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Flight Delays is currently not accepting new instructions. Existing cases will be dealt with as normal.

What Is My Claim Worth?

Delay Upon Arrival Distance Travelled Compensation Awarded
Less than 2 hours Any Distance Not Applicable
2 - 2 hours 59 minutes Any Distance Not applicable
3+ hours Any flight under 1,500km £226† / €250
Any flight between 1,500km and 3,500km £361† / €400
Flights within the EU above 3,500km £361† / €400
3 - 4 hours Flights between an EU and non-EU airport above 3,500km £271† / €300
4+ hours £540† / €600
† Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent at the current exchange rate, or on the exchange rate at the time of the delay (depending on the airline).

No Win No Fee Agreement

Our charge is No Win No Fee* and is calculated as: ((29 % of your compensation plus £25) plus VAT) which is payable at the end of your case when it is successful.

So for example, if you were awarded €400, the fee we would normally deduct from your damages is €116 + £25 plus VAT of €23.20 + £5 (calculated at the current VAT rate of 20%). The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the relevant journey and the length of the delay.

Examples of the amount our charges in typical cases based on an exchange rate on 18/01/2017:

Euro award: GBP award: Charge inclusive of VAT: Net GBP award you would receive:
€250 £217.02 £105.53 £111.49
€300 £260.42 £120.62 £139.80
€600 £520.84 £211.25 £309.59

The above is based on the exchange rate quoted on 18/01/2017 of £1=€1.15198; €1=£0.86806. The exchange rate varies over time and the applicable exchange rate and reference date for the calculating the exchange rate, can vary between airlines on a cases-by-case basis.