DJI, Epson Team Up on Drone Piloting in Augmented Reality

It looks like the next generation of smart glasses may have at least one very specific use case for pro videographers —...

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Tom Hanks in Sully
Editor Blu Murray on Clint Eastwood's Sully

It isn’t every day one gets invited to head up a major department on a Clint Eastwood film. Consider the fact that...

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PC Hardware Vendor Razer Buys THX

Audiovisual certification gatekeeper THX has been purchased by high-end gaming hardware and peripherals vendor Razer...

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Videos of the day

Oct 24 Yeti Lane: L'Aurore

This video for Parisian psych-rock band Yeti Lane illustrates the song "L'Aurore" in violent still lifes. They're created not through CG, but by carefully lighting and posing miniature figures just so, to create hypnotic frozen moments. Stop-motion animator Simon Gesrel was DP, Arnaud Vié…

Oct 21 The Flaming Lips: The Castle

It's a one-shot video, Flaming Lips style, as hand-drawn animations add pictures, symbols and embellishments to a close-up, song-length portrait of one woman.

Oct 20 Unboxing Pixel, Phone by Google

Verizon's new spot through agency Momentum promoting Google's new Pixel phone (a Verizon exclusive) used thousands of still photos taken over the course of one day in downtown Manhattan — all of them captured with the Pixel itself — to create an accelerated stop-action neighborhood tour. …

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