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How to Follow Up after an Interview

Friday | September 22, 2017 | by Beth Clarke

Man discussing business on the telephone

If you have read articles or attended workshops on how to do well in an interview, you have likely heard that it is important to ask for the interviewer’s business card and follow up afterward. Following up is essential not only for learning the outcome of your interview and...

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The Top 6 Job Interview Types

Monday | September 18, 2017 | by Jodi Tingling

Business women in a job interview

If you have been through a company’s hiring process, then you know job interviews vary in type, intensity, and duration. From undergoing an initial screening process to meeting with multiple interviewers, the process can be manageable once you know what to expect. The following is an overview of the...

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Ask a Human Resources Manager: The Hiring Process

Tuesday | September 12, 2017 | by Shaunna-Marie Kerr

A group of people raising their hands to ask questions

As a job seeker, it can often feel like you are on the outside looking in during the hiring process. To help shed some light on what happens from the employer’s side of things, we sat down with World Education Services’ very own Tanika Clouden. Tanika recently joined WES...

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5 Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview

Friday | September 1, 2017 | by Shaunna-Marie Kerr

Business people having a meeting

If you have done your research, you should know that asking questions at the end of a job interview is just as important as the questions you answered throughout. Just because the interviewer isn’t asking you questions doesn’t mean that you aren’t still being assessed. The traditional view of a...

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5 Financial Mistakes Many College Freshmen Make

Tuesday | August 29, 2017 | by Ryan Bridges

Student managing finances

The years one spends in college are a unique and transformative time and are particularly exciting in the very beginning. It is a time when college freshmen leave their parents’ home for perhaps the first time. They are being asked to take on the responsibilities of being an adult....

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