Credit: Climate Central

Frost-free seasons getting longer

This morning brought our lowest temperature of the fall season so far… 34°.  That’s cold enough for frost to develop on grassy surfaces and on your car.  But, not cold enough to truly end what’s called the “frost-free season”.  This season runs from the last 32° temp of spring to the first 32° temp of fall. Our partners at Climate Central have been tracking the length of these frost-free seasons in recent years and they’ve noticed that the seasons are becoming longer and longer.  Here in 2016, it’s already been 195 days since the temperature was last at freezing or…


Orionid Meteor Shower continues tonight

The Orionid Meteor Shower, which comes around every fall, has just reached its peak and some meteors can still be spotted in the sky tonight. However, there are some challenges to spotting these cool sights in the sky.