However, the city can be a challenging place to get around. So, selecting the ideal place to stay is extremely important, no matter if you happen to be here with regard to business, leisure time or even a special event such as a wedding or honeymoon which Malaysia is increasingly featuring as a top choice for.

Kuala Lumpur is definitely the major hub for many flights out of Europe and U.S. to SE Asia. It is, therefore, not surprising so many people visit it for business and other occasions. I had the opportunity of attending one of my best friend’s wedding who selected KL as the location for their ceremony and proceeded to Thailand for their honeymoon getaway. You would be surprise to see how much a wedding planner can do for your special occasion!

Within Kuala Lumpur, there is an accommodation style for each and every one. But, based on my personal experience your hotel in Kuala Lumpur should feature quality as well as an ideal location. There are several excellent hotel in Kuala Lumpur, all the famous players such as Intercontinental, Hilton, Intermark and Marriott are all located within the city centre so finding a room should not be a problem.

Travelling out and about can actually be quite troublesome in Malaysia. Anyone that has ventured inside KL will attest to Kuala Lumpur’s traffic is horrible during peak hours. Finding yourself stuck in traffic on the way to your hotel room may be more common than you think. Become a daring adventurer guided by Google maps with your comfy shoes, head to the streets. There are many of shortcuts and pathways that should have you cutting time off your journey,

The best is that those international hotel branches that you know can be booked at a third of the price of their European counterparts in Kuala Lumpur. But there are a number of particular places you really should look into for lodgement; a hotel in Ampang provides you a centralised spot with a close accessibility to the LRT/Monorail services as well as popular malls such as KLCC and Pavilion or further areas including KL Sentral which connects to the airport. Or, better yet, a hotel near Bukit Bintang, the popular tourist destination. Those areas provide easily accessible entertainment, attractions and, more importantly, food!

Taking about attractions, Malaysia has its fair share of them especially in KL. With its sunny weather, fine dining options in KL and stunning scenery, KL itself has the usual top end restaurants (Marini’s on 57, Fuego, Nobu), shopping centres (Suria KLCC, Pavilion, Mid Valley), nightlife (Zouk Club, Trek, Changkat). Or, better yet, a touch of Mother Nature with numerous treks and waterfalls that can be found within 1 hour from the city centre itself (Kanching Falls, Chilling Falls, Gabai Falls). Experience enjoyment and get back to your quality hotel within the same day for a deep rest.

For more information, check out www.tripadvisor.com.my/Tourism-g293951-Malaysia-Vacations.html.

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I warn all our vegetarian readers that this post contains elements and pictures that some of you might find disturbing! This is for everyone who, like me, loves eating meat, any kind of meat.

So just picture this scene… Kuala Lumpur, dinner time, your stomach has been craving a big juicy steak for the last few days. It’s the first week of the month so your wallet is still chock-full of money. Where to go? Mmm…with so many restaurants, the decision could be harsh.

Could be, but you’re lucky! You have us and we do know a place where you can fully satisfy your cravings in grand style, the best steak restaurant in KL, Marble 8.

 steak restaurant in kl

“Marble 8 delivers on ambience and impeccable service” – this is just one of the feedbacks provided by the restaurant’s clients. If you wanna enjoy the undisputed queen of steaks, you should go for their Bistecca Fiorentina. Italians are so proud of this T-bone steak that it should absolutely be on your bucket list!

La Fiorentina: an ancient tradition

 steak restaurant in kl

According to the legend, this excellent dish was born in Tuscany between the XV and XVII century. The de’ Medici family had control over Florence at that time and, on the special night of San Lorenzo, they used to make bonfires in the major “piazze” (town squares) of the city. During these festivities, huge slabs of beef were roasted and offered to people. The legend goes on that during one of these traditional awaited celebrations, a group of British nobles joined the festivity and immediately fell in love with the deliciousness of this dish. Willing to have more, they started shouting among the crowd “Beef steak! Beef steak!” to congratulate for the goodness and get more. Of course Florentine people immediately Italianized the word in “Bi-stecca”!    

Fine dining in KL steak restaurant in kl

If you’re a meat lover and you’ve never tried this cut before, you’ll surely have the same reaction of those British nobles! So combine fine dining in KL with this delicious treat and taste a medium-rare Marble 8’s signature Bistecca Fiorentina: Dry-aged Black Angus T-bone served with Tuscan olive oil, garlic, rosemary and seasonal vegetables. Accompany it with a bottle of red wine and you’re all set! Check Danielfooddiary for more information and a review of Marble 8!

My tummy is already growling, what about yours?!


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A house can be easily turned into your own personalized home. How this is done is simply by adding a progression of customized touches that transpire comfort. From simple to more complex, these small touches can add the warmth you desire in your house. Even the simple addition of photographs can make a difference and so can changing your floors. So, what type of floor is best suited for both you and your house?

Here’s a 101 guide on wooden floorboards.




  1. Wood Floorboards.

Wooden floor gives a house an old fashioned elegance. It adds to the illusion of lavishness while incorporating a sense of style to your house. You never have to worry about it going out of style as it is a classic. This antiquated warmth can last for a long time when taken proper care of.  Hence, polishing timber floors often is quite important in maintaining their lifespan. The glossy appeal will enhance the design plus, who does not enjoy the scent of a freshly polished wooden floorboard!


Wood floorboard installation is not just spiffy looking. Even though the costs can be a little on the high side, there are many benefits that comes with it. The addition of a wooden floorboard in your house can add value to the latter especially if you plan on selling the house soon or eventually. With this luxurious addition, you can also guarantee that your house will sell faster.


What’s more is that it is so easy to clean and in contrasts with carpets, wooden floors do not retain dust mites or other allergens so it is perfect for people who has allergies. You do not want your floor to look bodgy, so invest in a good quality product that will achieve the result you seek.



Before Buying:-

Between all types of floorboards, it is anything but difficult to get confounded by the number of alternatives. From hardwood flooring, rotary-peel, sliced-peel, dry solid-sawn, etc.…several aspects should be taken into consideration before settling on one. Issues like humidity, the surface area, the frequency of usage of the particular room in question and lastly, your way of living before you pick what is best for you and your budget should all be thought of well before buying the product. For example, a very frequently used room will require a more solid flooring as it can minimize the wear of the latter. Check out Lifehacker.com to see what floor will suit you best.


Tips on maintaining the wooden floorboards:

  • Abstain from walking with high heels as the impact can damage the floorboards with the apparition of dents on its surface.
  • Use cleaning products that are created specifically for wooden floorboards as any other product can be corrosive and hence, cause harm to the wooden surface.
  • Floorboard sanding can be done to revive an aging floor’s look and consequently, polishing timber floors will give that added glistening, lustrous effect.
  • Scratching is often caused by the presence of dirt or grit stuck in the sole of shoes. To avoid this occurrence, place rugs in front of the door. In addition to that, heavy furniture can leave an irreparable scratch and tarnish its beauty whether moved intentionally or unintentionally. Thus, avoid dragging the furniture and for extra protection, put pieces of cloth under their legs so as to prevent this issue.
  • Heaps of water can also damage wooden floors. Therefore do not mop and whenever a spill occurs, wipe immediately. This is because water can cause discoloration or dullness.

Watch the video below to learn how to easily clean your wooden floorboards.


Have a go at wooden floorboards! You won’t be disappointed!

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Using marble & granite for your house is a chic way to enhance your indoor space. Being both natural stones, it makes them more fragile than other materials but way more elegant at the same time. When choosing countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, marble & granite are a popular option, an investment which is definitely worth considering.

In fact, with some simple maintenance, you can conserve their natural beauty for a long, long time. Let’s now consider some similarities and differences between the two, so that you will be able to choose the perfect material according to your purposes!

Granite Countertops

Marble & Granite

As granite is more durable than marble, granite countertops are usually preferred for the kitchen.  It is indeed more resistant to stains and it can be scratched less easily than marble. Granite Tiles can be found in a great variety of colours depending on their mineral composition; the key characteristic though, is their typical speckled effect. It is easy to clean and maintain and if sealed accurately and professionally, liquids cannot ruin it. If you decide to go for granite countertops, you might find this video about how to remove stains really useful!

Marble & Granite

Granite is a decor stone so it will definitely enhance your home; if you choose it for your kitchen. Just make sure you pick a colour you truly like!  

Marble Countertops

Marble & Granite

Marble countertops instead are usually preferred in less frequented spaces, like bathrooms. Marble has a more rustic aspect with a base colour and veins passing through, making every tile look different than the other. It is a softer and more fragile material; it can get damaged way easier than granite and it is also more susceptible to heat and food acidity.

It is indeed a porous material, therefore, it has a tendency of absorbing liquids. Its aspect can change as time goes by. You can have it sealed at least twice a year to prevent stains as much as possible and it is still essential for you to immediately clean if you spill something on your countertop.

Marble & Granite

Despite its delicacy, it is definitely the most elegant way to improve your home! It’s a good choice also for your floors. Surely you will have to take care of it but, if you look at this picture, the result is totally worth considering. Read this article learn about some tips to easily maintain your granite.

How is your experience with marble and granite? Do you have any maintenance tricks? Share your opinion below!

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TV Wall Mount Installation

Every masculine guy should own a ‘man cave’ in his house to retreat from, to be alone, to be away from woman and their female sensibilities, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends. A man cave is a male’s sanctuary, his male retreat place. A place where guys can do as they please.

Watch sport games or play video games without getting interrupted by other family members. Spill a sip of beer there, leave a hamburger laying overnight, who cares? A place that is totally your own without having to worry about how your girl likes the decoration of the place. To help you out and give you some inspiration, the following things are what every man cave should have.

A large flatscreen TV
Home Theatre Installation
Almost every ‘man cave’ is equipped with a huge flat screen and surround system. Who doesn’t like to watch sports without getting interrupted by other family members because their favorite soap is playing on the TV. A home theatre installation is the perfect way to watch sport matches or play video games without getting interrupted. When you’re a handyman, the TV wall mount installation shouldn’t be that big of a problem as well as the TV installation. Assembling the stuff in your room gives you an extra masculine and proud feeling. By the way, why stick with only one TV? I’m quite sure you like to watch multiple games at the same time, maybe even put a beamer in the room.

Your own bar
TV Installation
Which better way to relax during the weekend with a cold one in your hand watching the game with friends at your own bar? Putting a bar into your ‘man cave’ lifts the room to the next level. Maybe you like a modern bar, maybe you rather like the look of classy brown aok to fit your bar. Either way, make sure that you decorate the place with bar signs, paintings or maybe a mirror behind all the good bottles of scotch and whisky. A darts board fits perfectly next to your bar. Stock the fridge with beers and you’re ready to go.

Indulge your hobbies
TV Wall Mount Installation
A man cave is the perfect place to indulge in hobbies that your lady maybe isn’t so happy about. I’m talking about building model cars, collecting Star Wars attributes, showcasing your trophies you won during fishing competitions, etc. It really should fit all your desires and no compromises should be made with your girl. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of having a pool table, well if the room is big enough, why not?

TV Wall Mount Installation
Framed sport shirts from your favorite club always look good on the walls of any ‘man cave’. Next to that, they have a personal meaning for you, which gives the room more allure. Leather sofas give the room a classy look, especially if you choose a bar made of oak. If you like motorcycles, put an old school one in the corner. Nothing more manly than having a bike in the room. Maybe hang a pair of old boxing gloves on the wall.

Off course, a man cave is not a man cave without a fridge filled with good food and some beers. Read this article to find out what beers you would want to have in your fridge!

Could you use some inspiration for your man cave? Then check out the video below.

What I want to say is that a ‘man cave’ is a reflection of your personality. You should build and decorate it with whatever stuff you like to see in there, where there’s no limit.

Show us your man cave! Please post a photo and tell us about it in the comments below.

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Being nervous and having anxiety feelings on a first date is completely normal. Unfortunately these feelings are extremely annoying and if you don’t watch out, they can easily ruin your date. If you’re not the social type, only practice will improve your social skills. Luckily for you, I have thought about the perfect date night, so you have one thing less to worry about. After having a romantic dinner, bring your date to a nice Kuala Lumpur bar where you guys can share a good bottle of wine – I’m talking about a wine bar. Next to the perfect plan, I added in some tips for you where you probably didn’t think about.

Before the date
You start the evening by picking up your date at her place. Make sure that you are not too late but definitely don’t be too early as well since you don’t want to rush the girl. When the pick up time is 7pm just make sure that you’re there exactly at 7pm. Never ever send a text message with: ‘I’m here’, instead you walk to her front door like a gentleman so that you can walk with her to your car. Make sure a dinner reservation is made before going to the restaurant. This not only shows that you made an effort for this date but also makes you look organized.   

Romantic dinner
marinis 57
What is more romantic than having dinner close to the beauty of what the jungle has to offer? Tamarind Hill is the perfect classy place to bring your date to and only a 15-minute drive from the city centre. When walking to the restaurant, you will be overwhelmed by an ocean of candles combined with the peacefulness of the jungle. I would personally recommend to sit downstairs since this has the nicest view and surroundings. The restaurant really has it all, lovely food, great service and the ambiance is amazing.

Wine at great height
Kuala Lumpur bar
Kuala Lumpur is a busy city rich of ordered skyscrapers that have beautiful designs. The next place you are going to take your date to is of course, the highest sky bar in KL namely Marini’s on 57. They have a great selection of wine and spirits you can choose from. I would recommend drinking a nice bottle of wine while getting to know each other until late into the night. Show interest in her by listening and asking questions about her. Do not talk too much about yourself and don’t ask too many questions otherwise the conversation will look like an interrogation. Try to create a good mix so that conversation keeps flowing and both of you have a good time.

For some more tips visit Theguardian.com!

Got success with another great date night? Tell us your story and inspire people by leaving a comment!


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Today we enter the most exclusive cigar lounge in Kuala Lumpur and had a look at their cigar menu. A wide choice is available to anyone who enjoys smoking; whether you are new to cigars, an occasional smoker or a sheer cigar-lover, Marble 8 has one for every taste! If you are in Malaysia right now, you certainly wanna visit this high class privé lounge. In order to make you even more willing to go there, here is a list of 7 Cuban cigars you can enjoy along with a glass of good whiskey in this amazing hotspot right in the heart of KL!

1. Cohiba


Established in the mid 1960s as an exclusive brand for officials of the Cuban Government and Communist Party, it was Fidel Castro’s absolute favourite. Today Cohiba is a symbol of the good life, a premium brand using some of the finest tobacco available in Cuba.

2. Montecristo


This is one of the world’s most famous cigar trademarks and a well-known Havana export. At Marble 8 you can find manually-made, medium strength Montecristo cigars in a wide range of tastes.

3. H. Upmann


Upmann is another well-known premium cigar brand you can enjoy in KL. Born in 1844, it is one of the oldest names of the cigar industry. This brand has credits for the idea of packing cigars in cedar boxes. 

4. Jose L. Piedra


Authentic cubanos, Jose L. Piedra collection includes medium to full strength cigars with strong flavours. The tobacco used for each one of them comes from the famous Cuban region of Vuelta Arriba.

5. Hoyo de Monterrey


Originally born in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba, in the 70s the firm moved to Honduras. These full-bodied cigars are crafted with Cuban tobacco and available at Marble 8 in both lighter and stronger versions.

6. Partagas


Another cigar brand among the oldest surviving on the market. With its superior quality products, Partagas is certainly a strong leader in the cigar industry. Obviously available at Marble 8 cigar lounge!

7. Romeo y Julieta


Romeo y Julieta is a pre-revolution brand which became extremely popular during the 20th century. The secret to success is a particular attention to details and a high respect for its Cuban origins.

Only the finest collection of cigars can be found at Marble 8. And if you are new to this practice, take a look at this other article Etiquette to Smoking Cigars like a Gentleman to avoid doing it the wrong way!

Check out how sigars are made in the video below.

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In Kuala Lumpur there is enough choice in cigar lounges; Cigar Lounge of Marini’s 57, La Casa des Habano, The Cigar Room and many others. They will offer you the best view over the city while you sit back after a busy day. It’s a place where you can enjoy an exceptional selection of the best cigars and a good glass of Whisky.
Whether you’re here for a fun night with friends, with business partners or just to eat a good steak with your partner, you’ll have to know the etiquette to smoking cigars like a gentleman. In order for you to not blunder, we will now tell you the do’s and don’t when smoking cigars.


Dress code

It doesn’t matter where you are smoking cigars, this is something that has to be done as a gentleman. Besides that, you probably won’t even be able to enter a cigar lounge being underdressed, you will feel really stupid once you’ve entered these luxurious rooms filled with fancy furniture in your jogging pants. To be safe, a black jacket with a white blouse and some nice leather shoes are always good bet.


Cut your cigar


Don’t get too excited when you finally picked out your cigar and think you can immediately light it! Before smoking your cigar, you’ll have to cut it. Simply cutting it wouldn’t do, the best is just a few millimeters from the smoker’s end because if you cut too much, the thrust sheet will come undone. At cigar lounges, you often have special cigar cutters which are closed at one side so you know exactly how much you have to cut.


Light your cigar


This process takes longer than lighting cigarettes. You can use several methods to light your cigar. Firstly you can use some wooden matches or cedar matches. Cedar matches are longer so they give you more time to light your cigar. Another option to light your cigar is a butane lighter, but don’t use a gasoline lighter because it changes the taste of the cigar. Lastly you can use a piece of cedar, these are often equipped in the cigar box. Pick whatever you feel comfortable with but make sure you turn your cigar while lighting it so that the whole foot is evenly lighted.


Take your time

Unlike a cigarette, you have to keep your cigar smoking by puffing it. But don’t rush it! If you do this too often, your cigar gets too hot which will reduce the taste. A puff a minute is fine.


Holding your cigar

Hold it between your thumb and index finger. There is no real explanation for this, but people will look strangely at you when you hold your cigar the way you do with cigarette users.


Stop halfway

A cigar should not be smoked down to the end, it will go out when you’re halfway through. Smoking further than this will only result in more stronger smoke.


Last but not least… Enjoy!


“Cigar smoking knows no politics. It’s about the pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma.”

Read more about gentlemen facts about cigars on Artofmanliness.com.

Already feel inspired? You sure will be after seeing this video:

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Cheap oil doesn’t just make gasoline and home heating oil cheaper, it exerts downward price pressure on almost everything else. Food crops that have to be sown and harvested (tractors don’t run on wind power – yet) then shipped to market. And practically any other product you can imagine that has to be driven, flown or shipped from the producer to the warehouse, then the warehouse to the store doesn’t necessarily drop in price, but their prices may stay level or not rise as much as they might if oil prices were high or spiking. I don’t know what it will take for all of America to wake up and understand that its people cannot wait any longer for the temperature in the pot to reach a boiling point. During the first eight years of the past sixteen years, the Repubs botched everything up, and during the send eight years of the past sixteen years, they distorted every effort our president has made to improve our collective lots in life.

We have two major problems in this country. First is that our citizens do not know civics any more. As much as folks make fun of the fact that government does not work, we collectively have precious little opportunity in schools to illustrate how government does and should work. Second is that, especially in the south and the “heartland”, reason has taken a back seat to “religion and morality” and as a result, children don’t receive as balanced an education as they used to. What is perceived as broadband moral by too many uneducated voters is actually presented to them as such by manipulators who have money and will use it to prevent balance. Perhaps I ramble a bit about cheapest mobile broadband. All I can say is that this country is very ill, and it will take a miracle to fix it, unless voters wake up and take their country back, using an unlimited data plan.

Reference Link:

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