Tax-News.Com Live Tax Headlines Live Tax Headlines From Tax-News.Com en-us 8/9/2018 5:49:44 PM 8/9/2018 5:49:44 PM Malaysia To Phase Out 'Harmful' Tax Regime Malaysia has suspended its MSC Malaysia tax regime, pending changes to bring it into line with recommendations from the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting initiative. 8/7/2018 1:08:00 PM BEPS Project Has Triggered Near-Global Tax Reform: OECD The OECD has committed to providing proposals to fix the taxation of the digital economy by 2020, in an update to G20 leaders on international efforts to mitigate base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS). 7/26/2018 11:46:00 PM Switzerland Throws Weight Behind Global Digital Tax Fix Switzerland wants to see the introduction of an internationally applicable standard for the taxation of the digital economy. 7/26/2018 11:47:00 PM Spain's PM Proposes Minimum Corporate Tax Burden Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has pledged to reform Spain's corporate tax rules so that companies pay an effective rate no lower than 15 percent. 7/23/2018 6:54:00 PM EU, Japan Ink New Trade Agreement The EU and Japan have signed an Economic Partnership Agreement that will remove the majority of the EUR1bn (USD1.2bn) of duties paid annually by EU companies exporting to Japan. 7/23/2018 6:51:00 PM UK Must Leave EU VAT Area, UK's Lower House Votes Upon leaving the European Union, the UK should not be included in the EU VAT area and adopt its own specific VAT regime, UK lawmakers agreed on July 16, 2018, in a move that may derail the Government's efforts to agree a Brexit transition period to cushion the impact of Brexit on firms. 7/23/2018 6:52:00 PM US Urged To Trim Tax Form W-4 The American Institute of CPAs has urged the Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury Department to simplify the draft 2019 Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, and the accompanying instructions, to reduce administrative burdens on taxpayers. 7/16/2018 2:11:00 PM South Africa Drops Paper Forms To Encourage E-Filiing The South African Revenue Service has removed certain paper forms from its branches in an attempt to encourage more taxpayers to file tax returns electronically. 7/16/2018 2:10:00 PM Netherlands Ponders New Aviation Tax The Dutch Government has begun a public consultation exercise on plans to introduce a new tax on air travel by 2021. 7/16/2018 2:11:00 PM Australian Tax Changes Effective From July 1 The Australian Government has set out the numerous changes made to the tax system on July 1 and launched a consultation on new tax rules for "stapled structures." 7/6/2018 5:51:00 PM