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7 (More!) Weird Wonders of the Marine Animal World

These bizarre creatures are among the weirdest served up by the sea, from a crab of nightmarish proportions to a pink shark with nail-like teeth.

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Fab Tree Hab: Living, Ecosystem-Integrated Dwellings

This prefab building concept integrates human dwellings with nature by grafting living trees into them.

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These Alien-Looking Acorns Are Actually Growing Wasp Larvae

Take a walk around London, and you'll probably spot some acorns with bizarre ridgy growth all over them. The cause? They're filled with wasp larvae.

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Bend Bag & Begone: 7 Amazing Designer Dog Poop Disposals

You've stooped, scooped and bagged Fido's poop... now what? These 7 dog doo disposal bins beautifully complete the chain of responsible pet waste disposal.

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7 Incredible Insect Wonders of the World

From a bug with a giraffe-like neck to a moth that looks almost exactly like a hummingbird, here are seven of the world's weirdest bugs.

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Nature Through A Lens: 18 Amazing Flickr Photos

Photographers share incredible shots of bees in pollen, tulip fields, waterfalls, bison and more on Flickr Creative Commons. Here are 18 great examples.

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Rare Brown Pandas Add Warmth To A Black & White World

China's famous Giant Pandas are always black & white, right? Wrong! A rare genetic mutation can result in otherwise normal pandas displaying brown & tan coats.

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This Laser Printer is Made Almost Entirely of Cardboard

Samsung has developed a laser printer that's made almost entirely of a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard housing that you fold into shape, origami-style.

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7 of the World's Weirdest & Most Unusual Mammal Wonders

These seven animals are some of the weirdest warm-blooded species found on earth, including the loris, the wrinkle-faced bat, the flying lemur and the platypus.

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Stylin' Electric Scooter is Made from Hemp and Flax

This cool electric scooter has a body made from hemp and flax, and can be rented by the week or month.

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Cardboard Cathedral Replaces Church Destroyed by Earthquake

A chapel destroyed by an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand has been replaced with a cardboard structure by architect Shigeru Ban.

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Cagey Kitty: 7 Safe & Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Indoor cats, outdoor cats... why not both? These 7 safe & secure outdoor cat enclosures give you and your feline friends the best of both worlds.

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Eat More Greens! 12 Recipes for More Nutritious Meals

Getting more greens into your diet is easier (and more delicious!) than you might think. Here are 12 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.

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Gadget Turns a Regular Bike into an Electric Bike

The Rubbee is a clamp-on device that turns an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike with a 15-mile range within seconds.

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Brewin' Green: 7 Amazing Eco-Friendly Breweries

Green beer... not just for St. Paddy's Day anymore! These 7 amazing eco-friendly breweries are helping to save the planet, one cold & frosty mug at a time.

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