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ThoughtWorks believes in Open Source Software and supports it in a number of ways.

An innovation network

At ThoughtWorks, our technical communities provide an environment supportive of developers working on open source initiatives. Our legal department assists projects by helping them with licensing and intellectual property issues. Wherever possible, we promote the use of open source software on development projects.

Open source

What are we working on?

Allows you to automate and streamline the build-test-release release cycle for worry-free, continuous delivery of your product.

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Mobile phone application that helps collect, sort and share information about unaccompanied and separated children in emergency situations.

MOCO is a framework for Java apps that simplifies test server set-up, and focuses on testing and integration.

A lightweight framework for regression testing of Cascading Style Sheets.

An AWS Elastic Beanstalk blue-green deployment automation tool.

A container for bootstrapping and testing AngularJS views and controllers in memory: no external process needed.

Mountebank is the first tool to provide cross-platform, multi-protocol test doubles over the wire.

The Todo-Backend project helps showcase and compare different language and framework combinations for building web services.

Hacienda is a simple, lightweight and pluggable service built to store your content.

Bahmni is an easy to use, open source hospital system for healthcare providers in low-resource settings. Bahmni combines three open source products into a single solution: OpenMRS, oodo and OpenELIS.

Mock objects framework for testing Objective-C code. Includes stubs, dynamic mocks, and mocks that can override methods in existing objects.

Help us develop and publish free software

From our experience innovative approaches and pragmatic solutions for a particular technical problem are often created in the context of a larger business-driven development effort by practitioners in the field. When released as open source software these solutions get generalised and become part of the toolchest for the entire community.

We’re always interested in having people join us in the movement to promote and distribute free software. We regularly sponsor meetings by different groups in the community and are happy to have people come along.

It started in the US, it happened in the UK, they’re doing it in Brazil and now we’re bringing it to Australia – Rapid FTR CodeJams Happening everywhere.

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