Monday, June 11, 2018

Alex & Me

Shoot  for  Your  Dreams  in  the  Most  Inspirational  Movie  of  the  Year  ALEX  &  ME  starring  U.S.  Women’s  National  Soccer  Team  Superstar,  Alex  Morgan.

 Available  on  Digital  June  12,  On  Blu-ray™  and  DVD  June  19  BURBANK,  CA  (April  5,  2018)

Pic credits - Warner Bros Home Entertainment

Soccer superstar Alex Morgan scores her movie debut with  Warner  Bros.  Home Entertainment in the full-length feature film  Alex  & Me on Digital starting June  12,  2018, and  Blu-ray™  &  DVD  on  June  19,  2018.  Also featuring Nickelodeon star Siena  Agudong  (Nicky,  Ricky,  Dicky  & Dawn and the upcoming Star  Falls),  the film follows the uplifting story of a young female athlete who learns how you need passion, determination, and self-worth to make all your dreams come true.    Alex  & Me will be available on Blu-ray  (SRP  $24.98),  DVD  (SRP  $19.98)  and  Digital  (SRP  $14.99).    Teenager  Reagan  Willis  (Agudong) has one dream  – to play soccer like her hero,  Alex  Morgan.  Her bedroom is a shrine to all things Alex, including a life-size poster of the Olympic gold medalist.  Yet in the Willis house, Reagan lives in the shadow of her prep football superstar brother,  Logan.  When  Reagan  fails  to  make  the  cut  of  the  premiere  local  soccer  club  team  and  is  humiliated  by  her  rival  Claire,  she’s  certain  her  ship  has  sailed.  But  after  accidentally  hitting  her  head,  Reagan’s  poster  of  Alex  Morgan  suddenly  comes  to  life  and  everything  changes!    An  Olympic  Gold  Medalist  and  FIFA  Women’s  World  Cup  champion  with  a  penchant  for  goal  scoring,  Alex  Morgan  is  one  of  the  top  soccer  players  on  the  planet,  currently  playing  forward  for  the  United  States  Women's  National  Team and the Orlando  Pride of the  National  Women's  Soccer  League.  Away  from  the  field,  Morgan  is  also  an  accomplished  author  of  “The  Kicks”  series,  a  collection  of  chapter  books  filled  with  wonderful  messages  of  empowerment  for  young  girls.  The  first  The  Kicks  book,  “Saving  the  Team,”  debuted  at  No.  7  on  the  New  York  Times  Best  Seller  list.  Eric  Champnella  (Thunderstruck,  Mr.  3000,  Eddie)  wrote  the  Alex  &  Me  screenplay  and  is  also  making  his  full-length  feature  debut  as  the  film’s  director.  Alex  Morgan  serves  as  co-producer.  Producers  are  Mike  Karz  (Blended)  and  William  Bindley  (Mother’s  Day).  Todd  Williams  (The  Illusionist)  is  the  executive  producer.  Jerry  Trainor  (iCarly)  also  stars  as  Nigel,  a  less-than-reliable  youth  soccer  coach,  alongside  Matt  Cornett  (Bella  and  the  Bulldogs)  as  Reagan’s  brother,  Logan;  Colin  Critchley  (Legends  of  the  Hidden  Temple)  as  Reagan’s  soccer-playing  pal,  Ben;  Chuiti  Tiu  (Nashville)  as  Reagan’s  mother,  Ann  Wills;  and  Jim  Klock  (True  Detective,  Scream  Queens)  as  Reagan’s  father  (and  biggest  fan),  Joe  Wills.  Jessica  Treska  (HBO’s  upcoming  Sharp  Objects)  plays  Reagan’s  arch-rival,  Claire.  “Alex  &  Me  is  a  heartwarming  film  that  will  inspire  young  children  to  follow  their  dreams,”  said  Mary  Ellen  Thomas,  WBHE,  Vice  President,  Family  &  Animation  Marketing. 

“We  think  Alex  Morgan  fans,  soccer  enthusiasts,  and  young  girls  alike  will  fall  in  love  with  this  story  about  hard  work  friendship  and  family.”


  • Getting  to  Know  Alex
  • Aspire  to  Inspire:  Success  in  Hard  Work
  • Soccer,  Script  to  Set:  A  Playbook  on  Alex  &  Me
  • Outtake

BASICS  Street  Date:  June  19,  2018  Order  Due  Date:  May  15,  2018  Total  Runtime:  Approx.  80  minutes  SD:  $19.98  SRP    BD:    $24.98  SRP

About  Warner  Bros.  Home  Entertainment  Inc.
Warner  Bros.  Home  Entertainment  (WBHE)  brings  together  Warner  Bros.  Entertainment's  home  video,  digital  distribution  and  interactive  entertainment  businesses  in  order  to  maximize  current  and  next-generation  distribution  scenarios.  An  industry  leader  since  its  inception,  WBHE  oversees  the  global  distribution  of  content  through  packaged  goods  (Blu-ray  Disc™  and  DVD)  and  digital  media  in  the  form  of  electronic  sell-through  and  video-on-demand  via  cable,  satellite,  online  and  mobile  channels,  and  is  a  significant  developer  and  publisher  for  console  and  online  video  game  titles  worldwide.  WBHE  distributes  its  product  through  third  party  retail  partners  and  licensees.  Artwork  available  upon  request.

Film Clips:
“Different Way”
TRT – 1:07
“First Victory”
TRT - :56
“Goal Chart”
TRT - :57

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Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Rewind button

The Rewind button

To be honest, the past few months have been disturbing for my family and my loved ones because of the passing of my sister at a very tender age.  A rare lung disease invaded her life at a time when she had big dreams in her eyes. She aspired to be a famous fashion designer but she had something else in her fate. Maybe the almighty had designed her life in such a way she only had to spend 24 years of her life with her family and rest with her almighty father, the Lord himself. 
I never had any ambitions or hopes of getting back to writing. Just that writing was a good outlet for me to express my emotions and expressions. I never felt like writing in all these days after the tragedy. But somewhere in my heart, I had decided to get back to writing because I understand that it is the one that will heal my wound and sooth the pain that I am suffering since the past few months. 
I saw this below topic in the Indiblogger Blogger's community and this instantly affected me. I am not sure what the guy was thinking while he suggesting this topic but he did a good job for me and provided me with an opportunity to get back to regular writing. This is the topic.

For people who have been regularly reading my blog since its early stages would have known about my love and affection for my little sister. She was the tiny little world for me and my parents. She was my adorable princess and a doting little daughter to my beloved parents. We had done a lot for her happiness.  She wanted to study and we let her study whatever she wanted even with such a health condition. Her enthusiasm for studies and creativity was very much high. Maybe almighty detested this and snatched her away from us. I have written many blog posts about her. 
I remember it was 2010 when she got the first symptoms of black-outs and how the disease hid and showed up two years hence. We went to all the specialists but each one of them had to suffer and struggle to find the root cause of these symptoms and our heart grew weak when we were informed that she has a disease that had no cure in Medical science. She was shattered, discouraged, heart broke when she came to know about this. After reading the scary stuff on the internet, she was assured that she will never live a long life and she can't live a quality life. 
If I had a rewind button, I would go back to those days and completely erase this disease from her body if I had a superpower. You never know much I am missing my little sister. I feel like having lost a part of my own self. Such was the love I had for my beloved sister.  I am very sure she is doing well in the heaven under the observation and care of the almighty but no love can defeat a mothers love. I shall use the rewind button and keep my sister with me and erase all the melancholia from our life that followed after 2010. 
Life is harsh and I already experienced it.  I hope to be regular on this blog. But I can't promise though! Take care everyone and be good! 
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Monday, February 12, 2018

When the sun stopped shining..

When the sun stopped shining..
The voice of silence speaks thousand unheard stories filled with pain and melancholia.  When one day the heart that beats for no reason comes to a halt, dreams collapse, shatter and get butchered.  That time, when the world speaks good and forgets everything.  I've seen it all.   When tears dominate the cries and the pain as the beloved treads through the dark roads to their heavenly abode. 

I've sauntered along the eerie roads of my life in the past few years. The pain in my heart began to excruciate as I saw my beloved sibling in pain. With each growing day, the fear of seeing something unexpected and uncalled put me to test.  Our world, she was! How will our world seem if she had to leave us all alone? For ages, I shed my tears on my bed thinking about the destiny that was written in her fate. My mother cried every day thinking about her daughter's future and my father grew weak thinking about her princess who was soon to fade.

A beautiful nest it was a castle of a  king who wanted to fill it with joy and mirth.  Like cheerfully warbling birds, the little princess, and her prince brother sailed through the ocean of life that dared to threaten them with too much pain in future. Those days, things were different. There was no pain and not even a word of melancholia. Life was different and not even a single iota of gloominess crept in. 
Her tiny little eyes captured my attention when I held her in my soft little 6-year-old arms.  It was the most precious moment in my life to hold my precious little. I thanked almighty for giving me the most important gift of my life. I promised her that I will take care of her and give her everything that she desires. Mum, Dad, and her Brother comprised her tiny little world.  Life was awesome until one day when the world turned upside down.  Soon, brightness faded into dark and joy turned to sadness. Within no time, the happy castle in the kingdom collapsed shattering dreams and happiness of 4 like-minded individuals who lived for each other.  Soon tears flooded the remains of the happy castle where they sought solace.  The happy face of the princess soon turned sad. She lost her smile as she suffered. Lord had punished the tiny little being by gifting her something that she never demanded or asked for. The Lord God gave her a disease that even the doctors were not aware of nor the medical fraternity was! A disease that had no cure nor solution was what destined to her! Every night she wept thinking about her lost future and forbidden happiness.  Years passed, the King, Queen and the Prince took care of their baby princess like she was their precious jewel. Indeed, she was precious! Even deep drowned into depression, they never let her stay sad. Such was their love for each other.  Days grew into night and months grew into years and the princess's condition deteriorated. 
For no reason, the almighty decided to take her with him and that was the day when the sun stopped shining for us. I lost my beloved sister, my mom and my dad lost their only princess.  How cruel can God be?

Our small little world became meaningless and the void left by my little sister haunts us.  Why she had to leave the world at a tender age? They say that we all are living in the hell and she had gone for a better place in the kingdom of God. How can she be happy there when her world was here? Will my mother and father ever get a beautiful little daughter again? There are so unanswered questions in my life.

The only word I hear is to stay strong. How can one stay strong when you broken? I look at myself and reflect on the past few years of my life and I have come to a realization that I have lost more than I actually gained. 

Sigh! Even if the sky comes falling down and the Earth shatter and the Volcano erupts, my love for my little sister will never shrink and she will always be there in my mind and soul as one of my best person in my life. I miss her and her voice haunts me.  I am always proud of her. Though she isn't around, but she is always in our mind and she will always be a part of our life.  I will never forgive the almighty for taking our precious princess from our life at a tender age and defeating us three and making our life meaningless. 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Quanfun Cotton Wrist Sweatbands

Quanfun cotton sports sweat wristbands sweatbands are high-quality Terry cotton material, comfortable and durable.  Absorbs sweat. It's very lightweight.  Sweatbands are a must for sports person who is subjected to extreme and harsh conditions. Well, what to do when you sweat? Well, Quanfun is a super material designed especially keeping in mind the life of sportspersons. I believe it is also useful for common people. Trust me I am using this product for last few weeks and I loved it. Its always there on your wrist waiting to wipe your sweats. As you toil hard and perspire, the all-new Qunfun is there to wipe those. 

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Does he know a mothers heart?

Does he know  a mothers heart?
I dedicate this blog post to all the unfortunate mothers like my mother who had a child battling a terminal illness and eventually saw them fade away in front of their own eyes.

Life is cruel and the cruelty factor just hiked for our family since the last few years. Post-2010, life had veered out drastically.  For a person like me, I tag a mother next to God. She is the one who has sheltered and nurtured us and got us safely in this world. Her duties don't stop there!  The bond between a mother and her baby is the strongest bond. It is the purest bond.  She constructs a world full of dreams for her baby as soon as it develops within her womb. It gives her extreme happiness! Such is the feeling of being a mother.  Mother is the one who knows her child more than anyone. She knows her child 9 months more than anyone could. Such is the specialty of this mother-child bond.

I always remember mother saying me that she wanted to give a better quality of life to both her children.  Being the older child, I knew my parent's sacrifices. I have seen their pains and everything they did for me and my little sister.  They traded their happiness for our happiness. They never lived a moment for themselves. Such is their unconditional love for their children.  They always put their children first. My mother too had a dream.  Anu, my little sister was the ultimate gift of life to them. They always wanted a daughter and 6 years after I was born, God listened to their prayers and fulfilled their wish. Anu was the most adorable and doting daughter for my parents. They loved her more than anyone would. They would literally do anything for her for her happiness. 

Being an older sibling, I adored my sister and would do anything for.  I would help her with her homework and projects.  Mother worked as a teacher and after returning back home from work, she would sit with my little sister and help her with her studies. My sister was weak at studies and smart at everything else.  Mother was strict when it comes to studies. But both my parents were partial to her as she was a weak child. Once, when she was young, Mum thrashed her as she scored low in one of the exams. She caught the fever for a week. Dad was very angry then and he told her that no one in this house would raise their hands on her ever again. She was exempted when it came to studies. But as she grew up, she developed interests in designing and was hyper creative. She was good at arts, crochet, teaching and what not. She was super skilled and everyone in the family used to be proud of her. She was the cute little cousin of all the older cousins.  Everyone was fond of her. She was blessed with beauty.  
God was cruel when it came to our family. Our happiness was nipped in the bud. In March 2012, my little sister was diagnosed with a rare disease of the lungs called Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PH). It has no cure and could be controlled by medications only to some extent. After some point in time, even the medications would stop responding. Such is the intensity of this disease. Life was indeed cruel.  It shifted different gears and of a sudden.  Like all mothers, even my mother had dreams for her daughter that she would be well educated and she would get her married to a good house. But we witnessed all those dreams fading away as we heard this news. I worked in Delhi then and I still remember researching on the internet about this disease. I thought it was a nightmare because whatever I read on the internet about this disease was depressing and heartbreaking. It disheartened me! I couldn't sleep for days and the very thought of my sister inflicted with this disease killed me from within.  Mother and Father were heartbroken. How will parents react if they come to know that their only daughter, their princess, had a terminal disease that had no cure?  From that day on, we started living for her. We wanted to see her happy. Despite having this illness, she excelled at her studies. She did her BA in Geography, MA in History, Fashion Designing, Computer Education Certifications and ECCEd course.  She always aspired to be a fashion designer since her childhood days and that could be witnessed in her notebooks where she would randomly scribble croquis and designs.  She loved art and crochet. She would flood her facebook with her creative artwork. All my friends knew about her artwork and appreciated her creative skills. 

PH is a progressive disease. She battled this illness but eventually, the disease progressed and right ventricle failure developed. This added more to her sufferings. This disease internally affects the person though others may perceive you as a normal person.  The only last option for these kind of diseases are transplants. The doctor had recommended lung transplant for her and we were ready for this too! But things don't happen as we expect it. I was posted at my US office.  I came back in the month of December for my Visa extension. It was an unexpected Official trip to India. When my trip to October got canceled, my sister was the most disappointed. After that, I was supposed to go back home in the month of June 2018. But I got to meet her during her last days. Our world became meaningless and our struggles and sufferings for our princess became valueless on 21st December 2017 when our princess became Gods favorite. She always believed in almighty good.  When we cleaned her shelves, we discovered her letters to god where she wrote about her pain and her disease. Those letters were full of hope and she believed in miracles.  Maybe God could no longer see her beloved daughter suffer and he took her at a tender age of 24.  She was innocent, kind and generous. She loved kids and her loss came as a shock for many of our relatives.  We only informed about her illness to a handful of close people. My sister was a braveheart and a strong-willed girl full of confidence. She detested people showing sympathy and look at her in pity. That was something that would bring her down and destroy her happiness.  
You don't know how difficult it is to live in a pain seeing your loved one's absence.  I have seen her a day old baby and held her in my arms. I have fond memories attached to her. I can't imagine a life without my little sister, our princess. It has been a painful journey for her and I just pray to God that he keeps her happy. He never listened to her prayers or read any of her letters but I just hope he gives her all the happiness that she deserves. May she be a guiding angel for us three and shield our family.  Many consoled me by saying be strong but being strong during the moment of melancholia is the most difficult thing. 

Mom is the most affected because of her heavenly abode!  I have been away from the family most of the time due to studies and work. Sister is the one who has always with them and has been an integral part of their life. 

Does God really know a mothers Heart?! 
If he did, then he won't show a deaf ear to all our prayers and won't betray our trust we had on him. 

Why GOD?! What wrong did we do to gain such a harsh punishment of losing someone who loved so much? You took away our precious princess.

Anu, I hope you stay happy. You still live with us and we can't digest the very thought that you are not there with us.

Your Mumma, Appa and Anna love you and misses you a lot. Please come back soon  :-( 
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Friday, December 15, 2017

LUXURY Gifts on SALE for Him & Her

ON SALE! Luxury Gifts To Impress For Him & Her
They don’t need to know it was on sale!

Fine watches for extraordinary lives

Pursue greatness with an Alexander. These Swiss quartz and automatic watches are designed in Brooklyn, engineered in Biel, and tell time on wrists around the globe.  

An Alexander is a heritage in the making. A young brand with multi-generational watchmakers at the helm, Alexander knows its forthcoming power in the watch world. 

These are watches for men and women who will leave a legacy. Today, polished steel with diamonds is a masterpiece on a new collector’s wrist. A triple-black chronograph is a rotating favorite for an established enthusiast. Tomorrow, either is a treasured heirloom. 

Crafted for versatile wear and impeccable timekeeping, Alexander relentlessly curates inspiration from pioneers in all fields. The courageous authenticity of New York City inspires watch aesthetics, too. 

Elegant collabos with famous Golden Age rappers, Olympic athletes, plus fashion and lifestyle icons update exquisite, classical watchmaking, so you’ll always have a reason to wear a fine watch in a modern world. 

Popular Favorites from Alexander

Made for exploration, Vathos for Men dives to 660 feet. Classic sport styling gains significance from luminous arrow hands and trapezoidal hour markers, designed for enhanced visibility under the sea. 

Regal and substantial, Vassilis for Women charts the phases of the moon from a mother-of-pearl face marked by diamond indices for the hours. Gently arched links lend dimension to a bold, feminine bracelet. Deployant clasp folds with ease.

A triumph of stunning simplicity, Niki for Women is an elegant accessory for every day and evening. Diamond indices over Roman numerals, bezel-set diamond lugs, and sword hands demand face time, while the segmented link bracelet pairs with dress or leisure. 

All Alexander watches are 30% off through Christmas.  Prices start at $255.

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Take Taco Tuesday To The Next Level With Nuni™
Revolutionizing the way tortillas are heated

We’ve all been there. Tuesday finally rolls around and you have the margaritas mixed – it’s time for the tortillas. Tired of flipping tortillas at the stove or comal? Join the Nuni™ revolution and never flip tortillas again! Be a taco hero with an innovative product that heats up six tortillas at once so hungry mouths don’t have to wait for the one-at-a-time pan method. Say goodbye to soggy tortillas from the microwave and warm up an authentic feast any day of the week with Nuni™! On sale through Christmas for $79 from $99.

According to the Tortilla Industry Association, tortillas have been outselling white bread since 2010 and this market continues to expand exponentially. Necessity is the mother of invention and Nuni™ is the market innovator for tortilla warming! It is almost 2018 and cars can actually drive themselves so we definitely do not need to be heating tortillas one at a time the old-fashioned way!

Catching up with his mother over a home cooked meal, founder Elliot Benitez noticed a trend occurring at the dining table. His mother was repeatedly leaving the table and missing conversation in order to keep up with their demand for hot tortillas during family meals. Realizing that this was how his mother had been warming tortillas at home since he was a young boy, Benitez set out to invent a product that would make taco night even easier – Nuni™! 

Put away the pan and plug-in Nuni™ to turn every day into Taco Tuesday: 
6-Slot Capacity: Place 1 to 6 of your favorite corn, flour or even wheat tortillas into the unit. Choose desired shade setting from light to dark.
Lift Handle To Start: Automatic shut-off deactivates the unit after each toasting cycle. 
Rotate To Release: Once the toasting cycle is complete simply rotate the tortillas from the unit. 
A perfect gift for the holidays, make it easy to enjoy delicious, hot tortillas at home with Nuni!™ Learn more about Nuni™ online at

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

BEZALEL Offers High-Performance Wireless Charging Solutions for Apple Users

BEZALEL is an innovative wireless charging company that first became known for their best-selling Latitude case, which was a huge hit for Apple users who wanted to enjoy wireless charging capabilities with their non-Qi enabled iPhones. Now that Apple has jumped on the wireless charging bandwagon, BEZALEL’s full suite of wireless charging products provides a perfect wireless charging ecosystem for all of the latest iPhones.

In addition to the Latitude, the company’s offerings include the Futura X and Futura X Turbo wireless charging pads for home and office use, and the Omnia, which is the brand’s in-car wireless charger.

The Omnia is designed to be both a charger and a phone holder. It is equipped with a high-powered, rubberized magnetic surface that is capable of supporting even the widest and heaviest iPhones, as well as a flexible mount with a 360-degree rotation ball joint and steel-tightened spring that allows the charger to be rotated to the user’s desired angle, making it perfect for hands-free calls and GPS navigation.

While the Omnia provides one of the most reliable in-car power sources for iPhones, the Futura X brings wireless charging to the home or office in a sleek and stylish package. It can power up the latest Apple smartphones (iPhone 8 and above) and other Qi-enabled phones as a table charging pad or with a separately available stand. It is also integrated with BEZALEL’s magnetic alignment system and supports automatic charging as soon as it is plugged into a power outlet. To accommodate older iPhone models, users simply need to use the Latitude case.

The Futura X wirelessly charges devices at the same rate as cable chargers do while its successor, the Futura X Turbo, can charge Qi-enabled mobile devices 2.5 times faster than traditional wired chargers and 20 percent faster than comparable wireless chargers on the market.

Aside from speed and functionality, aesthetics are a top priority with BEZALEL, and this is evident in their beautiful, elegantly designed products. According to the Frank Wu, the founder, and CEO of BEZALEL, the Omnia was intentionally designed and developed to “look, feel and function like” a potential Apple wireless car charger would. True enough, every BEZALEL product, particularly the Omnia and the Futura X, come in a sleek and stylish design that achieves perfect visual harmony with Apple iPhone products.

BEZALEL is expected to come out with an even faster version of the Omnia that’s compatible with the latest iPhone models, as well as a Latitude wireless charging case for Samsung Galaxy users. With an ever-growing selection of products for Apple iPhones and other smartphone brands, the company is poised to make wireless charging convenient and accessible for mobile device users everywhere.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

4 Surprising Lessons from Former Cybercriminals - By Roxanna Ramzipoor

4 Surprising Lessons from Former Cybercriminals - By Roxanna Ramzipoor
They say that crime doesn’t pay, and that’s often true – but some former hackers have enjoyed lucrative afterlives as security consultants, once they’ve finished their jail time. Others have drawn on their experiences to write novels. Many ends up authoring nonfiction for consumers and business owners looking to protect themselves from…well, people like the author.
To some, the ethical merits of hiring former fraudsters to do security work are debatable. Regardless of your moral proclivities, though, it’s hard to deny the former criminals’ expertise. Here are four surprising lessons that these cyber criminals-turned-good-guys have to teach us.

1. Stealing your identity is easy.

Actually, it’s embarrassingly easy. In his book The Art of Invisibilityformer hacker Kevin Mitnick says that an average hacker can commit identity theft using a computer or mobile device in just 60 seconds. Most “private” information is accessible through databases maintained by information brokers. Mitnick, who’s known as the “world’s greatest hacker,” says that most fraudsters can use these databases to access social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and phone numbers. This personal information can then be leveraged in account takeover (ATO) attacks.
And it doesn’t stop there. You probably remember when John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chair, fell victim to a hack that claimed his emails, which were then leaked throughout the campaign – but Mitnick says that with the right training, a 14-year-old could have committed that attack. Hackers aren’t usually the sophisticated, high-tech characters we see in movies, he explains. Just about anyone is capable of manufacturing a legitimate-looking link that, once clicked, exposes the victim’s information.

2. When it comes to online safety, people are the weakest link.

Though hackers may disagree on the best methods for duping a victim, they all agree on one thing: human fallibility. Cybercriminals often attribute their success to their victims’ carelessness, regardless of whether those victims are businesses or individuals. In his book Kingpinhacker-turned-security-consultant Kevin Poulsen describes how a group of cybercriminals exploited careless businesses and their employees to steal credit card numbers.
As these criminals discovered, internet security systems can be consistently dependable, but the people operating them sometimes can’t. The hackers of Kingpin – and Poulsen himself – relied on social engineering to carry out their dastardly deeds. Instead of spending time and resources building programs to infiltrate personal or corporate accounts, the cybercriminals simply tricked people into handing over private information.

3. Online safety is impossible to guarantee.

How do you make sure your data is safe online? Former cybercriminals get this question a lot. The more information people store online, the more they fear that a fraudster might get ahold of it. As reformed hacker Mark Abene explains, it’s a catch-22: as technology gets better, fraudsters get better at what they do. So, how do you guarantee your safety online?
Former hacker Kevin Mitnick says that short of completely erasing your online presence, it’s impossible to 100% guarantee online safety. And to completely disappear online, you’d have to take three difficult steps: first, scrub your devices of their IP addresses; second, obscure your hardware and software so fraudsters can’t figure out what device you’re using to get online, and third, create anonymous email accounts that aren’t associated with your social media, online payment programs, gas or electric bill, student loans, or anything else.

4. Understanding cybercriminals is the key to beating them.

Robert Schifreen, a former hacker and author of Defeating the Hacker, says “[t]here’s no such thing as an unhackable network.” But by understanding how cybercriminals operate, he explains, businesses and ordinary users can beat them at their game. The bottom line is that hackers and fraudsters want to maximize gains while minimizing effort. What does that mean for businesses and consumers? You can deter fraudsters by making their lives just a little more difficult.
Former cybercriminals agree that there’s no way to guarantee your privacy online, but they also cite one reliable method for keeping would-be fraudsters at bay: multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication secures your data by requiring more than one piece of information to confirm your identity, like a PIN and a password, or a passphrase and an answer to a personal question. Cracking this extra layer of protection requires more effort than a typical hacker is willing to invest.
Businesses that require employees to use multi-factor authentication are less likely to suffer data breaches. That’s why reformed cyber criminals insist that companies and lay people use it to secure their data. In fact, Kevin Mitnick goes so far as to say that Podesta may have prevented the email hacking scandal just by enabling multi-factor authentication on his mobile device. No one can say for sure whether that’s true, but why take the chance?

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Walk a Mile in my shoes

Walk a Mile in my shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes is a relatable topic. Everyone has a god gifted life and one should be happy with what the Almighty has given them. But it doesn't seem that many people are happy with their life.  Others personal life intrigues them and they start prying into others personal space. It is not a right thing to do before you are completely aware of what the other person's life is!

We as Indians are good at judging people and jumping to conclusions. We don't need a court of a judge to give the verdict. We are our own judges who can enter personal space of people and sneak peak into others life. You won't understand the pain of the person and it might be easy for you to make public discussions about something that is personal to them. Understand that everyone has their own life and we need to worry about our life because that is what should matter the most to us.  Never compare your kids with your friend's kid or Sharma ji's kids.  You were the one who worked hard for your children. Support them by creating and giving them a better standard and quality of life for them. Comparing them will only break your children's morale and confidence. 

Never express unwanted sympathy for people with terminal illness.  You never lived their pain and their pain might be unknown to you but known to people who care them the most. They have walked through the terrible rocky roads full of struggles and pain. Help them by making them better instead of showing them fake sympathies. It is the most difficult situation in anyone's life.  

You all should walk a mile in someone's shoes before you get judgemental about someone. Stop poking your ugly nose into someone's personal area and leave them for their own good.  Trust me, life will be more beautiful if you mind your own business and let others mind their own business. Almighty has designed everyone's life in such a way that they get an equal proportion of everything. It's just that some unlucky ones get the most of it and live a terrible life. 

For all such people, trust me life will be beautiful once again. The sun shall shine brightly. The early birds would warble nice tunes for you. It will rain happiness in your distressful life. It is a matter of time. Ignore the hate mongers who arrive in your life to cause problems. Just dump those negative energies outside your door. Accept what life offers you. Breath in Happiness and Breath out the negativities from your life. That is the best thing to do today, tomorrow and every day and you deserve to stay happy. SO, the next time when people talk about you, just go nearby them and say,
"Walk a Mile  in my shoes.."
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It's all because of blogging!

It's all because of blogging!

I agree that blogging has got in lots of significance in my life. Of course, it helped me in making my life less boring. I started blogging at a time when people didn't know the definition or perhaps the idea of a blog. In fact, when someone asked me about my hobby, I would smirk and find out ways to get rid of this question. Blogging was my hobby. I would research during my leisure time and find interesting stuff to read. It was during one of those leisure time that I discovered the idea of blogging. I agree it was no fun but yes I saw the emergence of new blogging communities that tried to build up a model conceptualizing blogs. Of course, many of these communities grew big and minting good money. For once, I never thought that blogging would be a good business for many in future. I come across people compiling stuff from multiple websites, changing the verbiage and constructing a brand new post out of it.  That is the new world of blogging. Some tag it plagiarism. Originality is something that has gone for a toss. No longer people love original stuff. 

Talking about the good old days, I really didn't know how and why I started this blog. This question perturbs me even after 11 glorious years of blogging. WHY? I had no intentions of making money out of it nor I did want to impress people or may be transform into a big writer or make a living out of blogging. No, I had no such plans but still why I chose to blog?  It was a random experiment. Just that I was good at writing essays during my school days and kids (my schoolmates) used to nag me to write compositions and essays. Since childhood, I never had this habit of saying NO. I am learning to say NO but I simply can't. That is one of the strength that I mention during my interviews when the Interviewer asks about my strength.  Well, the idea is simple. I write for myself. I love it, so I do. Isn't that simple enough?!

By the time I stepped into my final year,  I saw an unusual trend. People who used to mock at the very idea of blogging started creating blogs and I even know many who are successful at it. Brands started approaching these so-called Online Blogging communities and started paying them big to make the bloggers write about topics.  I somehow believe that the blogging started to get commercialized during this period. I witnessed a healthy rise in the number of active blogger participation in these contests. Some of them even crossed boundaries and limits to ensure they won the contest. I remember the days where whenever I logged into Facebook, I would get chat messages on the messenger asking me to write nice comments on their blog posts and share them on my profile.  I admit I did this for some but eventually, I got irked. It was during that time that I, with my two other friends started an online community blog named 'The Writers Lounge' that advocated collaborative writing and it was created for the love of writing. People who loved writing and reading good articles were always welcomed. Our doors were always opened for them and Sandeep Balan and Asbah Alaena played a vital role in it.  We grew up into a good team but as they say that everything has an end. Our dearest Lounge faded too quick. I have many fond memories associated with that web space. Be it the creation of Sandeep Malan or the StepMan, a spoof series based out of co-founders Sandeep Balan and yours truly (StepMan for Ste) or be it Excellence in Writing or any other creative writing, we loved it all. I would find the opportunity to come online and visit that place even if I had a limited internet access.  Oh, Wait! there was fun too. 

But I started abhorring the idea of writing for brands then. It felt like dictating terms and conditions but yes, I stay guilty too. Even I have participated in many of those contests and even won some. My first even blogging victory was some Surf Excel contest where I won a consolation prize of a wireless mouse that I still have! The idea of genuinely writing comments on blogs dimmed. I gradually started growing into a butterfly from a caterpillar as I stepped into the corporate life that welcomed me with lots of challenges. I understood that this was a different world and to make most of it, I had to focus less on blogging. But still, whenever I had an opportunity, I did write and made the most of it. With each passing day, I started getting more chat pings on Facebook, with people asking me to write comments, like and vote for them. Some would even tag me on their facebook posts. Many unknown strangers would send friend requests on Facebook and the very next moment they would send invitation to like their Facebook Blog page. Amazing, Isn't it? Some would get more creative and tag a bulk of bloggers on Twitter. Thanks to Twitter for lifting the character limitations on images and some bloggers make good use of it. Some bloggers do have their own Bloggers broadcast list on Whatsapp where they would regularly update by sending messages whenever they posted a new blog story.  I should agree that bloggers get more creative. We, as bloggers, should learn to explore opportunities whenever available. 

The entire essence of blogging as an area of improvement for writing has collapsed. Blogging may fit into a category of media but remember that blogging is something that is going to be the best thing in future. Brands will keep flooding, looking for bloggers, shelling out money. That's how blogging has evolved from the early 2000's till now!
Never stop pinging me to like your blog posts or read it, I admit I'm busy these days but that doesn't stop me from reading your stuff.  When I look behind, I laugh at myself that something I started as a random experiment has earned a lot for me in these years. I have met the best of people, best of writers, earned great contacts, made best friends and what not.  It's all because of blogging!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Rush Hour Karting pledges to raise $25000 for the Hurricane victims

Rush Hour Karting raise fundings for Hurricane Victims US East Coast
Rush Hour Karting to raise funds for the  Hurricane victims
The past few weeks have caused major turbulence in the US east coast as well as the Carribean islands and other islands in its vicinity.  The positive note about these natural calamities is that many people are coming together to support each other,  even when they are in different regions.

Rush Hour Karting in Garner, North Carolina is dedicating the entire month of September to raise funding for the Hurricane victims.  All the proceeds from this fundraiser will be presented to the American Red Cross for relief efforts. Their goal is to raise $25,000 and we all can help them share the word.
Rush Hour Karting, located in Garner, N.C., is dedicating the entire month of September to raising funds for Hurricane Harvey victims. Starting immediately, one dollar will be donated to the Red Cross for every race purchased. Additionally, racers can get their second race free by donating $12.

 "It is our responsibility as business owners to stay involved and assist those in need, not just in our community, but in EVERY community that is in dire need of help.  And the devastation in Houston, Corpus Christi, and all of southern Texas and Louisiana, requires all of us to come together, and use our resources to get involved, any which way we can.  And, even though we are a business which entails fun and entertainment, even though we are 1,500 miles away, we still must strive to make a difference for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  We are still one great and beautiful nation together. So come, race, have some fun, and know that we are still helping and thinking of our brothers and sisters that will get back on their feet, and be riding go-karts also, very soon!” – Adam Saad, Owner / Operator, of  Rush Hour Karting said on 8/31/2017

About Rush Hour Karting
Since 2005, Rush Hour has been known to have the fastest karts in North Carolina. No matter what it’s like outside, it's always racing time at their indoor facility. With their European designed carts going around 40 mph over 1/3 mile track with hairpin curves and high-speed straights, this indoor racing is not like your typical family fun park. After the indoor karting rush, cool down at their sports tavern! All food is made in-house, and they're known to have some of the best gourmet burgers in town!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Incident

Long story, Cut short - I shouldn't have done that. Confined to my bed room, I observed the Facebook videos that went viral. It featured me dancing with joy after I won the Mumbai Marathon in record time. It was a memorable moment in my life.
I wish that day didn't exist. If I could erase a day from my life, it would be that day.  I ceremoniously stormed inside the room, proudly facing the media and big shots from the fashion world. I tripped down as my eyes caught the attention of a big Bollywood celebrity seated in front of me. 

Tears roll down my cheek copiously as I move my wheel chair away from my laptop.  Doctors say it was an Extreme case of a fibial aneurysm and my Fibial Artery stopped supplying blood to my right knee! 

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