Overview: Offshore Wind Projects

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Project NameDeveloperStatus
Block Island (RI)Deepwater WindOperational
Cape Wind (MA)Cape Wind Associates (EMI)Cancelled Project
Hull (MA)Town of Hull Cancelled Project
Nai Kun (BC)Nai Kun Proposed project
Atlantic CityFishermen's EnergyProposed project
Trillium Power (ONT)Trillium On hold
Toronto Hydro (ONT)Lake OntarioOn hold
LIPA (NY)FPL EnergyCancelled Project
Bluewater Wind (DE)Delaware Cancelled Project
Trident Winds (CA)Trident WindsProposed Project
Plum Island (NY)Winergy PowerCancelled Project
Grays Harbor (WA)Hydro VoltsProposed project
Baryonyx (TX)Baryonyx Corp.Proposed project
Rhode Island (RI)Fishermens Energy Proposed project
Tillamook County (OR)Principle PowerProposed project
Cape Lookout (NC)Outer Banks Ocean EnergyProposed project
South Coast (MA)Patriot WindCancelled Project
Galveston (TX)Wind Energy Systems TechnologiesProposed Project
Massachusetts (MA)Blue HProposed Project
Background: Harald Pettersen/Statoil