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Rite Aid

Rite Aid Class Action Says Nutritional Supplements are Deceptively Labeled

An Oregon woman says that by dodging food labeling requirements, Rite Aid is tricking customers into paying more for nutritional supplements. Plaintiff Kaley Diann Silva claims defendant Rite Aid has been deceptively mislabeling many of… Read More

overdraft fees legal consultation attorney lawyer couple

Victims of Excessive Bank Fees Seek Help from Overdraft Fee Attorney

If you feel you have been a victim of exorbitant bank fees, you may benefit from speaking with an overdraft fee attorney. HSBC and Capital One are among the financial institutions currently under investigation for… Read More

CVS Pharmacy storefront

CVS Class Action Says HIV/AIDS Drug Coverage Unlawfully Restricted

CVS Caremark is facing class action claims that its prescription drug coverage improperly forces insured persons to purchase HIV/AIDS medications exclusively from CVS-owned pharmacies. Four anonymous plaintiffs filed this CVS Caremark class action lawsuit on… Read More

Frustrated senior man sitting on bed in bedroom

Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Can Be Difficult to Detect

Nursing home abuse and neglect continue to make headlines as the family members of victims bring forth allegations. The Illinois Department of Public Health recently imposed a $25,000 fine upon Pleasant View nursing home in… Read More


JASON Class Action Says Kid’s Shampoo Isn’t ‘Natural’ as Advertised

A class action lawsuit alleges that certain kid’s products made by JASON Natural Products Inc. are not “all natural” as the company advertises. Plaintiff Zeng Jin Li claims that ingredients in JASON kid’s shampoo and… Read More