Fort Myers Fishing And Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon season is now upon us and I have been successfully catching tarpon daily for the last 3 weeks. Tarpon fishing should improve daily as the population increases with the annual migration. Live bait is the deciding factor with so much small live bait in the area it is well worth the time spent to seek out larger bait to present the tarpon. Clipping the tails of a free lined bait to slow him down will make for an easier meal and improve your chances for the hookup.

Last week I received a call from the WaterLine Section of theCharlotteSun, a local source for fishing information that is distributed throughoutSouthwest Florida. The publisher asked to interview me for an article about tarpon fishing. I was on the boat with clients at the time and asked that he email me the questions and I would respond likewise. Below is his emailed questions and my answers for anyone interested.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Tarpon questions for WaterLine
From: WaterLine Weekly Magazine
Date: Thu, April 05, 2012 4:40 pm
GENERAL QUESTIONS – Your answers can be as long or as short as you like, but please respond in complete sentences. Very long responses may have to be edited for space (but maybe not, if the answer is really interesting).

How long have you been fishing for tarpon in Southwest Florida?
I am a 47 year old generationalFlorida native and fished theSouthwestCoast, specifically Boca Grande andCharlotteHarbor, fromEnglewood south to Marco Island my entire life. I caught my first tarpon at the age of 15

In that time, what has changed about the tarpon fishery?
An new aggressive behavior throughout out the entire area not just in the pass where fisherman rush the fish to try and catch them

How long have you been a tarpon guide (if applicable)? How important are tarpon to your livelihood?
I have been guiding since 1998. I fish year round, and tarpon are an important part of my business since I dedicate 4-5 months exclusively to tarpon and fish everyday day during April-June peak season day light to dark with doubles at near 100% booking capacity for the last 8-9 years. However I fish many other species and can not survive as a guide on the tarpon fishery alone so, I target many species and seasons to round out and balance my year and client base, about 90% of my clients are non resident anglers who I specifically market too bringing them in to the area, I have a very limited local client base

No one disputes that tarpon are fantastic gamefish. What is single biggest factor that makes them such a highly regarded opponent?
The shear stamina and will to escape once you have them on the hook

Where do you fish for tarpon (the Pass, the Harbor, the beach, etc.)? Why?
I fish for tarpon in the pass, the harbor, the beach, and offshore where ever I can find them because I like to hunt hunt big game, so just going to the same place every day doing the same thing requires less skill and I like to challenge myself by finding tarpon and figuring out how to catch them.

Do you prefer to use live bait or artificial lures for tarpon? Why?
In the early season the pre spawn tarpon are gorging on oily baits and protein filed crab so I use live bait like fresh thread-fin hearing, blue and calico crabs, after the spawn in late summer and early fall when the tarpon are post spawn I switch to various swim baits and hard plastic plugs. I no longer jig fish after 10 years of doing so and have dramatically increased my landing percentages and my repeat clientele

We all want to have tarpon here in Southwest Floridaforever. Do you think current regulations and angler attitudes will allow that to be the case? If not, what do you think needs to change?
The current regulation of the use of a kill tag is now obsolete and is flawed since the FWC now uses a DNA sample for research a Kill tag is no longer needed. As to the current aggression and attitude all animals learn behavior and adjust their behavior based on surroundings and outside influence. As with all intelligence whether highly evolved or less evolved it will always seek out the path of least resistance, in other words when the fish get too pressured in one area they will move to another. Not sure you could ever correct that.

Are you in favor of tarpon tournaments? Why or why not?
I am not in favor of any tournaments at this time in my career because of the damage caused by the weigh-in and the mentality of many to prove at all cost that they are better than anyone else in or not in the tournament. As to tarpon tournaments in particular I participated in the now largest Tarpon tournament from its beginning until 2009 and witnessed first hand how that lead to aggression that use to be only on tournament day that now stretches well through the week. Also the weighing of the tarpon and the handling by some is leading to a higher mortality rate for the tournament. Its very difficult to prove since the sharks clean up most of the mess. But I will tell you specifically that I complained to the tournament director that we where killing a lot of tarpon because I seen dead floating tarpon every Monday after the tournament and they where all 150+ pound tarpon, never smaller, with gaff holes in their mouths. In 2008 I won the last tournament of the series with a fish that my team and I hooked, fought and caught, in less than 20 mins never more than 200 yards from the weigh boat, I found that fish dead on Monday morning, I knew it was my fish, because when we went to gaff the tarpon it jumped and the tip of the gaff scrapped the side of the fish and made a very distinct mark on it its side. That fish can be seen on my website and if you look at that fish I won that tournament by weighing a tarpon that was so full of row that she was about to pop, It made me think finding that fish that way. I would add also that because the tournaments are held every weekend in Boca Grande Pass Only, both Saturday and Sunday, anyone looking to just go recreational fishing who works the regular 8-5 M-F work week has to contend with an aggressive tournament the entire season, and I don’t care what anyone says its not fun when you are not in that tournament to have to be fishing in the middle of it. Put yourself in the shoes of the guy who wants drive down on Saturday from inland Florida to have a relaxing day hanging around Boca Pass with his kids it might not be bad except that for the majority of the season he can’t, I know I was once one of those aggressors and now I am just the guide who tries to fish in there without a jig and not in the tournament

Do you have any other comments about tarpon fishing that you would like to make?
If I had to make one comment about tarpon It would be simple I have a 3 children, 2 adult one 9 year old as well as 2 grand children, who refer to me as Cappy, all like to fish and know what I do for a living and when the take their children fishing and I am dead and gone I hope that they will be able to go and catch tarpon like I did, and if there are non to catch I hope its not anything I did wrong.

JIG QUESTIONS – These are optional, so if you’d rather not answer, skip them. If you have a strongly held opinion, remember that your answers will be published – don’t say anything you wouldn’t be comfortable saying in public.

Have you ever fished with tarpon jigs in BocaGrandePassor elsewhere? (if elsewhere, please specify)
I fished with a jig when I first became a guide in 1998 until 2009, it was easy and productive but mainly because everyone else did, not because I like to follow others, but the real problem with jig fishing is not the snagging issue, the problem is it is the only form of fishing I know of that forces you to participate, because its near impossible to fish successfully any other way when the jig boats are doing what they do, that style requires you to participate for success. An interesting fact hardly anyone fishes with live bait in Boca Grande pass when the jig fishing fleet is in there, but in the afternoon when the tide is out going and the jig does not work well, there are plenty of guides and fisherman who jig fish fishing with live bait on the drift and not jigging.

Do you currently fish with tarpon jigs?
No, But I did. I also helped develop a fish head style jig as replacement to the round ball once I understood how it worked. The round ball would move in the current to much so the one I helped design was made aerodynamic so it would track straight, it is similar to an arrow head and its stays on target better than a round ball. In order to hook a tarpon with a jig everything has to line up correctly, its like trying to thread a needle you have to hit the exact spot to attach the line.

If you are a current or former tarpon jig fisherman, do you believe that tarpon are snagged, or are they hooked while attempting to eat the jig? What experiences or evidence has led you to this conclusion?
As to the snagging issue its not snagging its a form of foul hooking. The tarpon swim into the line and the line is retrieved quickly while hovering over the school and the hook catches on the outside of the mouth in a part referred to as the clipper. For anyone who is familiar with the Alaskan spawning salmon fishery or any other salmon fishery its the same principle. When I was 24 years old I went Alaska and snagged salmon with a weighted hook cast up river ahead of the salmon swimming up the current when you feel the salmon bumping into the line you reeled back quickly and the hook would sang the fish, at that time its was legal. Today its illegal to intentionally sang salmon in Alaska so the guides take the same weighted hook and add a salmon egg, use the same method as before but now they are required to release any fish caught any where but in the face, does not have to be in the mouth but in and around the mouth is close enough, and since you put the salmon egg on for bait the fish must have went after it since the State of Alaska decided that anything in and around the mouth is legal and if you put the bait on you give the appearance that you are not intentionally snagging the salmon. Sound familiar? In Boca grand pass you cast down (dropping your weighted hook past the school) and back troll your boat to keep the boat at the same speed as the current so the line is kept straight up in down perpendicular to the tarpon hovering over the school (in basic geometry perpendicular means meeting a given line or surface at right angles). With jig under the school and when you feel the fish bumping your line you reel up and if the angles are right your hook slides up and behind the clipper and gets hung, it appears that he must have went after the bait, since like the salmon egg in the aforementioned salmon scenario, when tarpon fishing you have a lead head and a plastic body attached to a hook. Couple of interesting points should be made here since tarpon Jump one that has the hook caught in the side of the body’s soft tissue will come off making it all but impossible to land a snagged tarpon, but when it runs into the line and fouls hook itself in the clipper it can be landed. I should also point out an interesting fact here if you do not fish with the jig hovering over the school and retrieve the line when you feel them bumping into it it does not work in other words you cant go out and free drift a jig with the line payed out behind the boat if you could then a former jig fisherman like myself would have never bought a blue crab to fish on hill tide, I would have just drifted by with my jig hanging out the back and caught fish like I do with a crab. And if that’s not true its easy enough to prove you take the tarpon tournament and require them to distance themselves and to fish in free drift and see how many fish they catch. Another interesting fact anyone disputing should look at the jig they are using and if its the one I helped design and still have one of the molds collecting dust in my shop they should reread my statement on how it works, I helped design this jig to track straight in the water to help hit the target better than the original round lead ball. One more quick note use a jig head with no plastic tail attached or better yet zip tie a spark plug to the bottom of a hook and paint it camouflage or by its more common name fire tiger or paint it black for concealment and see if you can catch a tarpon in the clipper using the jigging method, or any other way you can think to weight the hook from the bottom., and see for yourself. I would also add that this method does not work any where else I have tried many times to catch a tarpon with a jig outside of the pass it does not work, if it did the harbor and the beach would be full of jig fisherman when the fish leave the pass and there would be no need to throw that heavy 12 foot extra weighted cast net to catch a tarpons favorite food or spend time dipping up all the crabs on the crab flush.

Do you think jig fishing is an ethical practice, and do you think it should remain legal?
I can say this to the ethics of jig fishing, If I paid to fish at the Barrier Reef and caught a Grander Marlin and it was foul hooked I would have a hard time enjoying my trophy. As far as the legality it is rude form of fishing that requires everyone to participate so if you want to grouper fish the ledge in Boca Pass or catch snapper on the ledge or on the Pan and its jig fishing season you cant the boats will swarm you if the tarpon come near your boat so for that fact alone the FWC should look to some form of control not everyone coming to the pass in May and June are looking to catch a tarpon and if it cant be controlled to allow others the freedom to fish in peace than its no different than a disorderly conduct and that is already illegal.

Do you have any other comments about tarpon jigs that you would like to make?
If you use the jig and you should really study how it works and why.

Feel free to use my comments openly as quotes I will repeat them any where they are the facts as I know them

Capt Andy Boyette

Josh Olive
Publisher, WaterLine Weekly Magazine


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Fort Myers Fishing Report Video Report Fishing Black Drum

Fishing for redfish and trout has been very good this past week with plenty of fish to catch. lots of keeper trout up to 5lbs with a pompano or two mixed in. Redfish in the slot have cooperated nicely. I am still fishing with artificial even though most other guides have found plenty of white bait. Mackerel have started to show with some nice size schools on the outside of the bars.

Black Drum Fishing Video

The video is of a school of black drum I encountered while looking for tarpon with my good client Cam from BC on Thursday. I went back today with Tel and his son in law Butch, we left them biting. Its the single largest school of Black Drum I have ever seen. Hope its a sign of good things to come this spring and summer. Below is a pick of one of many black drum we caught.

Capt Andy Boyette

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Fort Myers Fishing Report, Red Fish And Tarpon Fishing Report

The redfish fishing as been very good in the Fort Myers area. I have been catching good numbers of redfish on my fishing charters all this month. There are schools of reds on most every flat on low tide in Pine Island Sound. The fish are staging waiting on the rising tide and then moving up to shorelines and the mangrove islands. While most anglers fishing chose to wait until the later you will have just as good success if you can assess some of the low bottom areas that make up most of the Fort Myers Fishing grounds. Theses areas are exposed at low and particularly negative tide. Once this happens the crustaceans and other food source come out of the mud, once the water rises back over these flats the redfish move in and begin eating as they forage across the flat.

The best tactic for shallow water red fishing is to stage your boat in an area near a exposed flat. Watch for any movement in the water pattern. It is especially helpful when other boats run near an area you are working since it exposes the location of the school. Waiting for the school to come to you is an all important factor to learn. A slow approach and a working the area over thoroughly will bend plenty of rods on the boat. Any crab or shrimp imitation will prove to be effective, long distance casting is a must. I will usually spend a good 20 -30 minutes covering 1/4 to 1/2 mile of flat. Setting the boat up to use the wind to your advantage is a must, with the least amount of trolling motor as possible. Light spinning gear with 8lb braided line with 1/8 and 1/4 ounce jig heads should be all that is required for success.

I went with another guide recently and seen targetable numbers of tarpon in a migration route. With the warm weather pattern that has dominated Fort Myers and the rest of the country An early spring pattern will give way to an early tarpon season. I expect to put up some numbers well ahead of schedule this tarpon season. I have a few dates left in June and fewer in May that are available. I have ample room in April to book and April has typically been a good month for me since I have targeted tarpon early for many years. This April should be phenomenal and allow for those who are here an opportunity to catch a BIG TARPON.

Capt Andy Boyette

Fort Myers Fishing Forecast:
Redfish will continue to be good as the bait schools arrive, keeper Speckled Trout with catches over the 20 inch mark, and an early arrival of BIG TARPON

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Fort Myers Fishing Report Tarpon Fishing Update Winter Redfish and Speckled Trout Fishing

The  Fort Myers fishing has been very good. With the exception of a few days this month the weather as been mild and the fishing has been hot. Trout on almost every cast with many reaching the 25 inch mark. The redfish have also been cooperative with good groups of fish on the flats and staging on shorelines when the tides rise. Flounder have also been showing up in the catch for a good mixed bag.

I am getting a lot of inquires about snook fishing, and as of this date the snook fishery remains closed to harvest and is still catch and release only. I personally have not even fished or looked over areas for snook since most of my charters have been dedicated to red fishing and trout fishing. I have heard reports of some areas being better than others and most  if not all of the populations are recovering at a slow pace.Tarpon fishing is always on my radar and the season should be a good one. The weather has been mild and if it continues tarpon could see an early start. I have plenty of room on my books still but also have a lot of dates unavailable. tarpon fishing has become ever increasingly popular and I booking a lot earlier than normal.

 It also seems that there are plenty of new and old guides trying to stake their claim as tarpon fishing guides. I made tarpon fishing a top priority over the last 14 years and spent every day April-August in the most fertile tarpon grounds in the area and some of the claims from other guides are a bit much. I know you have to start some where, just like I did, it was 1998 and I know a whole lot more now than I did back then. So a word to the wise when booking a high dollar tarpon charter do you home work. You can’t just come out of the flats fishing game and decide to be a tarpon guide it takes a lot of hard work and experience to put up numbers every day for 120 days straight.  And I stake my reputation as a tarpon guide who catches fish consistently, experience is a determining factor. As one of my good friends and fellow Tarpon Fishing guide said recently “that’s why I put my name and phone number on my boat so when another guide comes up to me his clients know who actually found the Tarpon”. 

 Capt Andy Boyette


Speckled Trout Fishing and Redfish fishing will continue to be a main stay on my boat through out the winter. With mild temperatures

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Fort Myers Tarpon Fishing Charters Flats Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Tarpon FishingTarpon Fishing Charters

Thank you to everyone who fished this season, the 2011 tarpon season was a with out a doubt one for the record books. Despite being a very successful season it did not come without difficulties. The tarpon had just about every advantage in their favor. Everyday was different and challenging while most of my trips where successful, I have to admit having some days totally shut out due to either weather or cooperation from the tarpon. It was the most demanding season I have ever fished in my career. The fishing required a new pattern almost daily with adjustments made throughout the day for success. I hopefully have learned some things that will make me a better angler and guide in the years ahead.
In the upcoming months I will be revising my rate schedule to reflect some additional trips that will be available for the 2012 tarpon season. My rates should remain the same but I will be adding some additional available trips to better accommodate everyone. BTW I have already begun booking a few 2012 trips so I look forward to hearing from you.

Flats Fishing Charters

I would also like to remind everyone that the fall and early spring fats fishing is just around the corner. Those of you who fished with me this past season learned that having a shallow running winter boat gets me on the fish. Anyone who doubts the 100 plus redfish and speckled trout fishing days that where spent on my boat this past season give me a call and i will put you in touch with clients that found pout first hand what having the right equipment can do.
Redfish have already begun to school up in some areas and the trout fishing will begin to pickup. It is also a note to the snook fishing that it will remain catch and release until another decision by the FWC in the fall of 2012.

Newsletters News
This year not only was I extremely busy I was very frustrated with the fact that several competitors where using my fishing reports and had some how managed to get on my mailing list. This fact prompted me to stop all reporting and newsletters. I have now gone through my list and removed them from my data base. It is my intent to keep my clients informed as much as possible. So with this you can expect me to resume the usual 6-8 newsletters a year .

I look forward to resuming writing fishing reports as well as seeing those that are planning to fish with me this fall. I still have a few tarpon trips left to do but am switching into flats fishing mode


Capt Andy Boyette

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Fort Myers And Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Report

Tarpon Fishing report to follow:
Just to let everyone know I have been fishing quite a bit, but have not written reports since I have more competitors reading my reports than potential customers. In the new age of information others find their jobs much easier by just using others information rather than actually putting in the time, I personally would be disappointed to know I hired a guide to find out he was fishing on another’s report and by spotting other guides to locate fish. I have spent many long hours over my career patterning fish and quite frankly its sucks to not only have another so called guide benefit from my hard work, but to undercut me as well.

Tarpon Fishing Report

200lb tarpon

200+ Pound Tarpon Caught By David Wood

The tarpon fishing will continue to get better as the summer approaches and the days get longer. Look for migrating fish just off Fort Myers beaches, as well as in Pine Island Sound, and of course Boca Grande area. I would also like to remind everyone that I no longer jig fish in Boca Grande Pass, I am live bait, light tackle tarpon fishing schools of tarpon in and around the area, this move has not only allowed me to hook and fight more tarpon it doubled my landing percentages, since the pass has become home to light drag and fish chasing.  Bottom line my tarpon fishing is more productive and less stressful.

I have been tarpon fishing for the past 3 weeks and the tarpon have cooperated very nicely. There have been numerous tarpon in the 160-180lb range landed on my boat already as well as this 200+ lb tarpon 96″ length and a 41″ girth. It was caught By David Wood on April 13 2011. David and his friend took some excellent video of the 2 days of fishing that include fighting this tarpon with some great jump shots as well as other hook ups, rolling schools of tarpon as well as skyrocketing tarpon, including the free jumpers that missed our bait about 10 feet off the stern.
I have some dates still available in June and hope to be able to fill those as I have in the past. I would also like very one to know that July and August are excellent months for tarpon fishing when the spawn is over and the fish are even more interested in eating. The late season tarpon fishing is a phenomenal fishery and last through August and well into September. During this time frame I switch to various artificial and entice these giant tarpon to eat similar to bass fishing. Those that have fished with me in the past will attest to you there is nothing like having a 150 lb tarpon grab a lure on the retrieve or follow it to the boat and take it 5 feet away. It is my favorite way of tarpon fishing.

Capt Andy Boyette

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Florida Forecast For 2011 Fishing Season

spacer (1K)

First Things First

I hope Everyone Had A Great Christmas and And A Even Better Beginning To The New Year.

I know it is a lot to look over but the in depth 2011 rates are located here Go Fish Charters Tarpon Fishing And Back Country Fishing Rates. There are some interesting changes that my regular clints will want to look over, as well as enticing to those who have inquired and not booked yet.

Outlook and Forecast For 2011 Fishing Season

spacer (1K)
Tarpon Fishing ReportTarpon Fishing Charters

Now to my favorite subject; and as every one who knows and fishes with me the most exciting, Tarpon Fishing. I expect another action filled season with large numbers of giant tarpon. The forecast looks good based on previous years catches, and with the lack of red tide and no major water quality issues, I have personally seen more and bigger fish coming to my boat. I would like some input form my regular clients on how they thought the season went, given the fact that I did no jig fishing in 2010. I really would like to know your thoughts and you can do so here at a special email I set up to accept your input, If you are not a regular client  and fished with me or inquired please feel free to leave you input as well

My thoughts where the catch ratio was better the landing percentages where higher and the trips where overall more fun and pleasant not mixing it up in the pass with the jig fleet. Please take the time to give me your thoughts they are important to me. Also again please take note to the rate schedule I added a whole host of available trips. the rates can also be found here

January 1st was the fist day of the year as well as the first day of opening sea trout season after the two month closure. Trout fishing in the winter time is a staple fishery here for me, since adding the Shallow running 22 foot winter boat to my fishing arsenal. Most of the trout fishing I am doing now consist of high double digit catches with some exceptional days in  triple digits. I also manage to catch a good number of redfish on these trips, and with the open season on trout this makes for a good bag of cleaned fish for the dinner table.


The redfish fishing should continue to improve as we continue into the winter months. The negative tides and lack of white bait forces the reds to forage more on the shallower glass flats making sight fishing a good proposition. Also these negative tides will push these fish into pot holes only accessible by the shallowest of boats. This is where my Shallow Sport comes into play, allowing me to access water that very few can. For those of you have fished in it, you know that this boat needs very little water to run in and truly runs shallower that any boat I have ever seen or owned.


The snook closure remains in effect and will continue to be a catch and release fishery until there is word from the State that their recovery is sufficient. 2009 was the best snook fishing I had experienced in quite some time, but the cold winter of 2010 took its toll. I have seen encouraging numbers of large breeder snook, and of course nature has a way of producing stronger stocks form survivors, so I look forward to seeing more snook in the future.


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Fall Tarpon Fishing And Schooling Redfish

After another very successful Tarpon Season I would like to thank everyone that fished with me this year.  I work very hard to achieve a level of ability that stands out in my business and to be successful at achieving the goal of catching fish for my clients. For those who where unable to get on my book this year I would like to extend an invitation to consider my services in the future. As many of you know it is never to early to book for Tarpon Fishing. I would also like everyone to take note that the 10 hour split trip was very popular and most of my trips where the 10 hour charter. However most everyone who booked this trip asked for extended time so take notice to the additional All Day Tarpon Charter trip this upcoming season.

Redfish starting schooling a few weeks ago and this is the best time of the year to catch good numbers of “bull” redfish. These over sized reds are moving though the passes and schooling on the nearby grass flats. Any outside grass flat near the passes can hold a school of redfish this time of year. I’ve been mostly fishing the bars in Charlotte Harbor but Pine Island Sound and Lemon Bay are also holding good schools of redfish.

Even though the fishing charters are pretty slow right now I have been doing quite a bit of fishing to stay with the fall tarpon migration. The tarpon are following the bait schools and feed heavily to fuel their migration for the winter. Most of these tarpon are very large averaging over 100 pounds. I have been doing well with a variety of artificial lure and live baits. Live ladyfish and sardines hooking the most tarpon; with spoons, jigs and soft plastic swim baits producing as well. There are a number a locations that have been holding tarpon. Look for bait schools on the beaches outside of Boca Grande Pass, Captiva Island and Fort Myers Beach. You can also run into groups of migrating tarpon in the bays.

Fort Myers Fishing Forcast: The tarpon fishing is just about over. We may have no more than 2-3 weeks of good tarpon fishing before its over for the winter. Fishing for bull redfish should remain strong for the rest of the fall. The large schools of redfish should be around into early November. After that its mostly singles and small groups.

Flats Fishing And Back County Charters

During the winter I my run 22 foot Texas Shallow Sport fishing machine. This dry stable fishing platform allow me to access the shallowest of flats. As the winter months progress in to negative tides and extremely shallow flats where trout and reds are trapped in pot holes I have the right boat to access these areas, and score days where triple digit fish numbers are the norm. I am ah expert in the use of artificial lures. The majority of fishing from November to March is done with artificial lures. I have found that artificial lures out produce live bait during these months. This insures you are not dealing with long waits at the dock or cancellations due to the lack of or limited bait.

I also own a high end 24 foot bay bay boat for dry and comfortable Tarpon Fishing and near shore charters. Equipped with 4 stoke out board and state of the art electronics, including hi def and side and down scan imaging. I keep up to date tackle From Penn, G Loomis, Accurate Reels and American Rod Smith. I have both earned a reputation in the industry as proven veteran fishing guide with results. An extensive amount of information can be easily searched online or references provided on request, assuring you are hiring top full time fishing guide

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What's Hot In Florida Fishing Scene Now!

Boca Grande to Fort Myers Florida Fishing Summer Outlook 
The April-July tarpon fishing season was awesome. Tarpon should stay here in good numbers through out the summer. The snook fishing reports have been better. The redfish are starting to school up and will continue through the summer and in to the fall. Mangrove snapper will move on to the flats, along with some decent grouper in the passes. Late Summer fishing in the Boca Grande and Fort Myers area should continue to be on par, with some spectacular late tarpon fishing leading the way.

Tarpon Fishing
GOT TARPON! The spawning season for tarpon may be over, but the summer season is just starting, from Charlotte Harbor to Fort Myers Florida, the summer tarpon fishing will be at its best. I always have my best tarpon fishing days in the summer, look for tarpon in Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and on the beaches, all the way to Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. The fact that we have had no oil in our area and with oil north of here it is affecting the migration of tarpon and sending them back in the area THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS WILL BE AWESOME[youtube][/youtube]


Snook Fishing
Snook fishing despite the cold weather affects from earlier this year is very good and August-October should continue. Snook feed well during the spawn and the catch and release action has been really good with plenty of large Snook. These fish stage in areas close to the passes and are excited to see a live wells full of bait. The night time snook fishing around the lighted docks in Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers, Boca Grande Gasparilla to Sanibel and Captiva will have fantastic snook action and the night time temps are more fishing friendly to the anglers. Snook are still catch and release through September 1st as we wait to see if the State will reopen the harvest.

Redfish Fishing
Redfish fishing will heat up as late summer and early fall approach. The redfish will start to school up as they begin their annual spawn. Beginning in August and lasting well into October. Look for redfish to be on the outside of the bars where larger fish are maturing and venturing off into deeper water. Pinfish and sardines are key to success along with cut bait. Chumming well know areas on rising tides well activate these schools into a feeding frenzy where non stop action can be experienced. A tale-tale sign of this spawning occurrence is the shorter days leading into early fall.

Mangrove Snapper and Grouper
The near shore fishing action should pick up especially for mangrove snapper and grouper. Mangrove snapper will be found on the flats and in the passes. Fishing the Boca Grande and Captiva passes will no doubt reward the angler with a limit for the table. Light tackle and fluorocarbon leader is a must. The gag grouper in the keeper range will also be available and will require bigger tackle than the snapper.

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Take A Kid Fishing

The bait fish have finally shown up and become readily available, even though over the past days, I continued with artificial. Most trips we caught plenty of trout, redfish, mackerel, and lady fish. Starting my trips with mackerel and lady fish, and small trout in numbers and then following the tide back as it rose over the flats to catch some gator trout and redfish.

The last 4 days we seen wind from the east at 15-20 with gust over 30 mph. I have been on some nice redfish on the eastern shore of an island in Pine Island sound. The redfish have respond well to artificial, as well as some cut lady fish, with some reaching the 7lb 27 inch mark. However there where less fish each day until finally today a big fat zero. I should have known they would leave but I was banking on at least one more day, which happens to be today.

Well let me tell you the last thing you want to have happen, has a guide is to have a new client that has never fished with you before, and spend a half day not catching more than a couple of fish. To make things even more interesting the new client was 6 year old Cody, his father, mother, and grandfather.

Well knowing I had a young man of this age on my boat today, I decided to catch some bait for the first time this year. After having spent a better part of a half day looking for the elusive redfish I had been catching and even striking out on trout and lady fish, I went for broke and put all my cards in on my reputation, and took a long run back from where I started the morning off.

Now let me repeat, I put all my cards in and went to a old snook fishing hole, since I had caught all this white bait, and not wanting to let Cody think the only fish to be caught was bait. I even had to run 3 miles out of the way to avoid the white cap chop on Charlotte Harbor to get to where I was going, talk about a long shot, this was it. But what I later found out was having Cody on your boat was like having a lucky charm in you pocket.

Charlotte Harbor Snook Fishing

Charlotte Harbor Snook Fishing

Cody landed the first Snook at 8.5 lbs, and we caught about 20 or so more along with some keeper trout for dinner. Most of the snook where 4-6 lbs, the best part we caught fish every time I let Cody do the chumming. Cody it was a pleasure having you with me today you are a great young man and an awesome fisherman. The smile on your face and the conversations we had to day made me remember why I do this. Thanks for helping me remember why I became a fishing guide.

Capt Andy Boyette

Take A Young Person Fishing It will make you feel good.

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