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Renewing an expired domain

This article covers renewing expired domains.

When a domain name has expired, CO.CC becomes the owner of that domain. When this happens, the domain can be deactivated and no longer points to your website. We are the registrar for your name, but the previous owner can still renew it.

You can renew the name directly:
1. Login to CO.CC
2. Choose menu option Domain Settings.
3. Click Renew button

All renewals are non-refundable and we cannot remove extra years that are added in error.
Please verify before you hit the Place Order button.

Once a domain is renewed, the Registry does not provide an option to delete the renewal for refund, nor can you remove a specific number of years if you renewed for more years than you intended.
This is out of our control.
As all renewal orders are final, please be sure you intend to renew the domain.

Once a domain expires, it is removed from the Registry's zone files and your site will go down along with your email.
While the domain is being renewed, it can take up to 48 hours for the domain to become active again.
After you re-activate the domain, we will restore the previous settings so you do not need to re-enter this information.
But if you need instructions for entering DNS or pointing your domain, please see the DNS and Nameservers article section to help you.

Please note that co.cc domain names can be reactivated after they have expired.

Introduction to Expired Domains
Ownership of domain names is granted for a limited period of time, subject to the appropriate registration or renewal fees being paid. Once the owner of a domain name declines to pay the renewal fee to maintain their registration, that domain name will expire - that is, it will eventually be deleted and returned to the "pool" of unregistered names.
While originally domain names were registered for a fixed period of 2 years, most Registrars now offer the option of registering a domain name for a period of 1-10 years, often with substantial discounts for extended registrations
A domain name that is approaching its renewal date is said to be "expiring soon" and a domain name that has passed its renewal date (also known as its "expiry date" - it's just a matter of perspective!) without the renewal fee being paid is said to have "expired".
Expired domains solicit a lot of interest since essentially they form a new supply of domain names returning to the market, sometimes for the first time in many years...
Once a domain name has expired and been deleted, it is available to be re-registered by anyone. It is at the exact moment of deletion that the real battle begins for the control of the newly-available names - a battle that can only have one winner.
Before we look more closely at the process for "grabbing" (i.e. securing the rights to) an expiring domain name, and the tools and services available

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