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White toilet bowl with toilet paper in a bathroom

Champion Toilets Class Action Says Flush Valve Seal is Defective

Two Ohio landlords say the makers of Champion toilets have failed to properly address a defective and leaky flush valve seal. Plaintiffs Rachel Papp and Reginald Friesen are suing defendant AS America Inc., the makers… Read More

home health care wage and hour overtime employee misclassification

Healthcare Workers Seek Class Cert. in Employee Misclassification Lawsuit

A group of home health clinicians in an employee misclassification lawsuit are seeking class certification from an Illinois federal court. The employee misclassification lawsuit was filed against Centegra Health System, alleging that the company unfairly… Read More


Cetaphil Class Action Says ‘Bonus Size’ Lotion is No Bonus at All

The labeling on containers of Cetaphil lotion makes false promises of extra product that isn’t actually in the container, a class action lawsuit claims. According to plaintiff Jerrold Son, the makers of Cetaphil lotion have… Read More


Stryker LFIT Hip Implant Recall Follows Reports of Metal Poisoning

Stryker has issued a hip implant recall for its LFIT metal hip replacement device. The company has stated that prior to 2011, femoral heads that were manufactured at this time suffered a risk of taper… Read More

Riga, Latvia- March 17, 2016: Snapchat application on android cell smartphone. Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings.

Snapchat Class Action Says App Company Sends Unwanted Texts

A class action lawsuit filed against the popular app Snapchat Inc. alleges the company sends unwanted text messages to cell phones, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. According to the Snapchat class action, “The… Read More