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Thoughts Prior to a Funding Round

Today, it seems that all startups need strong rounds of investment. Now, have you considered what a funding round actually is? Do you know how to value your company? Do you understand the different sources of funding? In this post, we answer all these questions.

Caspar Hübinger, by Florian Ziegler

Caspar Hübinger – WProfessional of the Month

Caspar Hübinger is a WordPress community lover. He’s organizer of the WCEU, German Locale Manager, plugin author, theme creator, and more! The common denominator in what he does is a general interest in humans and how they interact.

Image by Jonna Fransa

Vanity Metrics and Other Nightmares with Metrics in Startups

When you create a business plan for your startup, you define your goals and set up metrics that you should achieve to reach those goals. How to get the information to calculate them and make sure they’re actionable metrics are some of the problems you frequently encounter.

Image by Galymzhan Abdugalimov

7+1 Tools to Create and Organize Your Ideas

Many ideas come to us outside of our working environment. If we can’t write them down, it’ll probably be difficult to remember them later. Annotating them in a tool that you can consult and review later can be of great help to your creativity and productivity.

Image by Josh Boot

The Process of Producing Ideas

Surely you’ve been amazed before at those people who continuously have great ideas. How do they do it? The technique is more simple than you’d imagine. Applying it depends only on your willpower.