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Megzie https://megzie.com Tue, 08 May 2018 14:29:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.9 https://megzie.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/cropped-Logo-favicon-32x32.png Megzie https://megzie.com 32 32 131271272 5 Playmat Waketime Activities + a Giveaway! https://megzie.com/2018/05/08/5-playmat-waketime-activities-a-giveaway/ Tue, 08 May 2018 14:27:08 +0000 https://megzie.com/?p=3247 This is a partnered post written by me, in collaboration with Theodore + James. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Keep reading to find out how you can win a gorgeous custom Theodore + James Playmat!

One of the biggest priorities for me, from day one, after brining little J home was to try and get him into some sort of routine. There are so many books, articles and blog posts out there on different ways to do this. We settled for a Sleep / Feed / Wake routine. Basically the idea is that, after baby wakes, you feed him; and you work really hard at keeping him awake during his feed. The reason for this, is so that they can get a full feed. This ensures that they are full, and prevents them from snacking every 20 minutes. It also helps the baby to transition into a consistent three hour feeding routine. After they’ve had their full feed, you keep them awake a little while longer (during the day only) as this helps the baby’s sleep/wake cycles to regulate. It has worked wonders for us so far, Jasper is in a predictable 3 hour routine during the day, and he is starting to sleep longer each night. We have been really lucky and haven’t had any sleepless nights yet. Jasper knows when it’s time to eat, and when it’s time to sleep.

Anyway, the biggest struggle I’ve had so far, is trying to keep him awake during his waketime in the day. I wanted to share with you 5 playmat waketime activities that we’ve been having some fun with. I find he loves his playmat, he seems really comfortable on there and it’s great because it means that I don’t have to hold him all the time (as tempting as that it)

[1] Independent (p)Lay

Being a newborn, Jasper can’t really do all that much “playing” but he can do a whole lot of “laying” hahah! 

After J’s first feed in the morning, I’ll get up and go straight to the playmat to pop him down on it. He’s usually pretty alert first thing in the morning and he’ll just lay there and look at all the different toys dangling down. His neck is also starting to get stronger, and he’s looking around the house a bit more. He’ll look at pictures on the wall or he’ll eyeball the couch. It’s great for him to be able to have independent time so he can learn to play by himself and be happy and content even if mum and dad aren’t giving him their full attention. I also use this time to make myself a delicious coffee and some breakfast, because breastfeeding makes me hungry yo.  Once I’ve got my brekky in hand, I’ll usually just go and sit next to him, and chat to him while I’m eating. He continues to look at the toys and he’s super chilled. I am also super happy because I’ve had my coffee! 

[2] Tummy Time

There is a lot of research to show the benefits to development when babies have tummy time.  It allows bubs to try a new position and can also help in the prevention of them getting a flat spot on their heads from laying on their backs so much. Not only this, but it can also help build strength in your babies head, neck and upper body. As well as this it will help them to develop the skills they’ll need to crawl, roll over, sit up and stand.

I always make sure that I’m close by when we do tummy time, and we started with just 1-2 minutes a day, but as he gets stronger, we’re starting to increase that time. It’s the best when he is super alert, because he’ll look around, he’s even done a half roll from his tummy to his side already which is awesome.

[3] Reading Stories

It’s never too soon to start reading to babies and we’ve definitely taken advantage of this during Jasper’s waketime. We’ll show him the pictures in colourful books and read short stories to him. I read somewhere that they love to hear the sound of their mum and dad’s voices so this is a great way to interact with them while they’re awake. The pillow that comes with the Theodore + James playmat is great, because it props up little J’s head and allows him to look at the pictures in the story as I’m reading them.

[4] Singing Songs

This is very similar to reading stories in that, bubs loves to hear our voices. They are constantly learning and taking in everything that they see and hear. We’ll often makeup songs or sing about our love for him eg “oooh baby I love your way, every day ay ay, I wanna be with you night and day” hehe He sometimes pulls faces at us like “ummm can you stop those noises”

*disclaimer, I am a terrible, terrible singer. Sorry J.

[5] Family Play time

When Dad is available, we’ll often pop Jasper on the playmat and both of us will sit and sing/talk to him. We’ll also just talk to each other about our days. We were very intentional that we were already a family before Jasper came along, he was a welcome addition to our family. So we try very hard to continue to have the same conversations that we did beforehand, we just include him in them now. It’s nice to still be able to chat about the highlights/lowlights of our day while little J just chills on his playmat and listens to our voices.

I’m still learning a lot about motherhood and parenting, but I must say, I am loving that Jasper is becoming more alert, and awake during the day. And I love being intentional about our activities and what we can do while he is awake. It’s nice to have him in a predictable routine where I can plan our day out and what activities we’ll do each day during his waketime (even if he’s only awake for 20 minutes in each 3 hour cycle)

I’m so thankful to have a playmat that is comfortable, stylish and moveable so that we can do all sorts of playtime while Jasper is awake.  Theodore + James do customised playmats, so they can fit into the decor of your home. I am a lover of all things monochrome, so I was stoked when I saw how beautifully my playmat turned out.

Not to mention, the quality is amazing! And it’s super comfortable for little Jasper. He’s really happy and content when he’s on the playmat.


I love this playmat so much, that I have teamed up with Theodore + James to give one of my lovely followers the chance to win one of their own.  If you’d like to enter, check out my instagram post here for all the details!!

Entries close at midnight AWST Friday 11th May, with one lucky winner chosen at random and announced the following day.  Open to AUS residents only.


5 Babywearing Tips for Beginners https://megzie.com/2018/04/20/5-babywearing-tips-for-beginners/ Fri, 20 Apr 2018 05:37:35 +0000 https://megzie.com/?p=3301 This is a partnered post written by me, in collaboration with VIXSA. All opinions are 100% my own.

I was so excited to receive my gorgeous Black Babywrap from VIXSA, until I opened it and realized I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS THING WORKS. But the gorgeous ladies at VIXSA were SO helpful, they sent me videos and instructions (and a whole lot of encouragement) on how to go about the art Babywearing. So I thought I’d share some tips, from my experience, with you guys.


I guess this goes without saying, but practise, practise, practise!! I started practicing before little J was born, so that I’d at least have the concept down pact. I may, or may not have used a stuffed toy in place of J! Although, looking back now, I realize I had the teddy facing the wrong way – NEVER let your baby face outwards guys! I wanted to be sure that I had the wrapping part down pact before I was going to place my precious little human into it.

It’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. And what I love is that VIXSA has made two awesome videos that explain

1) how to put on your wrap carrier and
2) how to put your baby inside your carrier.

Check them out here. I found that watching the videos instead of just reading the instructions made things a whole lot more simple for me.


If you plan on carrying your baby in your carrier when you are out and about (running errands, shopping, visiting friends etc) I’d recommend putting your carrier on before you leave your house. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. If your out and about and your baby starts crying, you don’t want to waste time putting on the wrap when you could simply just pick him up and pop him in it
  2. The wrap is super long, so you avoid it getting dirty from draping on the ground while you’re putting it on. Imagine if it’s been raining and you’re in a carpark and then your gorgeous wrap touches the dirty, wet ground – no thanks
  3. It’s one less thing to think about when you arrive at your destination, being a mum and having to cover all bases is hard enough guys!!
  4. If you put the wrap on in the comfort of your home, without any added stress, you’ll know that you’ve definitely put it on correctly and you’ll have confidence when you arrive at your destination to put your baby in it – especially when you’re just starting out!


This has probably been the hardest thing for me, is learning how tight/firm the carrier needs to be. It takes a few goes before you get good at this, but it is a safety thing so it’s important to get it right.

The wrap should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. Not only is this for safety, but it’s also the most comfortable way for both you and bubs. If the fabric is slack or loose, it means your baby will slump down in the carrier, this can hinder their breathing and also pull on your back – both of which are not ideal.


When your bubs is in your carrier, their head should be as close to your chin as comfortable. You should be able to kiss your baby on their head by simply tipping your head forward. As well as this, you should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down. The fabric of the carrier should never close around them so you have to open it to check on them.


I use my carrier ALL THE TIME! I go for walks around the block with bubs; I love to do this when he’s awake because then I can talk to him, and point out things like trees and houses and cars (even if he can’t see them because he’s facing me, it’s great for their development when they’re talked to all the time) The fresh air also does us both a WORLD of good! Especially in the first few weeks, when you don’t want to venture out too far with your newborn. Being cooped up in the house can really get to you.

If he’s unusually unsettled I’ll pop him in the wrap and walk around the house chatting to him (If you follow me on Insta, you’ll know that Jasper is no little baby, so he can get SUPER heavy if I just carry him). I also LOVE wearing my wrap when we visit other peoples houses, because I can just pop Jasper in the wrap when we get out the car and walk into the house. I especially loved this in the early days, because it kept him safe from germs (PRO TIP: I found people were less prone to asking to hold him if he was in the carrier)

I love to sing to Jasper too (I’m not very good at it, but he doesn’t seem to care) so I’ll often pop him in the wrap, put Spotify on, and dance and sing with him (and when I say dance, I mean gently sway from side to side – no crazy dance moves people!!). Again, I love this, because he can get really heavy if I carry him, and I also know that he’s nice and secure in the wrap, so I’m not going to drop him while dancing!

Safety is super important when it comes to babywearing, so I thought I’d finish off with a little nod to the T.I.C.K.S rules for safe babywearing:

T- Tight
I – In view at all times
C – Close enough to kiss
K – Keep chin off the chest
S – Supported back

To read more about safe babywearing check out VIXSAs post about it here. 

I love the quality of the VIXSA wrap and I have genuinely had the best experience with it. As I mentioned at the start Charline and Lekisha are so passionate about what they create and they have been SO helpful with any questions I’ve had. It’s a wrap made by mums, for mums. I also love how on point they are from a style perspective. There are some awesome prints to choose from, seriously, go check them out! They don’t just sell wraps, they also have slings, journey cards and feeding covers that are all super trendy.

For those interested, the wrap I’m wearing is the Savannah Nights

Lactation Berry Smoothie Bowl https://megzie.com/2018/04/12/lactation-berry-smoothie-bowl/ Thu, 12 Apr 2018 14:00:41 +0000 https://megzie.com/?p=3280 This is a partnered post written by me, in collaboration with Milky Goodness. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I am loving breastfeeding, but it is exhausting. And it can be stressful sometimes not knowing if you have enough supply to keep your little one sustained. Enter lactation granola! It is basically the breasfeeding mothers dream breakfast. It’s healthy, sugar free, packed full of berries and nuts, as well as the natural galactagogues that can help & assist with milk production.

Now, I have been trying to eat less dairy (dairy isn’t super ideal when breastfeeding, because it can cause bubs to have an upset tummy), so mixing this granola into my usual big bowl of yoghurt was no longer an option. So I decided to make a berry smoothie bowl! It’s been ages since I made one of these, and oh my (milky) goodness, it was AMAZE – see what I did there; hahaha.



Frozen strawberries, red grapes, blueberries, beetroot, spinach
2 tsp greek yoghurt
1 banana
Handful of fresh strawberries
Berry-Nice Lactation Granola
Handful of chopped almonds
1 tsp chia seeds


Step 1

In a blender combine all of the frozen fruit and the greek yoghurt.
Mix in some water, but not too much as you want the consistency to be thick. Almost as though it was sorbet.
Set aside (preferably in the freezer) while you prepare the smoothie bowl toppings.

 Step 2

Cut up the banana into relatively thin slices.
Chop up the strawberries into whatever size you prefer, remove the stem.

Step 3

Pour the smoothie into a bowl. Add the toppings on the top, snap a pic for instagram and ENJOY!

Seriously, so yummy and even better knowing that it’s both healthy AND helping keep your supply game strong! Win win I say!

Lactation Berry Smoothie Bowl

Print This
Serves: 1 Prep Time:


  • Frozen strawberries, red grapes, blueberries, beetroot, spinach
  • 2 tsp greek yoghurt
  • 1 banana
  • Handful of fresh strawberries
  • Berry-Nice Lactation Granola
  • Handful of chopped almonds
  • 1 tsp chia seeds


  1. In a blender, combine the frozen fruit, yoghurt and top up with a liquid of your choice (water, coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk etc) Set aside in freezer
  2. Chop up banana and strawberries
  3. Pour smoothie blend into a bowl, and top with toppings. Enjoy straight away


French Onion Potato Bake https://megzie.com/2018/04/05/french-onion-potato-bake/ Thu, 05 Apr 2018 14:17:09 +0000 http://megzie.com/?p=3160 You know when you get invited somewhere for dinner or a BBQ and you’re like, what could I bring? Someone always brings a salad, or a garlic bread (solid options… but BORING!!!) Well, this recipe, is relatively quick, SUPER easy, and mucho affordable. Not to mention it tastes FREAKING DELICIOUS and everyone ALWAYS goes back for more (yes, I will personally guarantee this) Unless that person doesn’t like potatoes or onion…. but who doesn’t (Actually, I know a few people) ANWAY, I digress….

Before I go ahead and give you this recipe, I need to disclose something. I was 39 weeks pregnant when I made it. And I may have had a serious case of baby brain. Because I accidentally tripled, maybe even quadrupled the recipe (don’t even ask me how). So if you’re looking at the photos that are to follow, and you think to yourself, my GOD that is a lot of potatoes. It is. It’s too many. Don’t be like me.  Follow the recipe and not my photos. Okay, lets get into this!



10 medium potatoes
2 packets french onion soup
600ml thickened cream
100ml full fat milk


Step 1

Preheat your oven to 180°C/360°F.

Wash the potatoes and then slice them thinly and set them aside. You can peel them if you like, but I like to keep the skin on; mainly because I’m really lazy, but also, I kind of like how crispy the skin goes when it’s the oven. But, probably more because I’m too lazy to peel.

^ It was at this point that I thought to myself, I think I may have gone overboard with the potatoes….. But I kept smiling :)

Step 2

In a mixing bowl, combine the french onion soup powder, the cream and the milk. Whisk it until it’s all combined. It doesn’t matter too much if the french onion powder doesn’t fully dissolve. I totally forgot to do this, but you can also chop up an onion and add it to this mixture if you want it to be extra onion-y.

Step 3

In a large baking dish, layer the potatoes (and onions if you choose to add extra) and then pour over the creamy mixture.

Step 4

Bake in the oven for approximately 40 minutes or until the potatoes and fully cooked and tender.

It’s as simple as that! I topped it off with Rosemary because that looks nice in photos, it tasted pretty good too, but that’s totally up to you.

This is seriously such an easy, yummy dish to make! And it’s heavy on the flavour!

French Onion Potato Bake

Print This
Serves: 6 Prep Time: Cooking Time:


  • 10 medium potatoes
  • 2 packets french onion soup
  • 600ml thickened cream
  • 100ml full fat milk
  • (optional) 2 chopped onions


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C or 360°F.
  2. Thinly slice the potatoes
  3. Layer potatoes (and onion if adding) into a baking dish
  4. Mix together the french onion soup powder, thickened cream and milk
  5. Pour over potatoes
  6. Bake for approximately 40 minutes or  until potatoes are cooked and tender


Birth Story https://megzie.com/2018/03/28/birth-story/ https://megzie.com/2018/03/28/birth-story/#comments Wed, 28 Mar 2018 07:52:49 +0000 http://megzie.com/?p=3187 I am so excited to share my birth story with you guys!! It kind of goes over three days, so I’m going to break the post up into those three days!

Saturday, 10th March

We attended a wedding. I wasn’t even sure if we’d be able to make the wedding, being 39 weeks pregnant and all, but we did! There were many jokes made about me dancing to bring on labour. I got all dressed up in the morning. We spent all day in the sun, as the ceremony was outdoors, and then we partied at the reception until midnight! I even drove home!

But lets talk about that ‘partying’ at the reception. I went ALL out. I literally danced the night away. I don’t know where the energy came from, but I think in my head I was like, surely, SURELY, this will bring on labour.  When “Get Low” came on, I got low. When “drop it like it’s hot” was played, you better believe that I dropped it like it’s hot. I EVEN STAYED IN MY WEDGES THE WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was pretty amazing.

OH – and congrats to the lovely couple; Karl & Marley. You will forever be remembered as the couple whose wedding brought my son into the world!

Sunday, 11th March

We got home at 1am, in bed at around 1.15am, NEKMINNUT – GUSSHHHHHHHHH…. this was at 3.20am. Yup, I had been sleeping for a grand total of 2 hours and 5 minutes, when I yelled out “Ummmm Drikus, I think my waters broke” it was legit Hollywood style. Which is funny, because apparently, the waters breaking like that only happen to like 5% of women.

We got up, I changed and made myself look half decent. We even had some food (because I’d heard you’re not allowed to eat once you’re in labour) I packed the last few things in my bag, and by 5am we were out the door and on our way to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, we went straight to triage. Here they put me on the CTG monitor to monitor baby’s heart rate and my contractions. I started timing them at this point, and they were pretty regular, and not too painful either! We were told that they’ll likely admit me to a hospital ward and continue to monitor my contractions.

But then things went a bit pear shaped when baby’s heart rate started dropping. It was really scary because three doctors came in, and they all seemed really worried. There was an awesome midwife though, and she came and explained things to be in laymens terms and it didn’t seem “that” bad; but I wasn’t going to be admitted into the Ward anymore, nope, they wanted to induce me.

It was around 11am that I was moved to a birth suite, and the induction began. Now, I’d heard that being induced isn’t the greatest, because your contracts come hard and fast. Guys, I can confirm, this is accurate. They started getting more regular and more painful.

Look at me smiling there, blissfully unaware of what was about to unfold.

The contractions started, they weren’t that bad to begin with.  I think what made it more uncomfortable was that I felt like a bloody string puppet. I had a drip in, I had the Pitocin in, I had the contraction montior, my heart rate monitor, babys heart rate monitor – SO MANY WIRES!

My good friend, Julie, is a midwife. She asked ages ago if she could deliver the baby. I was super uncomfortable with this at the start. I mean, does anyone really want their friends not only seeing their vajayjays, but getting all up in them too. Not to mention, seeing you at your most vulnerable time. But I had a good, long think about it. And I thought, it would probably be nicer having someone you know and trust deliver your baby, than some random. Also, how cool in 10 years time when we can tell our child who delivered him! So I decided to say YES, LETS DO IT JULIE! She wasn’t working that day, actually she had finished a late shift the day before, but low and behold, she came in to the hospital at about 11am, right when I was being induced. What a trooper.

Lets pause to take a moment and enjoy these beautiful artsy pictures of the birthing suite that I took.

But seriously, I had my camera with me, and it was the best thing having a creative outlet to take my mind off contractions. I could snap away, and then send the pics to my phone, and edit them. I loved having something to do other than just sit around and wait for the next contractions.

A few hours in, and things started getting more painful. Can I just say, my hubs was AMAZING. He was more than willing to give me back massages, help with anything, get me water – THE WORKS. He could tell that I was holding back the tears from the pain, and he said to me “it’s okay to cry meggy moo, you’ll feel better if you do” GOD, next minute, balling my eyes out. Keep in mind, that I was functioning on literally 2 hours sleep, and had been awake for about 11 hours at this point.

But look how cute he is, smiling in the background as I’m all teary eyed. I fell more in love with him in this moment – yeah, that’s me trying to justify it…

I was getting exhausted quickly. And sore. I asked if some panadol would help, Julie kinda smiled and said, not at this point. So she said we can do morphine (which I wasn’t really a fan of, but at that point, I was exhausted and the contractions were SO PAINFUL. So I said okay. It let me rest for a bit between contractions, but I became a bit dopey. I hated this feeling so much. I was coming in and out of consciousness, exhausted, fatigued, and then being woken up with the most intense contraction. What made it worse, was that I was so thirsty, but going to the toilet was an upward hill battle. I had to unplug out of everything, walk with my drip, by the time I got to the toilet, another contraction would start and my god, in that moment, I swore I would never have another child again. (Don’t worry hubs, that changed after I met our son). I was also using the gas at this point too.

When the morphine wore off, it all got worse again, by 6pm I turned to my hubs and Julie and said, I think I need the epidural. I was 5cms at this point, and it had been 15 hours since my waters broke. There was no way I could go on for another 10 hours in the state I was in. I didn’t want the epidural, I wanted to be one of those women who could say, yeah, I did it by myself, but that just wasn’t the case for me. I’ve realized that different circumstances  mean that everyone’s labours are different, some women only labour for 2.5 hours, others for more! Some on 2 hours sleep, others on a good 8 hours sleep. Julie made me feel better about my decision when she said that I would be able to have some good, solid sleep, the pain would go away and I would have energy to push the baby out. Because at the rate I was going, if I didn’t get my energy up, I’d end up with an emergency C-Section.

The anaesthetist came in, did the procedure, and within 30 minutes, I couldn’t feel any contractions anymore. It was utter bliss!! I was able to sleep, I think I slept for a good 2 hours which was incredible. Now it was just a waiting game until I was ready to push. The clock kept ticking, at 10.30pm I was convinced he was going to arrive at 11:11pm on the 11th, I was wrong. The clock struck midnight, and we were still waiting. I was getting close though!

Monday, 12th March

I started to get a fever at around midnight, and I was freezing cold, but my temp was quite high. I don’t think it was too serious though, they just kept a close eye on me. All of a sudden I felt extremely nauseous and I ended up vomiting. Julie was so excited, she said it’s a really good sign and that the contractions are working, and pushing on my stomach. I vomited twice over the next hour.

I actually felt really good about everything at this point. Sure I was pooped, I mean it’d basically been 48 hours with, like, zero sleep. BUT I knew the end was in sight! Then at 1:20 I was told that it was time to start pushing!! This was my absolute favourite part of the whole labour. I didn’t have pain (thanks epidural) but I could feel everything. And I was so motivated and determined to meet my little guy. I also gave this 100000% because I didn’t want to have an assisted delivery.

After an hour of pushing, he was here! And OH MY GOD. The emotions were so real. I think what got me the most, was when I looked over my shoulder at my gorgeous husband. He was so overcome with joy, happiness and tears (I’m getting teary as I right this) and he kept saying “I’m just so grateful” “he’s here” “I can’t believe this”

This is the first family photo we took and I will honestly cherish it forever. The tears, the smiles, the joy, all the feels!

S’cuse the blood on my face, I couldn’t’ stop kissing his head once he was placed on my chest. It was such a surreal moment, that I had been looking forward to for the last 9 months. I dreamed of what it would feel like, the moment where you meet the little human that’s been kicking you, giving you heartburn and making you feel all sorts of emotions.

Jasper, I am so in love with you and I can’t believe that you’re actually here! Julie, thank you for being the most amazing friend and supportive midwife. I wouldn’t change a thing about my labour and I’m so lucky to have had you to walk me through everything. You made me feel so comfortable and at peace about everything that was happening. And Drikus, my love, seeing you become a father for the first time was the most wonderful privilege and honour.

https://megzie.com/2018/03/28/birth-story/feed/ 2 3187
Nursery Reveal https://megzie.com/2018/03/26/nursery-reveal/ Mon, 26 Mar 2018 11:55:05 +0000 http://megzie.com/?p=3228 I have been meaning to share this post FOREVER!! I was actually waiting for the change table mat to arrive, because I’m a procrastinator, and left it super last minute. And then when I went to purchase it, out of stock. So then I had to order it, and bloody baby arrived before said change table. ANYWAY, I DIGRESS. It arrived, and I’ve finally settled into the crazy world that is motherhood, and I found some time, in between feeds, diaper changes and laundry, to snap some pics of Jasper’s nursery.

I absolutely love this room. I went for a simple monochrome look & feel and I feel like it suits us perfectly.

The room that we chose for the nursery is SUPER small, so it was really important for me to have as little furniture as possible, so that it didn’t feel crowded, cluttered and even smaller than what it is.

All I basically have on the floor, is the cot, a chest of drawers, which doubles as a change table, and a feeding rocking chair. Plus the laundry basket, toy basket and the lamp table.

The rocking chair, is that super cheap one from Aldi. I got up mega early and queued up outside the store to be sure I could get my hands on one of them – massive thanks to hubby for helping me with this one. I love it, it looks great. That being said, I’m not super happy with how easy (or not so easy) it rocks. I’m contemplating getting a more practical chair in this room, but we’ll see – I do love the look and feel of this one. Oh also, my sis-in-law made me this awesome Baby Cronje throw pillow, HOW CUTE IS IT!

The peg board on the wall is from Kmart, and I just put a bunch of bits and bobs on it. Me and the hubs are super into techy stuff like photography and the latest iPhones, so it only made sense to give the little guy his own wooden versions of our favourite gadgets!

I’ve organised all of baby’s clothes in the drawers using those collapsable box things that you get from Ikea. I love how easily they fit into the drawers and it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to a folding method I found on good old Pinterest.

I’d seen a few drawings, like the below, on Pinterest, and I fell in love with them. I decided to draw my own versions. Both the hubs and I were born in South Africa. He grew up here, in Australia, and I grew up in Hong Kong. So the Zebra represents Jasper’s South African heritage, the Koala represents his Australian, and the Panda is an ode to my background in Hong Kong. I’m super happy with them, and I love that he has artwork on his walls that have special symbolic meaning.

We added some shelves to the built in wardrobe, and are using this for storage for things like diaper boxes, blankets, wipes, books and large toys. It’s nice to have a place for these bulky items thats both easily accessible but also nicely hidden.

And that’s it! Jasper is yet to spend a night in this room, as he’s still sleeping in his bassinet in our room because I’m breastfeeding and it just makes sense to have him close by for the middle of the night feeds, at least for the start.

I seriously love this room so much, and had so much fun putting it together while I was still pregnant with J. It was fun to decorate it, whilst thinking about what he would look like, and the thought of him actually being here was super exciting.

I still can’t believe that he’s actually here! eeeee!


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