7 Rules for Taking Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level

Learn how to operate with a build influence mentality as your social media foundation. Click to find out how to take your social media strategy to the next level!

Do you have a social media strategy in place?

Social media is mainstream now. That means it’s much more difficult to get noticed or even be seen by your existing connections, fans, and followers. But there are also more social networks and more noise to go along with them!

With so many options and so many people participating, how do you know where to focus your time and how can you stand out from the crowd?

If you’ve just been randomly posting to social networks without any kind of a strategy in place, it’s time to do something different.

Random social media tactics lead to random results.

Having success with social media today requires a much more strategic focus.

9 Ways to Build a Smarter LinkedIn Network

Build a Smarter LinkedIn Network
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Build LinkedIn Influence

Building a relevant, high quality network of connections on LinkedIn will lead to the right people and opportunities for your business. In this post, I share 9 tips that can help you build a smarter LinkedIn network:

10 Steps to a More Profitable LinkedIn Profile

Steps to a More Profitable LinkedIn Profile
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Build LinkedIn Influence

LinkedIn provides an incredible opportunity to build your personal influence in a business environment. Your LinkedIn influence begins and ends with your LinkedIn profile. According to LinkedIn:

Members with a complete profile are 40 times more likely to attract opportunities

Your LinkedIn profile is your professional identity today. LinkedIn owns the professional social networking market, and they are building the world’s only economic graph! That means connecting people to opportunities based on their knowledge, skills, experiences, and networks.

If you leave your LinkedIn profile to chance you will never get results. That’s why I advocate that you take control of this valuable professional asset and leverage it for all that it’s worth!

How to Get More Visibility in the LinkedIn News Feed

Get More Visibility in the LinkedIn News Feed

If you post status updates to LinkedIn on a regular basis, your updates are reaching fewer members of your network these days.

This is because LinkedIn is filtering status updates in member news feeds. “Top updates” are the default display and they are shown according to LinkedIn’s internal ranking algorithm.

No one knows exactly how the algorithm works, but we do know that LinkedIn wants to display status updates in the news feed that are relevant and personalized to each member.

If you want your status updates to be seen by your connections and beyond, you will need to be more strategic about your sharing.

The Missing Ingredient in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Missing Ingredient in Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to improve your content marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to go back to school on the fundamentals. Creating a content mission statement is a great place to start.

How and Why to Promote Your Online Connections

How and Why to Promote Your Online Connections

Do you want to to earn the respect and affection of your online network of peers, influencers, and prospects? Do you want to build your digital influence the right way?

There is a simple practice that can help you accomplish this, but only if you are intentional and genuine with your actions. That practice is promoting others.

Most people will NOT go the extra mile or take the time to proactively focus on promoting others. The excuses range from having a preference for self-promotion, having a fear of promoting potential competitors, not taking the time to promote others, and not seeing the value in promoting others.

Engaging in a routine practice of genuinely promoting others is like magic. It’s a win-win. When you promote others in the right way, great things can happen. You will be viewed as a respected influencer in your industry if you make promoting others a habit.

If you’re not actively promoting your online connections, you are missing an opportunity to build relationships and position yourself as an influencer.

Here are 5 tips for becoming a better promoter online.

The 4 Critical C’s for Building Your Business Online

The 4 Critical C for Building Your Business Online

When it comes to marketing yourself online as an independent entrepreneur or business professional, there is an abundance of tactics, tools, and advice out there.

Where do you start? What do you focus on? What really works?

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I have found a few things that may help you in your online business building efforts if you have a client relationship and referral-based businesses.

5 Ways to Drive LinkedIn Traffic to Your Website [Part 2]

Drive LinkedIn Traffic to Your Website Part 2

This is Part 2 of the article “5 Tips for Increasing Traffic to your blog from LinkedIn”.