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Customers can now quickly and easily see how their water company is performing and compare it to other companies. The information can be found on DiscoverWater.co.uk and has a comprehensive range of data covering water quality, public health, customer service and environmental aspects of water and sewerage services.

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A global statement has now been signed by 281 organisations across 20 countries outlining the water industry's current position regarding misleading

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Visitors to England’s seaside and bathing waters will be able to enjoy cleaner water than ever before, thanks to improvements made over the past two decades.

Bathing water quality, tested at 413 beaches and lakes across the country, is the best on record with 98.5% passing tough standards this year.

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An effective response to the significant and growing risk of drought in England and Wales is possible if concerted action is taken now, according to new research published by the water industry today.

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    Water companies are contributing expertise, perspectives and research to inform the debate on the future of water.

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    The UK water sector needs an effective and proportionate legislative framework to deliver excellent and affordable services.

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    Water companies spend billions each year to protect and enhance the environment and to make sure they can provide water and wastewater services now and in the future.

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    Discover Water is a dashboard designed to provide clear and trustworthy information for customers about water companies in England and Wales.