Fix Broken Audio Channel with Sample Conversion (Tutorial)

Ever get stuck with a wonky stereo track where just one channel is problematic? It's not immediately clear how to extract...

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TRAVELERS Neville Kidd
DP Neville Kidd on Netflix's New Sci-Fi Thriller Travelers

Scottish DP Neville Kidd is known for shooting genre-breaking sci-fi serials against the grain. Having lensed defining...

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Deluxe VR Teams Up with Proxi on Feature-Driven VR Production

Deluxe is going into business with stunt coordinator Guy Norris (Suicide Squad, Mad Max: Fury Road), who founded Australian...

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Videos of the day

Jan 24 Rings: TV Store Prank

Those unrepentant scare-mongers at Thinkmodo are at it again with this demon-in-your-TV-set prank queued to the release of horror sequel Rings. Its creators say it has earned more than 200 million views on Facebook. We've written about Thinkmodo previously; for more on this prank, see Adf…

Jan 23 How Louis CK Tells a Joke

Turns out, even a close reading and analysis isn't enough to kill a Louis C.K. joke. The big takeaway? Not a word is wasted, every syllable has its place.

Jan 20 Last Week Tonight Season 4 Promo

HBO salutes its weekly late-night host, John Oliver, by comparing him to some other shows on the network that are actually, y'know, popular.

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