France Announces Etalab, National Data Portal

March 1st, 2011
Severin Naudet

The French Prime Minister Fillon has announced the creation of Etalab a programme that is to establish, a national government data portal to “freely distribute raw data in usable formats”. The programme is aimed at aiding public service bodies in stimulating re-use of PSI, as well as simplifying online public services. The decree creating Etalab has been published at, dated 21 February.

In a press statement (download in PDF), the French Prime Minister said (machine translation):

“The Council of modernization of public policy, chaired by the President of the Republic, a Acts 30 June 2010 establishing a single portal for the reuse of public information” Etalab (

Prime Minister Francois Fillon told Severin NAUDET the direction of Etalab.Under the authority of the Prime Minister at the Secretariat General ofGovernment, Etalab coordinates the activities of government departments andprovides administrative support to public institutions to facilitate the widest possible reuse of their information public. The single portal is part of the policy of simplification of public services online. Facilitate access and use of public information in the interests of transparency is a priority policy of modernization of the state. Etalab will freely available raw data into a usable format and develop new online services for the benefit of citizens, from some of these data. Thereuse of such information offers great opportunities to the community ofdevelopers who can use them to propose innovative application services. ”

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