• How we do business
    How we do business

    From the CEO to a Customer Service Agent, everyone has a story to tell about life, tech culture and innovation at PayPal.

  • Location: Anywhere
    Location: Anywhere

    Advances like digital wallets and virtual loyalty cards have shoppers and businesses on the move.

  • Think Local, Connect Global
    Think Local, Connect Global

    From making payments to taking them, how does technology affect the exchange of money for goods?

  • Helping small business thrive and grow
    Helping small business thrive and grow

    What makes one small business succeed where others have not? Let's talk about the secrets and tools that can keep your business in the green.

  • An Insider Look at PayPal
    An Insider Look at PayPal

    How do accountability, customer service, ethics and operations spread through organizations from the top down?

  • Transforming Technology
    Transforming Technology

    What are the most noteworthy product innovations? How are they impacting consumer demand, integration of online and offline commerce and growing security concerns?

  • Making a difference
    Making a difference

    Enabling others to easily donate money to charity is a PayPal function of which we are most proud.

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toilet_sign.jpeg.jpgWhy, how and where we shop takes on a whole new life during the holidays, making these seasonal behaviors quite interesting. To reveal some of these habits, we commissioned a holiday shopping behaviors survey and found that time-saving strategies reached all new heights.


EET banner.jpgWondering what kind of legendary frolicsomeness (see fun) you can have this holiday season? Well, look no further—PayPal gots it. 


paypal-samsung-paiement-sans-contact.jpgLast year, we spearheaded an industry collaboration called the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance to help move the industry beyond passwords. More than a year later, we’re 150 members strong – including companies like Google, Samsung and Microsoft – and we’ve published the final 1.0 versions of our specifications. The new specifications are available for any company to implement. Most importantly, they make authentication easier and more secure, while also maintaining people’s privacy.


peace_on_earth.jpgThis week in PayPal deals, we’ve got the lowdown on some digital goodies. Whether it’s a deal on music, movies or games you’re looking for, the list below is sure to strike your fancy.


lily.jpgJulie Kotter has always had a passion for fashion, but she didn’t love having to break the bank to get her hands on the latest trends. That’s why she opened Lily Boutique, an online store specializing in affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories. She’s very mindful about her target customers’ desired price points and lists many of her items around $50, using PayPal to give her customers a fast, easy way to get the look for less.


GTbaby.jpgHappy #GivingTuesday! The holiday season is in full swing, and #GivingTuesday marks the official start of the holiday giving season.



 original.jpgWhat used to be the only day to get deals online, Cyber Monday now closes out a weekend-long marathon of in-store, online and mobile offerings from merchants starting  on Thanksgiving – and sometimes even before then! As we said before, we noticed an uptick in holiday shopping a full week before Black Friday; technology is encouraging merchants to offer deals early. 



holidayshopping2014.jpgAs everyone comes out of their turkey comas today, we see the hunger shift from stuffing ourselves with pumpkin pie, to stuffing our carts on one of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday. Though early birds have been making holiday purchases since September 30, the deals retailers offer Thanksgiving weekend remain unmatched.


peace_on_earth.jpgTwo of the biggest shopping days of the year are just around the corner: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did you know you can save even more when you pay with PayPal? Check out this week's list of deals below. 


online_shopping.jpgJust because it’s already Thanksgiving week doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to attract more online shoppers to your eCommerce site for this holiday season. Below are three last-minute tips to make the most out of this season’s digital shopping frenzy.