• How we do business
    How we do business

    From the CEO to a Customer Service Agent, everyone has a story to tell about life, tech culture and innovation at PayPal.

  • Location: Anywhere
    Location: Anywhere

    Advances like digital wallets and virtual loyalty cards have shoppers and businesses on the move.

  • Think Local, Connect Global
    Think Local, Connect Global

    From making payments to taking them, how does technology affect the exchange of money for goods?

  • Helping small business thrive and grow
    Helping small business thrive and grow

    What makes one small business succeed where others have not? Let's talk about the secrets and tools that can keep your business in the green.

  • An Insider Look at PayPal
    An Insider Look at PayPal

    How do accountability, customer service, ethics and operations spread through organizations from the top down?

  • Transforming Technology
    Transforming Technology

    What are the most noteworthy product innovations? How are they impacting consumer demand, integration of online and offline commerce and growing security concerns?

  • Making a difference
    Making a difference

    Enabling others to easily donate money to charity is a PayPal function of which we are most proud.

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pp_WinterBlog1_Header.jpgThe winding down of January can mean many things, like finally recovering from the holidays, getting into the rhythm of a new year, and for a lucky few of us, prime time for a day in the snow.


pp_logo_2014.jpgAs the first month of 2015 comes to a close, you may be debating whether or not to continue with your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you have already decided to stick out your new goal or haven’t even made one yet. One resolution worth adding to your list and keeping all year-around is ensuring that your financial information is protected.


pp_logo_2014.jpgOne of last year’s hottest themes in mobile apps and consumer startups has been not just the need, but the growth in consumer demand for convenience.


msftnew.jpgToday, we spotlight the value of collaboration, unveiling a new PayPal Here reader that will also include payment support for Microsoft Surface and other Windows devices through our efforts with Microsoft.


pp_logo_2014.jpgAt PayPal, we’re always looking to collaborate with partners to streamline commerce and simplify the multitude of challenges facing small businesses today. It’s part of our shared responsibility within the industry to help drive value and create a stronger payments ecosystem. Together, we’re helping small business owners to spend more time building relationships with their customers so they can increase sales, while spending less time figuring out how to get paid.


nrf day 1.jpgThere have been many bold predictions for 2015 and beyond including mobile payments tripling in size, the US economy’s continued improvement resulting in higher consumer credit demand, more than 130 million shoppers will make cross-border purchases from key country retail markets, and the fact that payments are about to change how we do everything.


For many of us, choosing the mobile device that works best is not black or white. There are specific things we need our smartphones to do for us – it could be based on our location, our daily job responsibilities or certain functionality that will make our lives easier. And, IDC even predicted that there would be 1.4 billion shipments of smartphones worldwide in 2015, so it’s safe to say we’re not all using the same smartphones.


2015AHEAD.jpgI’ve been working in the payments industry for a while now and 2014 really was the biggest year I have seen in payments to date. Over the past twelve months, one thing has become clear: payments are about to change everything we do.


giftcardapp.jpgWith the holidays coming to a close, many of us find ourselves left with a stomachache and a stocking full of gifts cards. These are gift cards from many of our favorite stores – which we’re eager to use – but we may hate the hassle that comes with keeping track of all of them.


careyKTED.jpgI recently was asked to give a TED Talk on what I see as the future and the opportunity ahead for the payments industry.