You Were Made for More: Discover the Next Steps in Your Journey Toward Eternal Significance

Has life left you with success but no balance, wealth but no margin, and a longing for something promised in Christ yet not quite fulfilled?

If the best of your talent is given 5-6 days a week and you’re left using outsource-able skills for the Kingdom — are you maximized?

You want to live a satisfying, meaningful life but over time, you’ve lost touch with your sense of purpose. You’ve spent years striving to become successful and safe — and lately you’ve been finding your self worth in your net worth, how your family is doing, or your status at work.

Your spiritual life has become routine, and the idea of making a positive impact for the Kingdom of God has faded into the background of your busyness.

Then one day, in the midst of the chaos, you realized that you were meant for MUCH more… but you have no idea what it is. You want to approach life with more passion, more motivation, more intention, but you’re stuck in the wash cycle of superficial concerns.

From the founder


Bob Shank

You wonder, “Can my life really be different? Will I ever be able to find out WHY I was put on this Earth?”

These questions pushed me toward a series of discoveries — and, a succession of Kingdom mentors — that allowed me to clarify and pursue my own Kingdom Calling. My journey led me to create The Master’s Program, allowing me to help other high-potential Christian leaders to explore, expose and – ultimately – exploit their unique Kingdom Calling. 

For 25 years, we’ve been able to help men and women like you discover a lifestyle of current success and eternal significance that is driving them to what Jesus called 100x results.

Regardless of your season of life or the sophistication of your spiritual status, I believe that you are a candidate to power past survival and success, in pursuit of the significance that will matter — to God, to others and to you — in Eternity.

And I’d like to show you how.

Enroll today and we will guide you through the journey to significance,

Bob Shank 

The Master’s Program:
Your Path to a Life of Eternal Significance

Have you ever tried to fix something from a YouTube video or implement a change after reading a book?  How much more effective is it when you involve guidance with expertise?

The Master’s Program is a unique strategy program designed to help you reframe your perspective, discover your unique calling, and reorient your life around making a difference in the world. This program will teach you how to leverage your time, talent, influence and treasure for the Kingdom of God. 

When you join the Master’s Program, you’ll have a few critical things you haven’t had before that will help you make significant life changes:

  • Guidance from Experienced Practitioners and Coaches. You’re about to receive the experience of a lifetime from guides with extensive experience in Christ-centered transformation. You’ll gain a full understanding of what it means to attain mastery of your health, finances, relationships, and more so that you can find balance and deep purpose. These Sessions take place bi-monthly for the virtual program (over a 12 month period) and quarterly for the in-person program (over an 18 month period), depending on which track you choose. 
  • A Consistent Group of Peers and a Mentor. In between your quarterly sessions, you’ll be participating in a consistent Huddle Group led by a mentor. Your mentor is a coach that is a Master’s Program alumni member who will keep you and your peers connected through discussion, support, and accountability as you continue through the program.
  • Practical Ways to Apply New Insights. You can take in as much information as you want, but if you don’t have practical ways to apply what you’re learning, you may not experience any life change. The Master’s Program is designed so that you can directly apply new insights to experience rapid personal growth alongside your peers in the program.

There are three tracks to choose from that will allow you to fully engage in the Master’s Program. You can choose the virtual option, where your meetings will be over Zoom (video); you can choose the in-person option, where you will actually get to engage with your coaches during meetings and events; or you can be part of the Founder’s Cohort, which means being able to participate in meetings and events in-person with the program founder, Bob Shank, while also being part of a group of elite peers. Find out more when you choose your track!

Who Should Apply to the Master’s Program?

The Master’s Program is for both men and women, and groups will be gender-specific (not co-ed). You can learn more about our coaches here. Here’s how to know if the Master’s Program would be a great fit for you:

  • You’re a Christ follower who has worked hard, either at home or in a career (or both), but you’re struggling to keep up with the demands of personal health, spiritual livelihood, and family obligations. You’re wondering if this is what your life should really look like.
  • You’re seeking opportunity, having reached a point in your life where you’re asking, “What now?” You may be dealing with a big career transition, your kids leaving the house, or a season where you simply don’t know what should come next.
  • You consider yourself successful but static. You want to know how you can really reach your potential and activate your calling in life. In spite of all your accomplishments, you feel like you’re treading water. 

Regardless of age, life stage, or status, if you want to engage in real change — to turn your temporal lifestyle into one focused on eternal significance — the Master’s Program may be an excellent fit for you.

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Start the journey to become all god has called you to be

Key Benefits of Our In-Person Group Coaching


When you join the in-person MasterMind Program, you become part of an 18 month journey of discovery and transformation to LifeMastery. You’ll be personally coached as a part of a cohort of peers in the program. You’ll receive feedback, encouragement, accountability, and the insights you need to move beyond old patterns and reach your greatest potential.


Our virtual track is great for those who need a flexible option or are unable to travel. However, the in-person program takes the teaching and application to the next level. You’ll be able to move forward consistently and eliminate excuses, knowing that others are counting on you and walking with you on this journey.


No longer will you be drifting from one year to the next, but you’ll be accelerating into a brand new way of living! Strategic inflection points — resets of the trendlines that have become marks of progress but offer nothing beyond — will become recurrent and robust as you track the journey of your Kingdom leadership.


The in-person program involves quarterly group sessions — four each year — with a Master’s coach and your peers in the program, with your Huddle Group gathering in the off-months to process the current learnings. Whether offered in-room or on Zoom, these live gatherings connect you with coaches and peers to maximize The Master’s Program experience.

Jeff Gerhardt

Coach, Consultant and CEO, Jeff is the next generational leader of The Master's Program. Throughout his 20+ years of experience, Jeff has been responsible for positioning teams to support launch, turnarounds, and growth. Jeff is a strategic business mentor who works with leaders to develop plans that match their purpose, passions, and potential. Jeff has international experience as he served as an expat in Switzerland while in Edwards and has led major change programs in the US, Middle East and Asia. Jeff is the Founder of Centix Life Technologies which focuses on Organizational Health and Culture.


Rob Dayton

Rob Dayton


Nadya Dickson

Noah Elias

Becky Turner

Becky Turner

Here’s what you’ll
be learning throughout the program:

How to Create Balance
in Your Life

Isn’t it time that you were able to create a sustainable balance among all of the roles and demands of your life? Developing balance comes from having a new framework by which to live. This structure will help you filter all your commitments and arrange your priorities in the best possible way.

How to Build
Margin into Your Schedule

Our lives are squeezed tight with activities and commitments — so we’re easily frustrated, stressed, and out of balance. Building margin in your schedule, much like creating balance, allows you to be spontaneous and to expect the unexpected. You will be able to respond to life instead of reacting to it.

How to Empower Your Family

When you get out of survival mode, something amazing happens: you start thinking clearly and becoming more intentional toward meeting the needs of others. You’ll finally have the time and emotional bandwidth to strengthen your marriage and invest in the rest of your family for their good – and yours!

How to Maximize Your Influence

Whether you see yourself as an influential person or not, you will realize through this program how much you can encourage others, lead well, and fulfill your role as a high-leverage leader and faithful steward in God’s kingdom. You will learn how to maximize your influence, collaborate with others, and ultimately bring about positive change in your community and beyond.

How to Use Your Career
to Advance Your Calling

Once you lived to work; now your work will bring life to others. Career and calling are not the same, but your career is a useful tool for fulfilling your calling. You will learn how to lean into your talents and make your career serve your true purpose. It’s as liberating as it sounds!

How to
Discover Your True Identity

We think about ourselves a lot, but we know ourselves very little. You will learn how to re-engage with your mind, body, and spirit and get back in touch with your true identity. Who you are is not fluid or poorly defined. It’s simply waiting to be rediscovered and lived out.

What the Master’s Program Is NOT

While this program is designed to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual livelihood, there are some things that it is not designed to do. Here’s what that means:

  • We don’t compete with church. We strongly encourage you to attend one and enrich your family.
  • We aren’t business coaches. Although consistently we see incredible career growth through this program, we are going to deal with you as a whole person so that the rest of you is as good as the best of you. .
  • We aren’t a Bible study. Please read God’s Word regularly on your own and hide it deep in your heart.

If you want to have an Gospel-centered impact on this world that will have a multi-generational echo past your last breath, The Master’s Program is for you.

The Master’s Program Community:
Interact with People of Purpose

One of the extraordinary benefits of joining The Master’s Program is that you get connected to others who are committed to building lives of purpose. You can celebrate your wins, receive support, and get advice from others like you as you move through the program. Having a band of brothers and sisters with you on the same journey will become invaluable as you face new challenges and make important changes.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Accountability to Keep Going
  • Helpful Ideas and Feedback
  • Support When You’re Stuck
  • Fellow Peers to Answer Your Questions
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Success Stories
  • Fellowship with Like-Minded Individuals leading at your level

What Would It Be Like to Finally Have the Freedom, Frameworks, and Support to Live a Life of Significance?

If you feel like you’ve been treading water long enough, maybe it’s time to ask yourself these questions:

  • What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling confident, equipped, and ready to fulfill your life purpose?
  • How much stronger would your marriage and family relationships be if you were able to clear out the clutter, reduce stress, and open fresh lines of communication?
  • How would you feel if you finally had the freedom and tools to make a difference in other people’s lives — not just here on Earth, but for all of eternity?
  • What would it be like to build your identity on the firm foundation of Christ instead of continuing to seek validation through temporary things you can’t control?

When you become a Master’s Program participant, you’re choosing an entirely new path that will allow you to experience results that are 30, 60, and 100x greater than your investment. You’ll learn how to rise above survival, give graciously to others, and move your focus from yourself to your God-given life mission. A life of significance is waiting for you; all you need to do is take the next step!

Or… You Can Choose to Do Nothing
(Which Is the Most Expensive Choice!)

You can always take the safe route and do nothing. You’re not obligated to make a change. In fact, I can assure you that if you join the Master’s Program, you will get uncomfortable pretty quickly — that’s what it means to start the process of complete life transformation.

The truth is, we are not guaranteeing you more comfort. We are guaranteeing that your life will be better from learning this material and investing in your future this way. We know that from experience and from the testimonials of many alumni who have been through this program already.

You are free to say no and continue on the path you’re on. But let me ask you this one question… how has that been working out for you lately? The choice is yours!

Thousands of others just like you have experienced life change through The Master’s Program.


The Master’s Program is for anyone who wants to discover their unique calling, maximize their resources for the Kingdom of God, take control of their life and leverage their time, talents, influence, and resources to make a difference in the world. This is a program filled with teaching, exercises, and testimonials of how others have done exactly what you’re hoping to do. If you want to wake up excited every day, focused and equipped to fulfill your purpose in life, The Master’s Program is for you.

Master’s Virtual (Gold) is digital only, which means you will have bi-monthly meetings via Zoom for 12 months. 


If you choose to enroll in the in-person MasterMind (platinum) or the Founder’s Group (Diamond) Master’s Program, you’ll attend 4 quarterly meetings online/offline group sessions for 18 months with a Master’s coach and peers in the program. Being at a live session is engineered to accelerate your learning and ability to build a plan and ensure it’s moving forward. 

Here are just a few things you’ll learn throughout this program:


  • How to create balance in your life that is sustainable instead of lost every time your circumstances change
  • How to build margin into your schedule so that you’re free to be spontaneous and you can “expect the unexpected”
  • How to lean into your career for the purpose of leveraging your success for others How to strengthen your marriage and invest intentionally in the rest of your family (for their good — and yours!)
  • How to broaden your career and financial approach on this life and influence others for the sake of God’s kingdom (and eternity)
  • How to get back in touch with your own mind, body, and spirit, so that you know yourself — and what you do starts coming from the core of who you really are

… And there’s much more. If that sounds good to you, start your application here!

If you’re considering joining the Master’s Program but have more questions, please get in touch with our team at We would love to assist you and ensure that this program is right for you!

We do not offer refunds for Sessions. A large portion of your payment is tax-deductible.

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