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Africa in 2021

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Winners and losers in the post-Covid future, from contested politics to economic regeneration

Electric cars drive cobalt and lithium future

The scenarios for peace and guerilla warfare, and the hopes for integration and privatisation

We speak to the thorns in the sides of the Uganda and Tanzania presidents

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The rise of Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman

The rise of Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman

In the space of a few years, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince – virtually unheard of prior to 2015 – has become one of the most powerful leaders in the Arab world. We trace the beginnings of his career and examines the unstoppable rise of Mohammed bin Salman.

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Red Sea Dynamics

The Red Sea has always been the site of power plays amongst countries vying for its control. From the ancient Egyptian expeditions to Punt land, ... to the Romans who established its role as an important artery for trade with the East. And today, beneath its calm and pristine turquoise waters, it remains in constant flux as its regional players and those from outside compete for a chance to secure their interests. The strategic artery can be both a beacon of peace or a catalyst for destruction. We look at its ever-changing dynamics in this exclusive series.