Content is the New Creative

The modern marketer’s mission is two-fold: create the best content and get consumers to pay attention. But as consumers digest more media across more screens and formats than ever before, advertisers are challenged to break through the noise. So how do you get consumers to pay attention?

Increase Marketer Value for Every Dollar Spent in Video

Make smart media moves based on competitor brand data.  We collect and analyze video performance data from 4,000 major brands, across 1,000 new content ad campaigns launched every month. Our ability to track changes in video ad spend, media noise, and shifts in consumer attention means you’ll be able to control your spend dynamically and with pin-point precision.  The result?  Maximized efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

Cross-Platform Media That Captures Consumer Attention

Visible Measures’ ad formats are uniquely designed to guarantee consumer attention across 600 thousand properties.

Messages integrated directly into publishers’ native experience
At least one consumer interaction
30 seconds of consumer attention per view

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