Peter Collingridge is a product and growth leader. He has founder and executive experience at startups, scale-ups, corporates and Fortune 100s.

Peter has a diverse range of product experience across tech companies in the UK and Silicon Valley, with deep experience in Fintech, B2B SaaS and digital media.

He loves working with founders and CEOs to navigate ambiguity, work out what’s important, and to make positive change happen fast.


  • “In just six weeks Peter’s impact has already been transformational. The tech team has a new energy, outlook, and modus operandi – and he has brought everyone on board. There is clarity and focus on the team and he has also inspired me to rethink my working style and how we can leverage him in a wider capacity. It’s just what I hoped for when we hired him.”

    CEO (UK)

  • “Peter’s superpowers are that in any team or operation, big or small, you can drop him into the chaos and he will work out what is important. He will run teams – finding and nurturing high performers – but can also right-size those teams and make the tough calls. He’s got business sense and tech sense, all combined with high EQ.”

    VC/PE Partner (UK)

  • “I am constantly comparing product leaders to Peter and finding them lacking. His superpowers include seeing product as an enabler, not a turf; bringing vision and excitement to the whole org; and combining a strong customer focus with very little prescription about process. The methodologies he does favor are outcome-oriented and designed to foster creative problem-solving.”

    CTO (US)

  • “Peter’s curiosity about what makes product (and people) tick means he cares about the system and the team as well as about the product. It’s tremendously rare to be able to see that a great product comes from a system, not from a person. He also backs his people – in a fractional CPO-type role you have to make yourself obsolete, and the way to do that is to build people up (and build their confidence in each other).”

    CPO (US)

  • “Peter is great at getting to the crux of an issue and not afraid to challenge me and the team. I find this very helpful in our 121s especially as he can empathise having been a founder and from his experiences as a senior tech exec, but he is equally good in group facilitation roles helping teams get on the same page and come up with a concrete plan of action.”

    CEO (UK)

  • “I was really struggling to find the right candidate to lead the product team. My board told me to "think about people who have built things that resemble what you want, and go hire them." Peter’s track record was of building impressive, beautiful and functional digital products, and that's certainly what we got. But we also got more than that – notably his approach to product development and his commitment to building a high quality team. It's all too common for PMs to go around and gather requirements (often, "ask Sales what they want"), but Peter always insisted on digging deeper than what people said they wanted.”

    CEO (US)

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“Peter calls out the bullshit. There’s a lot of niceties in any exec group but he takes the elephant in the room, puts it front and centre and enables us to focus on that elephant.” – CPO (UK)