Steve Welton

Currently working as a Media Relations officer and reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces.

My professional on duty time is often spent writing news releases and creating social media content for various social networking communities I help manage including Twitter and Facebook. I focus on building relationships using social media and to leverage technology to help stop, prevent and solve crimes.

My role allows me to attend community events where I can be found speaking on behalf of my police organization. There isn't an event I attend where I don't capture some digital photography or shoot some video for sharing later.

I act as the main point of contact for the local news and media partners. I respond to all media inquiries regarding operations and incidents taking place in the community. Crisis communications can often be a part of the day too. I always strive to make myself available for print, radio and television interviews as a media relations officer. I believe it's important to share information with the community while balancing the needs and demands of the job to ensure public safety.

I enjoy the challenges that come with serving the community and I'm always open to exploring new opportunities and ways to make a positive impact.

I thrive being around motivated and mission driven people and organizations. Thanks for taking a minute to read and be sure to socialize and connect using some of those fancy icons you see below.