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MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUNE 2, 2013: Motor car Dodge Ram 1500 at the city street.

Dodge, Jeep Class Action Says EcoDiesel Vehicles Cheat Emissions

Echoing last year’s scandal over emissions-cheating devices in Volkswagen vehicles, a California man now says the makers of Dodge and Jeep vehicles have been running a similar scam with their EcoDiesel engines. Plaintiff Jose Chavez… Read More

Health Insurance Fraud

Woman Files Humana Lawsuit, Claims Inflated Rx Prices

An Alabama woman has filed a Humana lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company claiming that she and others paid inflated rates for prescription drugs because of Humana’s fraudulent system for copayments. Plaintiff Margie W. brought the… Read More

Welspun Fake Eqyptian Coton Sheets

Welspun Class Action Says Egyptian Cotton Sheets are Fake

Welspun India Ltd. has misled consumers by selling inferior sheets at the price of premium Egyptian cotton, a new class action lawsuit brought by a Florida consumer says. Plaintiff Ursula Keep says she purchased Welspun’s… Read More

DuraPro Toilet Connector Problems

DuraPro Toilet Connectors Left Expensive Water Damage, Say Plaintiffs

A group of plaintiffs is seeking compensation for water damage to their homes that was allegedly caused by faulty DuraPro toilet connectors Plaintiffs Jacquelyn Ajose, Kathy Smith, Sharon Kurtz and Patricia Evett all claim that… Read More

Costco Frozen Berries Lawsuit

Costco Customers Fight Motion to Dismiss Hepatitis Berry Class Action

A group of consumers are urging a California federal judge to reject Costco’s motion for summary judgment in a class action lawsuit over frozen berries allegedly contaminated with hepatitis A. Costco had originally lost its… Read More