Computer forecast models and your snow forecast

It’s no secret that these snow total maps have changed since we first put them out. We look closely at computer forecast models but don’t take them as Gospel. Forecasting requires listening to your “gut” which you develop from experience.  Here’s my explanation of the snow forecast and how the computer forecast models factor into that:


Winter weather week continues

Our week-long special series of winter weather reports is underway and we’re airing a fresh report every night on our 6 o’clock newscast. These reports will lead up to our official winter forecast on Friday.


Defiance County Christmas Cruise-Thru forecast

There are plenty of great Christmas events popping up on our WANE Community Calendar as we get closer to the holiday. One of note is the Defiance County Christmas Cruise Thru and Holiday Festival, which has remaining dates this weekend (Dec. 2, 3, 4) and also next weekend (December 9, 10, 11(Fireworks!)). However, if you just want to take in the Cruise Thru portion, it’s open every weeknight in between.