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Suburban Dad. Tripp and Tyler. Hosel Jockeys Golf Podcast.

Atlanta, GA
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    1 hour ago


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    Mar 9

    10 years ago I wrote a script, and tonight we go into production. It’s my first attempt at a narrative short. Paying for it out of pocket, cashing in favors, and fully prepared to disappoint myself. But man, I’m so excited. Follow along in my story.

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    Mar 7

    Episode 8 dropped this morning. Bryan and Tyler admit to weird things they do and talk award shows, phone cases, remembering names, and a whole lot more.

  4. Feb 14

    Episode 5 of Life Stocks. Easily one of our five best.

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    Feb 14
  6. Feb 13

    New video for ppl who have stayed in a hotel before. Every Hotel Ever:

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    Feb 13

    NEW VIDEO: Every Hotel Ever

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    Feb 2

    Big Announcement from Pastor Mark

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    Feb 2

    Guys, full clip on Facebook and Youtube, guys

  10. Jan 31

    100 episodes into my golf podcast with felt like a good time to start a new non-golf one. Here are our first 3 episodes:

  11. Jan 25

    A Rental Car Success Story (New Tripp and Tyler video)

  12. Jan 9

    NEW Tripp and Tyler video Air Travel In Real Life

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    Jan 5

    A few final touches before our latest YouTube sketch launches NEXT WEEK.

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    27 Nov 2017

    Episode 100 drops later this week and it features YOU. That is, if you give us some topics to cover. We’re doing an AMA (ask us anything), so go ahead and tweet us golf or non-golf questions to cover. We’ll answer them all.

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    20 Nov 2017

    I am CRYING. The Weather Channel set up for a live shot of the Georgia Dome being imploded, and at the perfectly wrong time ... this happened (via ):

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    4 Oct 2017

    Laughed so hard reading this I had an asthma attack and was temporarily convinced I was going to die. All for the love of Sleve McDichael.

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    21 Sep 2017

    Conference Call In Real Life (Remastered a little bit) Can you spot the changes?

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    15 Sep 2017

    This was a lot of fun because it involved golf and talking to myself; two things I do on the reg.

  19. ICYMI, NEW T&T VIDEO: Conversation tips amidst a very important conversation

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