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The Bacon Bible

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Bacon Guacamole - Served!

A couple of weeks ago Dane and fellow bacon enthusiast Kasper Wendelboe somehow stumbled across my humble blog, and decided to share with me and my readers something magical: his recently perfected recipe for bacon guacamole! I've finally had a chance to make it and trust me when I say that it is utterly delicious. For anyone who speaks Danish or fancies getting their google translate on, you can check our Kasper's blog and the original source of the recipe here: Music for People - Bacon Guacamole.

As you can see I decided to serve the guacamole in a bacon bowl alongside some delicious chilli made by Mrs Bacon (not sure she would appreciate that nickname - don't tell her), paired with a cold bottle of Desperados (a Tequila flavoured beer). In other words, my dinner consisted of meat served in meat with a side of meat, and a bottle of beer: good times. For anyone who fancies making some (and you all should!) here's Kasper's recipe:

Bacon Guacamole - IngredientsBacon Guacamole - Crumbs

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Bacon Bowl
Okay, so my first go at making a bacon bowl wasn't a complete success, but it came pretty darn close - and I'm pretty sure I've figured out a way to make it perfect. The basic idea was to make a bowl out of nothing but bacon that could be used as, well, a bowl, and that means having no leakages and high enough sides that you can actually serve something inside it. Obviously I'm not aiming for a soup bowl here, but one that could perhaps be used for salads, chilli con carne (which is what I used the above for, as you'll see in my next post), ice cream - stuff like that. I also thought it'd be a good opportunity to hone my bacon weaving skills, which I'm proud to say are much better now than when I made the cone (I even remembered to use baking paper!)
Anyways, I decided to take a tonne of photos to show the method behind the madness and figured the best (read: most fun and easiest for me) way of presenting them all is through the medium of moving imagery, aka a .gif. So, here's how you do's: 

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J&D's Bacon PopcornJ&D's Bacon Popcorn

It's been a while since I posted anything now - between going on holiday and having been a bit ill, I basically haven't had the time to cook/take pics/write lately. That will all change soon (with the Bacon Guacamole recipe I mentioned on Twitter, which was sent to me by one of my visitors - but more on that later); until then, here's a quick review of some Bacon Popcorn I found in TK Maxx (of all places!) a short while back. They're made by J&D, whose other creations include the infamous Baconnaise and Bacon Salt (I still haven't had the pleasure to try either, but will definitely order some in and review them, too, later on).

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Bacon Quiche - Done

Things have been a bit strange up in here of late - the last "normal" recipe I posted was the Triple-B Burger, and since then I've made bacon cupcakes, a bacon cone, and bacon cinnamon buns, as well as attempted a bacon smoothie and bacon brownies. While I love making those sorts of things ('cos they're generally delicious), and as amusing as it is to have my sanity questioned by those around me, I felt it was about time to do something normal. At the end of the day, I never intended for this blog to become just a collection of quirky oddities, but the ultimate collection of bacon recipes - so if you all don't mind, I'm going to return to earth for just a moment and present you with a yumtastic Bacon Quiche recipe. For those of you who sort of do mind, don't worry, there'll be plenty more strange creations as well.

Right, so, quiches! I've wanted to make a bacon quiche for ages but never quite got around to it; I did, however, give it a fair bit of thought and came up with a couple of things I wanted to have in it; then I sat down to search for a good pastry recipe, and as it turns out Gordon Ramsay's idea of a good bacon quiche is pretty similar to my own - so I pretty much just made his, with a few minor adjustments. 

Pastry IngredientsPastry - Adding LiquidsPastry - All wrapped up

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Bacon Cinnabon

Ever since I was about 2ft tall, cinnamon buns have been one of my favourite treats; especially the super-gooey middle bit of the bun. Well, I say ever since I was 2ft tall, but there were actually a short period in my teenage years when I was rather bored with them - then I came across cinnabon, and the best darn cinnamon buns in the world. Thankfully the interweb is full of cinnabon clone recipes, many of which are exactly as good as the original. Unfortunately I can't remember where I found the recipe I used for the buns in this post as it's one I've been using for quite a while now and I didn't write down the source.

Anyway, I decided to make a bacon version after drooling over the cream cheese cinnamon buns made by Tracy over at Shutterbean. I basically figured that bacon would go rather well with the creamy gooeyness of the butter/cinnamon/brown sugar filling and cream cheese; especially if you drizzle them with a maple syrup icing. Luckily I was right - I don't think I could have handled another failed experiments post quite so soon after my last one! Now, before you scroll down to look at the rest of the recipe I'd like to warn you: the quality of some of the pics below is truly awful. The sun wasn't playing very nice, so some are over-exposed while other are under-exposed, heck some are even out of focus which I can't really blame on anything but my own impatience. Ah well..

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Bacon Cone - It's Finally Here!

Update: Had nothing to do, so decided to play with photoshop for a bit. The result is the image above, how d'ya like it?

This is a little project that I've been mulling over for quite some time now. I figured a bacon cone would be delicious not only for savoury purposes - such as the one above, which I filled with scrambled eggs and fried mushrooms - but would make an ideal comrade for sweeter fillings as well. Imagine, if you will, a bacon cone filled with maple ice cream, or marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate, if you don't think that sounds delicious you're a) wrong and b) reading the wrong blog. I'm sure you will all agree that the possibilities are literally endless and the long rule of waffle cones has finally come to an end.

Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how to actually go about making a bacon cone for some time now, and the other day I happened to come across the solution. All you need to do is sort of weave together a bunch of bacon rashers, then wrap them around a cone-shaped object (I used a rolled up pizza mesh, which I got from amazon) and bake in the oven, Simples. I'm very pleased indeed to announce that this, my very first attempt at a bacon cone, didn't end up as another failed project - much to my amazement, it worked! Since I made it around lunch time, however, I didn't fancy filling it with anything sweet - the fact that the core of my lunch consisted of 12 rashers of bacon felt unhealthy enough, so I decided to fill it with scrambled eggs and fries mushrooms, as I mentioned above.

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Bacon-Brownies-FailedFailed Bacon Smoothie
Rather unfortunately, not every bacon experiment leads to a revolution in the way we view food; some fall flat on their ars..bottoms. It may go without saying that I have conducted several failed experiments in the past, and since they didn't work as planned I didn't post them. To be honest, I'm the type of person who would rather hide away the evidence of a failed experiment - then proceed to bash myself in the head until I forgot about the whole ordeal myself - than admit to failure. That's all about to change, however, with this post, this admittance of utter failure; god, I'm hating this already.
The reason for my change of heart is simple. Firstly, I realised that by forgetting all about my failed experiments I can't learn from them. Second, I figured that the type of person to visit this blog is - in many cases - the type of person who is considering a similar experiment, so posting my failures could be of some value to them, too. Now, I've actually got two failures to admit to in this post, as you may have figured from the title and pic, which is also why I haven't posted anything for a while - it all went a bit wrong, I blame my stupid bacon-free holiday.
Edit: The pic also contains some of the worst photoshopping ever seen by man, but failed food deserves failed shopping. Couldn't stand seeing it - new pic layout sorted.

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Bacon Jam

Before I get started on the post I'd just like to mention that this will be my last update for about 2 weeks, as I'm going on a bit of a holiday. 

In the comments of my recent Bacon Bagel Burger post, one of my readers - Jacqueline, a fellow food fanatic who also has a tasty wee food blog - mentioned something that sounded simply too good to be true: Bacon Jam! While I have tonnes of other bacon ideas and recipes to try, and most of the time when I think or hear of something new I simply add it to the list, I couldn't stop myself making a batch of bacon jam straight away.

Unfortunately Jacqueline didn't have a recipe of her own to share, but a quick bit of googling brought back a fairly long list of contenders which I narrowed down to a handful, before finally choosing the one over at Not Quite Nigella. Why did I choose that particular recipe? Well, most of the recipes I found were quite similar, varying mainly in quantity (and even then only slightly) of the ingredients used, though quite a few of them also had a "quirk" of some form, which I did not want. Seeing as I've never tried, never mind made, bacon jam before, I wanted a nice basic recipe and the one at Not Quite Nigella ticked all my boxes. 

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Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
Cupcakes were all the rage a year or two ago, but I never really got in to them. Mostly because I found them all a bit.. Boring, a bit bland. Even the ones with exciting sounding names turned out not to have much flavour. That, and they are all so damn perfect - and that's something I really can't stand. I hate cakes, cookies, and food that looks like it was made by a robot which was built with the sole purpose of making the perfect version of whatever it makes - and every single cupcake I've come across looked as if it were made by just such a robot. Oh, and none of them had in bacon in them.

I do like the idea of cupcakes, though, I like the combination of flavours and textures that you can achieve with the basic concept, and so I decided to make a bacon version. Luckily my special lady friend has a cupcake cook book from which I stole three recipes; the base is a 'Devil's Food Cake', while the white stuff is a white chocolate and cream cheese topping, and the chocolate swirly thing on top is a basic chocolate ganache. The caramelised bacon is caramelised bacon.

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Bagel Bacon Burger

Not long ago I came across an outstanding food and beer blog called, simply, The Good Stuff, written by a chap called Leigh. In particular, what caught my attention was Leigh's Bacon & Cheese BagelBurger. I'd never come across a bagelburger before, but I love bagels and as such couldn't resist making one myself. However, I actually didn't use Leigh's exact recipe in the end, because there was another burger that caught my fancy around the same sort of time: A Red wine onion & Pepper mayo burger, created by the Swedish burger magician Stefan over at Hamburgare (who also inspired my previously posted Juicy Lucy burger). Unable to decide which burger to try first, I decided to combine them into one absolutely mouthwateringly delicious (if I may say so myself!) burger.

The red wine onion was absolutely delicious, so thank you Stefan for the recipe - I will definitely be using it again. It added a really nice savoury note to the burger, almost meaty in a way, while the pepper in the mayo balanced out the salt of the bacon beautifully. As for using a bagel as a burger bun - I don't know why it isn't the industry standard. The texture was spot on, providing both crunch and a nice chewy texture - ten times better than any shop-bought burger buns I've come across.


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Chocolate Covered Chili Bacon
Yeah, okay, so I may be slightly obsessed with this chili/garlic/ginger marinated bacon at the moment, what with having used it for a BLT and Burger recently and.. now, this. But I can't help it! It's delicious, and it worked very well indeed as a chocolate covered snack, too. That said, it wasn't perfect, and if I were to make a change I would probably up the Ginger and Chili content when using the marinade for this purpose - couldn't say by how much, but doubling it would probably be a good shout.