lattice lut management software review
Review: Lattice 3D LUT-Management Software

Many of us working on broadcast programs or feature films are shooting raw and/or multiple compressed formats, with...

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Editor Joe Walker, ACE, on Cutting Sicario

Director Dennis Villeneuve is known for tightly wound thrillers (Incendies, Prisoners) that move in startling directions....

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Making Viral Video Hits with a Solid Business Model

Life's getting complicated for producers. Whether it's the rise of multiscreen viewing or the accelerating use of ad...

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Videos of the day

Nov 30 Coldplay: Adventure of a Lifetime

The idea for this animated music video, in which the motion-captured members of Coldplay appear as chimpanzees, originated when lead singer Chris Martin ran into Gollum portrayer Andy Serkis on an airplane. The band members' performances were captured by The Imaginarium Studios, a London …

Nov 25 Buster Keaton: The Art of the Gag

Love Wes Anderson? Idolize Jackie Chan? You'll dig this jam-packed analysis of the great silent comic Buster Keaton's visual style by video essayist Tony Zhou. It may be the fastest nine minutes you spend watching a video all year.

Nov 24 The Slow Mo Guys: CD Shattering at 170,000fps

Ever wonder why you can't accelerate the read and write speeds of CD-Rs to ridiculous proportions just by spinning the things faster and faster? Eventually, they warp and explode! And it turns out that the patterns of shattering plastic, seen here at slow-motion speeds that eventually rea…

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