Friday, July 03, 2020

Deer Deer Everywhere

Yet another chapter in our quest to visit every state park and historic site in Missouri was about to unfold.

My copilot was keeping an eye out for trouble.

Saw a ton of deer at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The deer were super tame, which makes sense because this is the most popular state park in Missouri, with over 2.5 million visits in 2017.

If I was amazed by the amount of deer I was seeing up close, I was completely mind blown by seeing this fawn nursing. These deer are more accustomed to being near people than I am.

I thought this deer was kind of funny because it was pretty much trapped behind a bathroom building. I imagined what its reaction would be if I just ran at it. 

We were walking along a rather narrow path and I finally got my deer showdown. It was walking towards us and then stopped when it noticed us. Would it just turn around? Or try to squeeze by us somehow? Nope. It decided just leap up a cliff that I had thought was too high and steep. Put me to shame.

Our campsite was literally crawling with centipedes.

I caught a glimpse of armadillo run into the brush. I think this is the first time I've ever seen one that wasn't roadkill.

Tightwad I think we can all agree is the best named city in Missouri. And its population is 69? Come on.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Central West End Heroes

Some protestors were marching through a rich people neighborhood in the Central West End and they freaked out and ran outside with guns and confronted them in a very douchebag manner.

Mrs. McCloskey came outside lookin' real rough. For one thing she had mustard all over her shirt.

It didn't take long for the memes to begin. The glorious memes.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Geese, Dragonflies, and Illinois College

When I woke up at Wakonda State Park the geese were still at it. Waddling around and waiting for a moment of weakness at which to strike.

Battle of Athens State Historic Site is where the northernmost Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi occurred. An awesome detail of the battle was the rebels had a cannon they made out of a hollowed out log but they only fired it once then it blew up!

I thought that this Missouri State Guard flag was interesting.

A cloud of Eastern Pondhawks was swooping at Iliniwek Village State Historic Site near the IL/MO/IA borders. The site is the only Illinois Indian village site found in MO and is thought to have been occupied from about 1640-1670s.

We packed up camp and said goodbye to the birds.

We drove from the park to visit Springfield. I took a detour to Illinois College to show Lydia my old stomping grounds. Beecher Hall, home of the prestigious Phi Alpha Literary Society.

Gardner Hall was where I lived freshman year.

We stopped at a park and bumped into a shirtless Danny.