Apple Has Some FCP X Tricks Up Its Sleeve with New MacBook Pros

Apple's MacBook Pro workstation line-up finally got a refresh with today's announcement of new models featuring up to four...

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Tom Hanks in Sully
Editor Blu Murray on Clint Eastwood's Sully

It isn’t every day one gets invited to head up a major department on a Clint Eastwood film. Consider the fact that...

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PC Hardware Vendor Razer Buys THX

Audiovisual certification gatekeeper THX has been purchased by high-end gaming hardware and peripherals vendor Razer...

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Videos of the day

Oct 27 Pano LA

DP Joe Capra shot these insanely detailed Los Angeles time-lapse cityscapes using two synchronized Canon 5D Mark III DSLRs shooting side by side on a custom panoramic rig, then stitching the images in post. Motion control was achieved using a Kessler Crane TLS with Second Shooter. He's li…

Oct 26 Sountrive: Goko Bane

Japanese firm Industrial JP makes short films set to techno music in order to showcase their manufacturing processes. If you find this one especially soothing or satisfying, an entire YouTube channel awaits you.

Oct 25 BMW Films: The Escape

Remember BMW Films' The Hire, the short film series featuring Clive Owen as The Driver, a BMW driver for hire? Well, Owen is back in a new BMW film, "The Escape," directed by Neill Blomkamp and shot by DP Manoel Ferreira, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the original films.

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