Severe threat Saturday night into Sunday morning

Saturday night’s line of storms is approaching the area. A few of the storms west of Indy have met severe criteria, but most of these storms are not that strong. The threats we are watching remain the same.  Our primary threat is flooding from the heavy rain.  Lightning will be in these storms, so thunder will also be part of these.  Small hail and strong winds gusts are possible too, but the threat for tornadoes is incredibly low.

New stamp to mark this year’s upcoming total solar eclipse

Hey, WANE Weather Watchers…Have you heard about the cool new stamp that’s coming from the Postal Service to commemorate this year’s Total Solar Eclipse? Click here to find out what makes it unique.

NASA captures gamma-ray flashes from storms

About a thousand times a day, thunderstorms fire off fleeting bursts of some of the highest-energy light naturally found on Earth. These events, called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs), last less than a millisecond and produce gamma rays with tens of millions of times the energy of visible light. Since its launch in 2008, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has recorded more than 4,000 TGFs, which scientists are studying to better understand how the phenomenon relates to lightning activity, storm strength and the life cycle of storms.