Went To The Gym For The First Time Today

absI must confess I’m not exactly the slimmest girl on the block. I’m not chubby either, don’t get me wrong. However… we do have a slight tendency towards becoming slightly obese over a long period of time in our family. I see it as a genetic trait. My mom has it, my dad has it. Even my sister has it. And I have it too. I eat healthy foods most of the time, but still I gain weight when I’m not exercising at the same time. I suppose those few chunks of chocolate that I have per week are really adding up to the total calorie count.

Today, I hit the gym together with a long time best friend of mine. She had been frequenting the gym for a long time. She had tried to get me to go along for a while, but I never really wanted to. Up until now. Because I figured that if I did not do anything about all those pounds that were creeping up on me, I’d lose control over the situation and that would certainly be a shame. No need to become fat when you can just simply get some exercise a few times per week.

jogThe fact of the matter is that you can’t guard yourself against obesity unless you get exercise. Not in this modern society you can’t. We just sit around all day, working our jobs. And when we get home, we get take out food and then we eat it while sitting on the couch, watching television. That’s a surefire way to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and last but not least… an early grave. So we’ve got to get exercise if we are to stand any chance whatsoever against becoming overweight.

It’s too bad that the human body has to work this way, but it’s all we’ve got to work with. I have studied the causes of the phenomenon of human obesity, and I ain’t no expert… but it looks to me like we’ve got evolution to blame. You see, back in the days when we were cavemen, our bodies had to hold on to every calorie because you never knew when a new period of food scarcity was coming up. For this reason, we tend to get fat in modern days. Sometimes I think it would be a good idea if we still had to go out and hunt for food and run from dangerous animals, if only to stay in shape all the time!

What a crying shame that cavemen didn’t have photo cameras or they could’ve taken some photos to show us what they looked like. Were all cavemen thin and muscular? Their cave paintings aren’t giving us enough detail for a conclusive answer. But I have a hard time imagining that those guys would suffer from morbid obesity like so many of us do in this modern society that we call civilization. To be honest, I don’t think civilization is very civilized. We act it. But it’s not actually true.

weightsIf civilization were civilized, we wouldn’t have to work our behinds off in order to barely get around. So how does work tie in with working out? Well, I believe the 9 to 5 has been designed to keep us nice and complacent. The system wants us to be really unambitious outside of work. In the time shortly before I was born, wages stopped going up despite the fact that productivity increased. And now, we have no way to get jobs, let alone to move up. Considering the fact that poverty has horrible effects on the human brain and the fact that junk food is cheaper than health food… is it any wonder that our ‘civilization’ is going completely down the can?

For this reason, I live cheap and I work no more than 4 days a week. The rest of my time is mine. And I intend to put it to great use by visiting the gym frequently from now on. What a feeling it is. I’ve been exercising with dumbbells and barbells for the first time in my life. It was a great experience. My best friend tells me I’m going to have really sore muscles when I wake up in the morning. She also tells me the first time is the worst and that I just have to pull through.

I certainly hope it isn’t going to be as bad as I fear it will. My daddy also did a lot of strength training in his day. He still does some every once in a while, but no longer as intensely as he used to. In order to keep himself going at his age, he got himself the greatest bodybuilding supplement on the market. It’s a natural, organic testosterone booster supplement called Testofuel. It really managed to help him turn back the clock a few years. Imagine that… just weeks ago, he was asking myself “does it really work?“, and now he’s lifting like he’s 20 years younger.

Watch the video above and you’ll get an idea of what my dad is like. I’ve never seen him train on bars like that, but I have seen him bench press a lot of weight. I think it’s a really great idea to keep yourself active and well trained well into old age. It seems to me like you can be in good shape for a long, long time if only you put your mind to it. And while I have no ambitions of becoming that muscular or anywhere near that muscular, I do find videos like these (as well as watching my own dad) very inspirational.

Looking back on my life, it’s kind of weird that I hadn’t gone to the gym earlier, since my own dad did set a great example for me. Oh well, I’m still in my twenties and it’s not too late I guess. My dad tells me your twenties are a great age for starting exercise. If he says so, I guess I’ll have to believe him. If I keep this up until my eighties, then I will have exercised three quarters of my life. And when I was a kid I used to play outside a lot. I guess that also, sorta… half counts as exercise. It sure did keep me slim at the time!

Welcome To My New Website, The Artsiest Asylum On The Net!

emptybedHello world, my name is Amber! This is my very first blog. I’ve never really written anything on the web before. Well, except maybe on Facebook. But I would hardly count that as publishing anything worhtwhile. A friend of mine has helped me set up this website, because I couldn’t do it when I was going at it alone. I was looking for a good domain name and came up with this one. Turns out it was just expiring. It used to belong to a woman named Susan Reynolds, who had now forwarded it to her new blog. I’ve taken the liberty of reading some of her writing. Susan Reynolds has been at it for a long time. But now the domain is mine, and I intend to put lots of my life rants on it in the near future!

I’m not really much of a computer person. I’m actually more of an artsy person. Are you starting to see the connection between my lifestyle, occupation and my domain name already? At this point, you may very well still be wondering where the ‘asylum’ part comes from. :P

This part pretty much refers to the family I came from. I come from a big family. My parents did not believe in birth control, as they were both fairly fundamentally religious. I personally do not have god on the mind so much. I never really believed it, so I had to pretend. It’s hard coming out as a non believer in a family where a fair share of people do believe in a supreme being. Not me, though. I had a hard time sometimes. I think my parents knew all along. When I told them, they were less than amused. We were still able to live a normal life with each other in one house, though. However, I knew I had to move out at a young age to free myself of it all. And that’s what I did.

stjohnsI’ve always had some sort of a fascination with things that were borderline artsy and/or crazy. The very idea of an institution dedicated to treating the mentally ill is somehow very fascinating to me. I am a big fan of all things crazy and scary. I see a big overlap between creativity, art, craziness, and all things scary. So that’s pretty much how this website came about. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I might be posting some weird stuff on this blog in the near future! ;)

I will never cross the line, though. I do want to keep things in good taste. I personally really love watching horror movies. There’s nothing better than spending an evening on the couch with either my best girlfriend or my boyfriend… or both, and then watching a scary horror movie with a bowl of popcorn. Yeah, I know it’s cliché… but that’s just what floats my boat, so cut me some friggin’ slack already! :D

I am a near full time artist, trying to make a living of the things I create. I might post some of my paintings and other art projects that I’ve done in the fairly recent past. But I’ve got to be going to the gym in a few minutes first. I have a gym membership and I want to make use of it. A girl’s got to stay in shape. Eating a big bowl of popcorn every weekend isn’t going to do anything flattering for my curves. Besides… I don’t want to be paying my membership fees and then not make use of it. Too many people think that all they’ve gotta do is pay the monthly fee, and this will get them slim and keep them that way.

insaneWe all know that’s not how it works. And I’ve been slacking off in the past few days. I had promised myself to party less, but I don’t seem to be listening to myself. Life is hard and full of difficult choices. What am I supposed to do when I’m sitting around the house alone with nothing to do, and all of a sudden my friends come to my door and ask me to go out on the town?

You try and say no to that!!!

And that’s just one example of the constant, merciless barrage of dilemmas that life presents me with, week in, week out.

Having grown up in a situation that required me to be quite rebellious, I did not have much of a choice but to start liking aggressive music. Just because I’m a girl it doesn’t mean I’m listening to all the populist pop stuff that these teen stars are putting out these days. When I was growing up, Britney Spears was all the rage. My girlfriends were all listening to it.

Not me though. I was listening to heavy metal. I liked all things dark. I had a knack for finding the best metal bands out there. It all started out with old school Metallica for me. I don’t like any of the new stuff. I also like Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Judas Priest, King Diamond, Ozzy Osbourne, Children of Bodom, CKY, Disturbed, etc.

wheelchairI discovered Disturbed when I was watching the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster“. It features a cover of Genesis’ Land of Confusion by Disturbed. I loved hearing such a classic song covered in such an aggressive, death metal way! I’ve been a fan of this band every since. Too bad they are not putting out new albums at a terribly quick rate. I would certainly buy them and listen to them all day long.

Disturbed’s trademark is a guy that they call… The Guy.

This guy is a darkly hooded figure with a big, grinning, evil smile. But still, in the Land of Confusion cover, we see this seemingly evil demon figure helping out the 99% taking the fight to the 1%. So essentially, he is a force of good. I think Disturbed is trying to make a point here. The point being is that the forces of good need to stop being such push overs and develop a spine. You’ve gotta fight fire with fire. And the evil 1% isn’t laying down without a fight. They’re mean, and us (the 99%) also need to be mean if we are to win our proper rights.

And that’s why I’m a Disturbed fan. Quite literally!

By the way… they have a whole album out, entitled… Asylum.

You won’t be surprised to find out it’s my favorite one so far! :D