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opioid addiction overdose death pills in blister pack

Arkansas Files Opioid Addiction Lawsuit Against Manufacturers

Across the country, opioid painkillers have risen as a serious source of addiction and risk of deaths from overdose. Some states have responded by filing lawsuits against opioid manufacturers, for their role in creating and… Read More

Uloric cardiac ischemia heart EKG

Recent FDA Announcement Warns of Increased Uloric Side Effects

An announcement was recently made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that increased heart-related deaths and other Uloric side effects are linked to Uloric (febuxostat), a gout medication. The FDA’s announcement was based… Read More

Retailers Investigated in Recent No Interest Credit Cards Class Action Investigation

Some retailers are being investigated in a recent no interest credit cards class action lawsuit investigation for allegedly charging customers unexpected lump-sum interest charges on a “zero-interest” store brand credit card. If you were deceptively… Read More


Overdraft Protection Service Not Helpful for Some Consumers

Overdraft protection service is offered by banks and credit unions throughout the country and is supposed to protect consumers from the public embarrassment that is card decline. However, a number of consumers and financial experts… Read More

Zimmer Persona Knee Problems Lead to Major Recall

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures in the United States, and the Zimmer Persona device is a popular choice for many patients. However, a growing number of patients are reporting suffering… Read More