Death of an Oak
A large bur oak in Castlewood Park was killed by lightning and had to be removed
Venerable Trees
Ancient trees of the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin
Woodland Pastures
Woodland pastures are natural landscapes in the Kentucky Bluegrass and the Nashville Basin
The Old Schoolhouse Tree
One of the best-known old bur oaks in Lexington, KY
An Old Oak
This beautiful old oak tree is in Kirklevington Park in Lexington, KY
Tree Sex
Reproduction in trees is complicated and beautiful
Tree Growth
Tree growth is a complicated and dynamic process.
Night Trees
Trees take on even greater mystery at night, illuminated by the moon or streetlights
Trees and Water
In the Bluegrass, rivers and creeks are the nurseries for woodland pasture tree species
Winter Trees
Trees are subtle and beautiful in winter
Spring Trees
Many trees are a riot of color in spring, but there are also more subtle but equally beautiful things to see
Autumn is beautiful. It is the result of complicated coordinated steps by the trees.
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