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Starbucks Coffee sign in Avenue Of Stars, Hong Kong

Starbucks Class Action Says Employee Background Checks Violate FCRA

A Georgia man says Starbucks has been depriving employment applicants of their right to correct or explain erroneous background check reports. Plaintiff Kevin Wills says defendant Starbucks Corp. has been remiss in its obligations under… Read More

Onglyza heart failure diabetes

Onglyza and Heart Disease Linked In Studies, Lawsuit Says

A Georgia woman has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of her diabetes medication claiming that Onglyza and heart disease are linked. Georgia-based plaintiff Cynthia T. has filed this Onglyza and heart disease lawsuit against… Read More

Close-up Photo Of An Empty Opened Dishwasher

KitchenAid Class Action: Dishwasher Rack Prone to Premature Failure

On Tuesday, KitchenAid Inc. was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging some of its dishwashers contain a defect that causes the upper rack assembly to collapse suddenly and unexpectedly, causing property damage and creating… Read More

knee implant

Arthrex Tibial Tray Recall Warns Smooth Surface of Knee Implant Part Can be Problematic

An Arthrex tibial tray recall was issued in December 2015 after the manufacturer found the outer surface of the metal was smooth, rather than displaying the rough texture of previous models. The Arthrex iBalance TKA… Read More

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ready to Bake

Cookie Do Customers Say Raw Cookie Dough Falsely Marketed as ‘Safe’

Two New York women say Cookie Do has been falsely representing its food products as safe to eat, even while thousands of customers report getting sick. Plaintiffs Julia Canigiani and Katherine Byrne say they both… Read More