Podcast: George Zimmerman, Race & Latinos

“The burden of proof is always on the person of color no matter the situation.”

Saturday’s “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial sent a shockwave through the Latino and black communities. Many felt the jury’s decision to let Zimmerman walk free was further proof that the justice system is broken, privileging whites and failing to protect people of color. While the trial serves as an awful reminder of the ways in which the law neglects black and Latino peoples, it has also reawakened an important discussion on the state of race relations in the United States and reignited the desire to see progress.

In this episode of “On The Contrary,” host Hector Luis Alamo, Jr. discusses these issues with special guests:

  • Claudia Sandoval — University of Chicago graduate researcher on Latino-black relations
  • Jasson Perez — member of the Black Youth Project
  • Luz Chavez — Tu Cultura editor at Gozamos
  • Claudio Cortés — host of Modern Macho
  • Ilene Palacios — Music and Lifestyle editor at Gozamos

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