Taste It, Don't Waste It: Buttermilk

We can never seem to use up that entire carton of buttermilk! Here, Sherri Brooks Vinton provides pro tips on how to use up every last drop of the tangy stuff.

Want to Win Money for Your Favorite Farmers Market? Enter This Poster Contest!

Calling all farmers market lovers! This month, the Farmers Market Coalition will be hosting its 3rd Annual Farmers Market Poster Contest. Anyone can enter - and the prize money will be awarded to the farmers market represented on the poster. Submissions are due Sunday, July 16th - so hurry up and get your designs in!

Fire up the Grill: Tips for a More Sustainable Cookout

Summer and grilling go hand in hand. If sustainability is on the menu, you are in luck, because there have never been so many options available at farmers' markets and even in supermarkets. Here are a few key tips we've put together for sustainable grilling this summer.

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