• How we do business
    How we do business

    From the CEO to a Customer Service Agent, everyone has a story to tell about life, tech culture and innovation at PayPal.

  • Location: Anywhere
    Location: Anywhere

    Advances like digital wallets and virtual loyalty cards have shoppers and businesses on the move.

  • Think Local, Connect Global
    Think Local, Connect Global

    From making payments to taking them, how does technology affect the exchange of money for goods?

  • Helping small business thrive and grow
    Helping small business thrive and grow

    What makes one small business succeed where others have not? Let's talk about the secrets and tools that can keep your business in the green.

  • An Insider Look at PayPal
    An Insider Look at PayPal

    How do accountability, customer service, ethics and operations spread through organizations from the top down?

  • Transforming Technology
    Transforming Technology

    What are the most noteworthy product innovations? How are they impacting consumer demand, integration of online and offline commerce and growing security concerns?

  • Making a difference
    Making a difference

    Enabling others to easily donate money to charity is a PayPal function of which we are most proud.

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This past weekend, hackers from Greece bh ath 15 winners.jpgcame together to compete at the inaugural BattleHack Athens.


Our Athenian hackers were lavished with endless Greek coffees, amazing traditional dishes including Souvlaki, Kagianas , Koulouri Thessalonikis, Dolmadakia and dessert from reknowned Athens store, Lukamades.


On April 25 a 7.8-magnitudefor blog post.JPG earthquake struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu, causing massive devastation in the nation's capital. A month later, another equally devastating earthquake hit the country. The need for aid on the ground was great, and charities around the world deployed critical resources to meet immediate needs and help the nation toward recovery.


Last week, at Commerce: Rewired,io15-color.png Dan Schulman, CEO designee, and Bill Ready, SVP of merchant and next-gen commerce, talked about how the payments landscape is rapidly evolving. Today presents yet another example as Google unveiled Android Pay at I/O. We’re pleased to share that Braintree has integrated Android Pay into the v.zero SDK to make it easier for our merchants to add it as a checkout option in their Android apps.


Owning a small business doesn’t mean you Biztipschat_May27_Teaser.pngneed to everything alone, if you pick the right partners you can keep your eye on the prize with the support that you need. That’s the topic of our fourth and final Twitter Chat in our series this May celebrating small business. It all takes place on Wednesday, May 27th from 3:00 – 4:00pm ET on Twitter at #BizTipsChat.


With Father’s Day coming up on June 21st,FINAL - Say Goodbye to Neckties this Father's Day Image - 4-20-15.png it’s time to start brainstorming creative gift ideas or planning a special celebration to honor him and all that he has done for the family.


At PayPal, we’re proud to be one of the most pp_h_rgb.jpgtrusted brands in digital wallets across the world. We believe in giving you simpler and more secure ways to shop and pay. And, we want those experiences to be convenient for you


We were excited when PayPal asked us to write a little BWF_stacked_lockup_outlines.pngsomething about what we do at the Bob Woodruff Foundation. And what a perfect time to talk about what our organization does as we just celebrated Memorial Day and remembered the sacrifices of those who have served in the military.


According to a 2013 FDIC study, more than app_h_rgb.jpg quarter of U.S. households are unbanked or underbanked, meaning that they have limited or no access to traditional financial services. In other words, these individuals cannot afford the services that allow them to save their earnings and borrow at reasonable credit rates. And even worse, an unexpected car accident, hospitalization or a disability can cause severe economic distress.


The entire commerce experience will bepp_h_rgb.jpg rewired in the next three to five years. With the move to mobile, people can shop on more devices, in more contexts and across more locations than ever before. There are currently more mobile devices than people on the planet, and that opens up the opportunity for consumers and merchants to connect in more meaningful ways. As one of the most trusted, widely-used digital wallets in the world, PayPal is uniquely positioned to deliver this experience.


Today, at an event in San Francisco, we announced new relationships, product experiences and strategies to be able to deliver faster, safer and more elegant buying experiences as we prepare to become an independent, public company under the ticker PYPL.


Today in San Francisco at pp_h_rgb.jpg“Commerce: Rewired” – a PayPal event for the media and industry analysts – I spoke about the sweeping technology trends that are revolutionizing financial services and my vision for the role that PayPal is playing in driving this transformation.


Seventeen years ago, PayPal built the foundation for e-commerce by making it secure and convenient to send money through email. We’ve been a driving force behind the expansion of e-commerce ever since – both online and via mobile devices. Today, online and mobile shopping accounts for $2.5 trillion in annual retail sales. PayPal processes nearly 12.5 million payments for our customers every single day.