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BMW X5 Overheating Problems and Tips to Fix Them

If you are looking for a mid-sized SUV by BMW, you may check out BMW X5, aka the E53 model. In this article, we are going to talk about this luxury vehicle and the most common heating issues you may have with this car, and the steps youmore

How to Change The Brake Pads on The E46 BMW 3 Series

Over time, brake pads on any car tend to wear out. Therefore, they must be changed after they have worn out. If your want to change the brake pads on your E46 BMW 3 Series, you can follow the steps given below.more

How to Fix Audi A4 Engine That Emits Black, Blue or White Smoke

If you notice smoke coming out of your Audi A4 exhaust, know that the engine of your vehicle may have a failing component. You can diagnosemore

Waking Up Before It's Too Late!

Are you living on autopilot? A friend of mine always says first, with a smile on his face, "I am grateful to be alive."more

Health Disparities: Minimizing Societal Inequities' Impact in Patient Care

The United States has a long and well documented history of systemic disparities. These disparities exist in many areas includingmore

Ghost Ship Circles

Two ships collide in fog. One is thought to have sunk but returns time and time again.more

Cricket! Change the Words You Use

The way common words are used can have a positive or negative effect on performance. This article gives some insight.more

How Long Can a Car Engine Run Without Oil Before Getting Damaged?

The short answer is, your car won't run more than 15 minutes without engine oil before some serious damage occurs to the engine components.more

Pockets of Light, Why Write? (2 Poems)

Pockets of Light - Prophetic circumstances of human corruption, and waste, existing throughout recorded history, followed by encouragement to stand firm against gathering evil forces. Why Write? - To write is to examine life, explore itsmore

The Perversion of Myth in America-Part 4 The Trumpian Myth

Now we turn to the myth which some see as creating an American crisis but which others see as the key to our salvation as a nation. We are taking about the Trumpian Myth.more

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