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Shazia Khushak Sindhi Folk Music Singer

Shazia Khushak Sindhi Balochi Folk Music Singer. She is most popular Artist of Sindh. She has sung in different languages. Shazia Khushak is great Sindhi...

Nisha Baloch Sindhi Folk Music Singer

Nisha Baloch Pakistani Sindhi Balochi Pop Music Singer.  She is standard Sindhi Music Artist, she make exceptional name in Sindh Music. She expected an...

Farzana Parveen | Sindhi Folk Music Download

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Chaker Chandio | Old Sindhi Classical Music Download

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Pakistani Ghazls

Iqbal Bano Pakistani Ghazals Music Singer

Iqbal Bano Pakistani Ghazals Music Singer. She was most popular Pakistani Classical Music, Folk Music Artist. She was great Artist of Pakistan and she...

Attaullah Khan Pakistani Folk Music Singer

Attaullah Khan Pakistani Folk Music Singer. He is most well known Punjabi, Saraiki Urdu Classical Music Artist. He sung part of awesome songsin various...

Mehnaz Begum Pakistani Playback Music Singer

Mehnaz Begum Pakistani Ghazals Singer. She was great legendary Singer of Pakistan, she created great name in Pakistan Music. She  was a Pakistani singer,...

Mala Begum Pakistani Playback Music Singer

Mala Begum Pakistani Filmi Playback Music singer.  She was most popular playback Singer of Urdu and Punjabi Films and she was also great Ghazals...

Akhlaq Ahmed Pakistani Playback Singer

Akhlaq Ahmed Pakistani Singer was great Artist in the History of Pakistan. He sung lot of great Filmi Music songs in Pakistani Film Industry,...

Suraiya Multanikar Pakistani Folk Music Singer

Suraiya Multanikar Pakistani Ghazals Singer. She is most popular Pakistani singer mostly known for her Folk Songs. She is famous and Master in Classical,...

Tina Sani Pakistani Classical Music Singer

Tina Sani Legendary Pakistani Singer. She is most popular Pakistani Classical Music, Pakistani Ghazals Music Singer. She sung Super Hit songs in different languages....

Naheed Akhtar Pakistani Folk Music Singer

Naheed Akhtar Pakistani Ghazals Singers. She is most popular Pakistani Classical Music Singer. She sung Pakistani Ghazals, Punjabi Folk songs,  Pakistani Filmi songs, she sung...


FM Radio Umerkot, Inspiring Broadcasting 95.4- [Sindh Radio]

FM Radio Umerkot Sindh, it is FM 95.4 telecommute web radio, tune in to Sindhi music on the web. Therefore other blend melodies, neighborhood...

FM 101 Islamabad, Unforgettable Internet Radio Online

FM 101 Islamabad most famous Pakistani FM Radio Station, it is spilling, amusement for the people groups of Islamabad and other neighborhood, it is...

FM Radio 101 Lahore | Live Radio Online

FM Radio Stations: FM radio online, fm radio app for android without internet, fm radio stations near me, most popular radio stations in the...

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