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26 May 2021
Webinar: Information Technology for Property Taxation – Strategies for Effective Design and Implementation 

Information technology (IT) holds great potential for improving property taxation: it can help accelerate property identification, digitalise and automate aspects of property valuation, facilitate payments by taxpayers, improve transparency, and strengthen data management.  In practice however, the impact of new IT tools frequently underperforms relative to this potential – or fails altogether. This is often due to factors including unnecessarily complex or incompatible systems, poor customization to specific…

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April 2021
Job Opportunity: Executive Director, Local Government Revenue Initiative

Closing date for applications: May 25, 2021 ICTD has secured new funding to launch the Local Government Revenue Initiative (LoGRI), based on a broad vision for supporting more effective, equitable and accountable subnational revenue mobilisation. The LoGRI Executive Director (ED) will be responsible for the overall leadership and delivery of the new initiative, building on…

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11 May 2021
Informal taxation and community-driven development: Evidence from south-central Somalia

This upcoming webinar, Informal taxation and community-driven development: Evidence from south-central Somalia, is part of a series of 5 seminars on Tax and Development jointly organised by the Chr. Michelsen Institute and the TaxCapDev-network. The webinar series features ongoing research and initiatives to strengthen domestic revenue mobilization in developing countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan…

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