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Sara Osario
The courier called today to specify a convenient time for delivery. Thank you.
Just now

Mariano Ryan
Thought this was a joke at first, but my iPhone 7 actually came in the mail this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from signing up to ALL of them, which I did lol
at 10:01 pm

Angus Mclaren
omg my friend said this was how he got his free tablet, but I didn't believe him. Just signed up. Will post back how it goes
Yesterday at 8:13 am

Andra Paraschiv
omg i've got my iphone in the mail yesterday, still cant believe this is real
at 4:21 pm

Madina Ismayilbayli
Wasn't sure if this was legit or not but got my iPhone 7 today. Thanks guys!
at 3:33 am

Melissa Whitelaw
Free tablet was SO easy to get lol...
at 9:02 am

Angus Mclaren
Got the iPhone 7 for my girlfriend as a surprise (she's pissed at me because I missed our anniversary LOL) I also got a macbook for myself... sorry if I took the last one i think
at 2:34 am

Aila Saâd
this is amazing! i never win anything before but today I am a lucky!! thank you Facebook! i choose Appe iPhone 7 tablet
at 11:01 am