bloghttp://www.sports-db.comYour free training video exercise guideen-us2010 - sports-db.comSplit Training TrainingSplit Training is a very common method for creating workout routines for strength training and body building. In the following article you`ll learn about Split Training, how to apply it successfully and why it has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. What is Split TrainYour Daily Water Requirement. How Much Water Should You Drink. Daily Water Requirement. How Much Water Should You Drink.Besides oxygen, water is the most vital substance to maintain life. The human body consists to about 50-70% of water. Without drinking water, we could hardly survive 3-4 days. Most of our metabolic processes, especially the synthesis of nutrients for building muscles and burning fat, are based onStrength Training as at High Temperatures Training as at High TemperaturesFor many athletes hot weather is a good reason to reduce the training volume or to completely refrain from intense workouts during this time. Even a regular strength training can suffer from heat, so here are a few tips and hints on how the training can be carried on continuously in spite of sultBook Recommendation: "Gesund durch Stress" (German only) Recommendation: "Gesund durch Stress" (German only)What a book!One of the best health guidebooks I have read lately completely abandons the same old stories of the health industry and provides new ideas and suggestions for an active life full of "key stimuli".The book itself appears to be published in German only under the tPull-up & Chin-up Guide | How to do Pull-ups & Chin-ups & Chin-up Guide | How to do Pull-ups & Chin-upsWithout doubt, pull-ups and chin-ups are one of the most effective basic exercises to develop a muscular upper body. They work a large number of muscles simultaneously and, through different grip setups and techniques, offer many different training variations. Italian Group Fitness Group FitnessWe all know that to get in shape, there´s nothing more effective than lifting weights. However, obviously group fitness appears to be second best choice. Watch THIS! 10 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism Ways To Increase Your MetabolismThe Metabolism As mentioned before, our metabolic performance has great influence on our life, and vice versa. Of course, the metabolic rate itself is as individual as every person, but there are several internal and externaChocolate Can Cut Blood Pressure and Help Heart Can Cut Blood Pressure and Help HeartImage credit by mwboec10 Simple Strategie For Gaining Muscle Mass Simple Strategie For Gaining Muscle Mass1. Increased Muscular Tension Drinking Wine Helps Women Keeping Their Bodyweight Wine Helps Women Keeping Their BodyweightA recently published 13 year study of more than 19.000 woman revealed that drinking alcohol regularly in moderate amounts can prevent women from becoming obese. The Best Six-Pack Ab Exercises Best Six-Pack Ab ExercisesAt first glance, the best and most effective six-pack ab exercise won´t be recognized as abdominal-specific, because it isn´t the classic and very popular exercise like crunches, leg raises or sit-ups that I´m talking about. Obviously, even crunches don´t offer a really functional core training, How to Do Shoulder Dislocations to Do Shoulder DislocationsShoulder Dislocations are a great dynamic flexibility exercise to stretch your chest and front shoulder muscles, to correct the posture of the upper torso, to prevent you from shoulder pain from working out and to improve the flexibility of your shoulder articulations, which is increasing your ovBench Press Video Tutorial | Training Technique | Tips and Tricks Press Video Tutorial | Training Technique | Tips and TricksEffective Muscle Building and Fat Loss #2: Increased Metabolism Muscle Building and Fat Loss #2: Increased MetabolismThe Metabolism in Top Form The secret of a slim and attractive body lies in the very personal metabolism of every human being. Those who are gaining weight from a (suspected) lettuce can assume that their metabolism is not running at high levels, meaning all body processes slow down Effective Muscle Building and Fat Loss #1: The Basics Muscle Building and Fat Loss #1: The BasicsThe long-term goal of effective muscle-building and fat loss is to get your own body weight in a desirable area and to keep it there, which requires a daily confrontation with your actions and habits. There are really no secret tricks or weapons on the way to the body you want to have. Any succesHow Magnesium Can Prevent Muscle Cramps Magnesium Can Prevent Muscle CrampsAlmost any athlete is familiar with cramps within the active muscles during physical exercise. It usually affects runners, but also other intense physical activities such as swimming, squash or ball sports can lead to these painful muscular contractions. However, with the right diet you can preveTraining Motivation: Obstacles, And How to Overcome Them Motivation: Obstacles, And How to Overcome ThemRegular training is the foundation for a successful development of one's body and one's skills in any area. Since there will always be reasons and excuses to interrupt this important routine, or even to not begin at all, you´ll now learn how to deal with the most popular obstacles and how to overNutrition 101: How much Protein per Day 101: How much Protein per DayThe recommended amount of protein per day is a hot topic, especially among strength training athletes, that is steadily revived by confusing recommendations in so-called professional journals and other media. Meanwhile, there are studies, one I will look at here in detail, that support my personaTraining 101: Machines or Free Weights? 101: Machines or Free Weights?Introduction Basically strength training is done either with free weights, mostly How to Squat in a Correct Way to Squat in a Correct WayIntroduction Of all compound strength training exercises squats are probably most the effective way to strengthen legs as well as almost the entire body. Therefore everyone following an ambitious strength training routine should include squats regularly.Squats are also one of thePush-ups: Correct Training Technique and Variations Correct Training Technique and VariationsIntroduction Without doubt push-ups are the most popular bodyweight exercise. They strengthen almost the entire body, especially chest, shoulders and arm muscles, they are available in many variations, you can do them without any equipment and the technique is quite easy to learn. Yet, i10 Nutrition Rules for Healthy Living, Muscle Building and Fat Loss Nutrition Rules for Healthy Living, Muscle Building and Fat Loss„You Are What You Eat.“ A sensible diet along with regular exercise is the key to a healthy life. The following 10 diet tips primarily aim at athletic or physically active people. But everyone else can also benefit from this. Maybe the increased level of energy, as result of a healthy diVideo: 500 Exercises Compilation 500 Exercises CompilationThis post is for all those among you who ever wondered how it looks like to have 500 different fitness exercises summarized as a 10-minute video snippet :-) Bench Press: A Comprehensive Exercise Guide Press: A Comprehensive Exercise GuideIntroduction Bench press is one of the most popular weight training exercises. It is a basic upper body exercise for the chest muscles. New Year´s Resolutions and How to Achieve Them. Year´s Resolutions and How to Achieve Them.It's that time again, a new year begins and incredibly many people follow an ancient ritual: they make “New Year´s Resolutions”, which is a number of events or habits that in the current year are supposed to be made better than the in the previous one. That is a good thing, especially because it Happy New Year!!! New Year!!!A happy new year to all of you! Let 2010 be a great year. Live it with joy and passion, decide to be as healthy and fit as you can be and follow your bliss. Best regards, Stephan | Finally Available in German Language | Finally Available in German LanguageVery soon all content here on will be available in two languages: ENGLISH and GERMAN! Technical and contentwise there is still some work to do, but I am very confident that within the next 14 days we´ll be able to re-launch The latest feature of bodytrainer.tv The latest feature of bodytrainer.tvThe time has come. In addition to several new features here at, all revealed in the upcoming weeks, there is finally a blog that will mainly deal with the themes of fitness, training techniques, nutrition and wellness. I look forward to the first entries and of course your comment