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    Jul 12

    No new episode this week, but we'll be back next week (probably Tuesday) with a really fun episode. In the meantime, if you havent supported on Patreon yet, what are you waiting for? There's a new bonus episode waiting for you!

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    Jul 9

    There are 5 things soccer does well that other sports can learn from so I forced soccer into 5 hypothetical idea trades with other sports. This was a fun piece:

  3. Jun 15

    I’m all in on reading about Bryan going all in on a sporting event I’m not all in on.

  4. May 22

    One of our best episodes IMO, in large part due to me being replaced with someone who knows what he’s talking about.

  5. May 17

    Come for the golf talk, stay for the (likely unpopular) take I’m workshopping

  6. May 16

    New video featuring me, , and Take a Baff Kid’s dad Almost Every Type of Crying

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    May 4

    After discovering his golf obsession, jumped from #427 to #186 in my Power Rankings of People in my life. This was a fun episode.

  8. May 4

    Fun convo with our buddy on our golf podcast, even though some of the takes offended me to my core.

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    May 3

    Episode 15! Food budgets, Car Flossing, Prank Lunches...AND MORE. Listen on Apple Podcasts here: Show notes below....

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  10. May 2

    I’d never had a Reisen until making this video. is right - it’s the rich man’s Milk Dud. Now in my top 5.

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    May 2

    I can't believe I got to make a sketch for my favorite candy

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    Apr 24

    Ready or not here we come! Happy National Business Traveler Day! We're celebrating in airports across the country today, so make sure to follow the hashtag to stay in the know! You may even run into at ...We hope you do!

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    Apr 22

    National Business Travelers Day is Tuesday. and I will be at an airport somewhere, and if you find us you get a prize. HINT: This airport may or may not have had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

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    Apr 19

    We covered a lot over the last two weeks. Entertaining topics? We hope so. Important topics?…

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    Mar 21

    New Episode: Binge Watching, Bullet Journals and the National Anthem (among many other things) LISTEN and subscribe here: Show notes below...

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    Mar 20


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    Mar 9

    10 years ago I wrote a script, and tonight we go into production. It’s my first attempt at a narrative short. Paying for it out of pocket, cashing in favors, and fully prepared to disappoint myself. But man, I’m so excited. Follow along in my story.

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    Mar 7

    Episode 8 dropped this morning. Bryan and Tyler admit to weird things they do and talk award shows, phone cases, remembering names, and a whole lot more.

  19. Feb 14

    Episode 5 of Life Stocks. Easily one of our five best.

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    Feb 14

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