Fujifilm Announces Two New E-Mount Zoom Lenses

Fujifilm announced a new line of Super-35/APS-C E-mount cinema lenses aimed at "emerging cinematographers," the MK Series,...

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ILM Senior VFX Supe John Knoll on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Chief Creative Officer and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll joined Industrial Light & Magic in 1986. His first...

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Still from VB Authentic Collection
Stock Footage Searches Reveal Shifting Media Trends

We consume hundreds of images every day and, as content creators, make many more, each one representative of continually...

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Videos of the day

Feb 24 Long-Haul Disco

"You can't worry about money when you modify a truck like this," explains Junichi Tajima, one of Japan's dekotora truck drivers who modifies his rig with lighting, graphics and other highly customized and expressive decorations. "This has cost me the equivalent of buying a house," admits …

Feb 23 Alien: Covenant "Prologue: Last Supper"

Sometimes the best commercial for your movie is ... more movie. That's the strategy for director Ridley Scott's <i>Alien: Convenant</i>, which was introduced to fans last year with a scary red-band trailer, and is now being sold with this short "prologue" directed by Scott's son, Luke Sco…

Feb 22 Bebe Rexha: I Got You

Dance-on-video advocate DanceOn brought together director Jessica Sanders (2001 Oscar-nominated short "Sing!"), choreographer Katie Malia and musician Bebe Rexha in this video featuring synchronized swimming choreographed and executed by the Aqualillies (you may have seen them in Hail, Ca…

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