On break

As of September 2020, The Teeming Brain is officially and indefinitely on break. What began as something of a technical snafu when I migrated the blog to a new host has turned into a time for some fundamental reflection on the future of the project itself. Long-time readers will recall that this year marks TTB’s 14th anniversary; I launched it back in the spring/summer of 2006. Over time the work here, not just by me but by the fine writers and thinkers who were good enough to join me (Jason V Brock, Richard Gavin, Ted Grau, Ryan Hurd, Dominik Irtenkauf, David Metcalfe, Mark Samuels, Barry Taff, and Stuart Young) and by those who graciously granted interviews for the blog (Thomas Ligotti, Kim Paffenroth, Mark Samuels, Stephen Jones, Nick Mamatas, Quentin S. Crisp, John Langan, T. M. Wright, Don Webb, J. F. Martel, James Fadiman, and Gary Lachman), has added up to a great deal of content. Currently, offline and real-world circumstances are preventing me from devoting the necessary time and attention to the work of restoring the site to its former state, or really from resurrecting it in a passable form at all. Rather unexpectedly, as a matter arising spontaneously within my thoughts, feelings, and intuitions, I’m using the break to tune into some spiritual guidance about what should be the way forward. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience. And I especially appreciate all of you who have followed the Teeming Brain for these past many years.

– Matt Cardin