Elizabethmitchell_lost_290I know I tend to wax poetical here on the “Lost” blog, filling every nook and cranny in your Thomas’ English Muffin of a brain to the best of my ability. But today, I thought we could all take a brain break. I think we’ve earned it. It’s finally feeling like summertime here in Boston. Only 10 weeks too late, but hey, who’s counting? Oh right. I am.

 So I reached out to my followers on Twitter for the funniest “Lost” videos they had seen. So thanks to all of you that responded. I slipped your suggestions into some of the ones that tickled my particular funny bone. Sadly, I couldn’t include any of a series of hysterical videos featuring Hitler getting mad at various aspects of “Lost,” due to the “translation” featuring enough F-bombs to make a sailor blush. Not seeing TPTB here at Zap2it would appreciate those embedded here for your viewing pleasure.

Tomorrow, I’ll be answering your burning questions in the latest edition of “Letters from the Flame,” and Thursday will feature the latest in the “Six in Six” series. But for now, onto the videos!

This iteration of “Lost Muppet Babies” isn’t as solid as the one I embedded in my Comic-Con wrap-up, but it’s worth it for “Charlie’s fine by the way!” and the end.

If “Lost” were run by the producers of “Grey’s Anatomy,” I’m pretty sure this is how Season 5 would have ended. So maybe I should stop complaining so much about it, I guess. Coulda been much worse.

There are waaaaay too many videos in which Ben is made to be the object of fan lust. The following makes the Room 23 video look like an episode of “Dora the Explorer” by comparison.

“Lost”! “Spongebob”! Yes!

For anyone that’s lent a late-to-the-party friend his/her copies of “Lost” DVDs, this one’s for you.

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