Blog 5

Another chance to see the International Space Station

There’s another flyover from the International Space Station tonight and, once again, Mother Nature will cooperate in giving us a mainly clear sky to take it in. Weather Watcher Larry Hall of Churubusco sent in the photo at the top of the post from his viewing experience last night.  It’s a timelapse photo, so the long line you see represents the space station from when it arrived in the southwestern sky through when it exited to the northeast.  When watching the space station in real-time, you won’t see it’s motion actually creating a line in the sky.  Instead, you’ll see…

Blog 6

Friday Nites Live forecast

Performing this week at Jefferson Pointe’s Friday Nites Live concert is local band Sierra Shame, known for its classic rock and new country performances. They’ll take to the stage at the Courtyard Fountain at 6:30 PM.